I Always Will Remember (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction) *COMPLETE*

Alice and Irene, two Italian university students, finally manage to have One Direction tickets for their Stadium tour! The band is having one Italian date in the same town where the girls attend university: what happens when they accidentally meet two of the boys around?
See what happens that changes their lives forever!

____ **Some swear words and mature content here and there**____


25. Chapter Twenty-four

We both kept being silent the whole way back, walking hand in hand through bushes and trees, the pebbles almost crunching beneath our feet.

I knew we were both still thinking about our earlier conversation, and simply did not need to add anything else: it would have only ruined the peacefulness we had finally reached.

I smiled and looked down when his words came to my mind again, hoping that Louis wouldn't notice me.

'I will always remember you, Alice'

Among billions of fans around the world, among all of the girls that loved him, among all of the people that wanted to be with him... He would have remembered me. Me.

An insignificant 21 year-old girl with the most ordinary life in the world, who was still waiting for her future dreams to come true, who practically planned her entire life in the most ordinary way one could expect: university, degree, job, maybe career, (definitely) maybe family.

Still, Louis was the one that could see behind what everyone else saw of me everyday. He was able to pull the curtains I placed as a defense and fully face the real me, the one I didn't allow many people to look at. Louis did this all and still wanted to be with me, still cared about me; he even wasted time to comfort me when my weak side was bringing me down, and I couldn't think about wanting anything more than what we had. Actually, how could I ever want anything else at all?


I placed my adoring eyes on him and let his being permeate me like a scent, fighting like crazy the anxious feeling that was forming inside of me, telling me I was going to lose him forever.

“Do you think I'm some kind of kitten? Why do you look at me like that?”

“Ah-ha who's spoiling the romantic moment now?” I replied and chuckled lowly.

Wow he really couldn't help being so ironic all the time! You know you love it, Alice, don't lie.

“What's romantic in here? We're just walking in the middle of nowhere...” he went on sassily.

I pulled faces to him repeating his words with an idiotic tone, but since he just shrugged his shoulders and looked away, I pretended to be mortally offended and let go of his hand, pushing it away with anger, and speeded up my footsteps as if we were in the culminating scene of a dramatic movie.

Louis started laughing and grabbed me instantly, his hands on my arms, and hugged me from behind, giving me a peck on the shoulder. I turned around and threw my arms around his neck, holding him tight, and stepped back to look at him.

“I love the way you do random stuff out of the blue” he giggled “It kind of turns me on, for some reason...”. I widened my eyes not understanding how that could possibly be, but Louis just kept staring at me, suddenly biting his lower lip and giving me shivers. He bent down so that his face was right next to mine, and slowly ran his mouth on mine for what seemed a lifetime to me, being so eager to kiss him and end that agony. He smiled and licked my nose, laughing when I almost jumped back from surprise, but he finally pleased me and kissed me the way I liked most: a slow, wet and hot kiss, not rushing any movement or pace, dragging me to the edge, where hell started.

I started feeling my heart going a little too fast, so I interrupted it and took a deep breath:

“Stop taking my breath away Louis, it's not fair”

“May not be fair, but it's fun” he smirked and caressed my head before placing his arm around my shoulders, and we finally went walking again, heading back to our friends.






“We were almost calling the River Rescue Task Force here!” Harry shouted as soon as the boys saw us, and they all burst out laughing.

“There's nothing like that, Harry! Stop your bullshit” Louis replied laughing too, and I slightly blushed imagining what the boys were thinking.

“River Task Force?? How the heck did you come up with that?” Niall was almost suffocating with laughters, and Harry stared at him with a proud grin on his face: 5 year olds in the body of 19 year old young men.

Zayn was strangely in the water with Irene, both just with their legs inside of it, cuddling like a long time couple, and they were so cute together that I really hoped they would keep in touch, even if the boys were leaving for tour; but speaking about me and Louis, I wasn't sure about hearing from him after this. Could seem stupid and crazy, but... It would only have made things worse for me 'cause I would have definitely struggled on getting over this. I'd never forget him of course but at least accept it in some way, one day. We wouldn't be together anyway.

You seem so sure. Or are you just trying to convince yourself?

Good question. I wished I knew the answer though.

“Listen up everyone!” Liam suddenly yelled to get our attention “Don't know about you, but I'm hungry! Should we look for some fish?”

“What? Do you really think you'll get some?” Harry observed sarcastically.

“He's got good fishing skills, just wait and see Harry... I'm hungry too, acually!” Niall intervened.

“Thanks man! Now... Somebody help me find a long stick and a sharp stone”

“Liam, you know I'm always by your side, but...” Zayn stopped and added “You impaling fish with a stick just like you saw in documentaries... That's beyond funny!” he made us all laugh, and Liam seemed to be a little disappointed at first, then just shrugged his shoulders:

“Ok so... How are we getting any food here?”

“If you could set aside your adventurous ideas for a while, Irene and I could just drive to the nearest village and get some pizza..” I suggested, immediately encountering their enlightened smiles.

“You'd do it for us?” Niall asked, probably not believing his food dreams were coming true.

“Yeah of course! Anything for you guys!” Irene joined me, kissing Zayn before coming out of the water and quickly drying herself with the towel.

“These girls are awesome!” Harry yelled, raising his hands up and looking at the sky.

“You mean... accommodating and loving and caring because you deserve it..?” I asked in a sugary voice, blinking my eyes to him, taking a piece of paper out of my bag so that I could write down what they wanted to eat. The boys chatted a little too long about what kind of pizza they liked most, but finally we were all done, and Irene and I could accomplish our food mission, leaving the boys near the river, longing for our return.


We rushed to the pizzeria driving like crazy and we orderer everything, hoping it wouldn't take too much, because we both wanted to be with them again. We talked a little about the show, but we carefully avoided the subject of them leaving soon after, knowing it wasn't the right time to put ourselves down: we had many days ahead of us to cry our hearts out together.

We were back less than half an hour later with a pile of steaming pizza boxes, our stomachs roaring with hunger, and the boys almost attacked us like animals when they smelled the inviting trace of pizza from the distance.

Louis invited me to sit next to him on the towel, and the others all did the same, placing the boxes in front of them.

“Buon appetito!” I said in Italian, lifting up a slice of pizza as if it was a toast, but nobody answered me, all having their mouths already busy chewing, so I joined them, realising those were the times I would have remembered when I would be an old lady, telling my friends about my meeting with One Direction – 'You know it right? They were pretty famous back then!' I pictured myself saying in a granny's voice –, and how we ended up eating pizza sitting on the ground with nature all around us, talking about everything and having fun just by being together.

'Nobody will ever believe me' I thought, looking at their faces, the faces I now loved more than ever, and smiled, before biting another slice.

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