I Always Will Remember (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction) *COMPLETE*

Alice and Irene, two Italian university students, finally manage to have One Direction tickets for their Stadium tour! The band is having one Italian date in the same town where the girls attend university: what happens when they accidentally meet two of the boys around?
See what happens that changes their lives forever!

____ **Some swear words and mature content here and there**____


26. Chapter Twenty-five

With our stomachs finally at peace, surrounded by the warmth of that beautiful day, we all entered something definable as 'nap mood': nobody could even think of getting up and moving after the massive lunch we've just had, and we all silently agreed to relax a bit, slowly letting pizza increase our energy. Liam and Harry put on some music on their phones, asking for requests from time to time, at least as long as Harry was still awake: that boy could fall asleep anywhere and anytime!

Zayn and Irene were next to them, quietly chatting with the boys and suddenly whisper to each other every once in a while. Niall was the only one who seemed to be pretty active, and I wondered why he was sitting and looking around at the stuff all scattered on the ground, as if he was definitely searching for something. When he met my gaze, he smiled and gave me his little cute shoulder shrug, which only confused me even more.


Louis gently tapped on my shoulder to get my attention, and I realised I was occupying half of his space so I started to get up, but he stopped me and indicated me to sit down again, and so I did.

He leaned down and rested his head on my lap, stretching his legs and expressing the satisfaction he was having from that comfortable position with low and funny noises, pretended to yawn and closed his eyes like a little kid, without even asking me any kind of permission.

I stared at him with a surprised grin on my face, and since I wasn't saying anything, he reopened his eyes:

“Can I stay here?”

“You're already there”

“I'll take that as a 'yes'” he giggled, and I smiled feeling my heart filling with sweetness: I ran my hand through his hair really slowly, caressing his head and fighting the desire to kiss him as usual, the other hand on his chest, where he placed his too, communicating me his affection just with that ordinary contact. I could have seriously gone on for hours in that position, his head tickling my bare thighs with the shock of messy hair he had, and his perfect visage just a few inches away from mine. The thing I loved most was that he truly seemed to need me, to need my touch and my loving attention on him pretty much all of the time, and that was the best way he could show how he felt about me: yeah, conveying feeling through words is great – and we girls especially like it and ask for it to every boy that crosses our road – but actions are much more truthful.

For the first time I felt something similar to a tiny hope raising inside of me, hope that desperately wanted to believe our 'relationship' to be even, with Louis needing me as much as I needed him, but especially wanting to be sure I was meaning something, that this whole thing was meaning something to him. I didn't know why but, in that very moment, his hand on mine was telling me it was like this, and I couldn't help but to interrupt his nap with a sweet peck on his forehead, causing him to smile and mime a kiss with his thin and desirable lips, his eyes always closed.

“Sorry cutie, I tried not to do it but...”

“Come here and shut up” he interrupted me, pulling my face close to his and making my intestine jump around and maybe dance inside of me with one single kiss.

“Do you want me to move?”

“No no don't worry, I'm more than fine like this...” I replied, and he nodded before closing his eyes once again.




* * *




After an hour or two, those young boys were back at their normal level of noise and craziness, so it didn't take long for us two to be actually forced to join them. Louis immediately ran to the inflatable with an excited look on his face, and had a hell of a time trying to get into it and then 'sail' with it in the river without falling inside the water 'cause he didn't want to get wet again. Harry tried to pick Zayn up and throw him into the water, but failed every attempt and couldn't overcome Zayn's huge strength when it was about a matter of life or death, just like that one. Harry had to give up and Irene didn't spare him from a couple of spanks to underline her disappointment, hitting that tall and big guy who reacted like a little child being chased by his angry mum. Of course the whole scene made me cry from laughing, and for a moment I distracted myself from what was about to happen right behind me.

Niall had gone silently back into the water and was slowly reaching for Louis, who definitely looked like he wasn't aware of anything, all spread on the rubber boat: I immediately knew what Niall was up to but carefully avoided any warning sign towards Louis, supporting the blonde guy to take his revenge on him.

All of a sudden, we all heard a huge splash: everyone turned around and started laughing when they realised Niall had just reversed the inflatable and thrown Louis down from it, who re-emerged a couple of seconds later, swearing at Niall like I never heard him doing before!

“You started it! You drew the penis on me chest! Now you cannot complain, mate!” Niall shouted all excited and satisfied with his accomplishment, running from Louis who was trying to catch him, but they both fell into the water, and their energies cooled down a bit.

Liam gave a strong high five to the Irish boy as he went out, but pretended not to care when Louis looked at him and stuck his tongue out.

“You'll hear from me again, Niall. You'll do” Louis menacingly addressed himself to Niall, making everyone laugh.


“Poor baby... Come here and dry yourself” I said to him as he was near me, wrapping his towel around his shoulders, but realising it was a bad idea when it was too late, 'cause Louis took advantage of it and pressed me against his wet body, causing me shivers of cold everywhere.

“Sorry I forgot you were already dry...” he smirked with that unbearable naughty face he had, and I kindly sent him to hell.

“Liam... what time did you tell'em to come pick us up?” I heard Zayn asking.

“Ehrm.... I think it was... four o'clock... Yeah four o'clock! 'Cause we gotta be there before the gates open and...”

“Luckily I just glanced at the time, 'cause it's half past three already” Zayn observed, looking at Irene and then at me with a questioning look on his face.

“Do you girls know where they could meet us? Don't know... A park, a square... So I can send them the address” Liam intervened.

I thought about it for a while:

“Well, there's just one main square in my village, pretty visible from the street, so.... It could be ok”

“Yep that will be fine, tell me how to find it”

I quickly explained him how to get there and gave him the correct address, so that the people coming for them could have used their gps systems, and we slowly started packing our things, because we had left quite a mess around us, with towels, shoes, tees and rubbish everywhere.

The boys started getting even more excited for the upcoming show they were holding that evening, while Irene and I were slower than ever, knowing this could only mean we were losing them forever. However, we both kept a happy smile on our faces: we were going to see them perform live for the first time, after all, and it was something we longed to do from the very first time we heard their songs.

When everything was cleaned up, we divided into groups as usual, got in our cars and reached the main road, heading for the village I lived in, which was only ten minutes away.





As we got down and helped the guys with their bags, the idea of them leaving became stronger in my head, and I cursed myself for being such an idiot since I was going to spoil the entire concert with my stupid mood.

Harry cleared his throat and said:

“Before we leave, we just want to thank you girls...We spent a wonderful day with you!”

“Yeah that's right! We enjoyed ourselves like kids on a school trip..” Niall added smiling.

“It's the two of us that should thank you!” I replied “For everything that you are, and for letting us know you for real...”

“I'm so sad knowing that you're leaving...” Irene finally admitted “...and that... This is the last time we can talk to you!”

“Hey c'mon don't be dramatic...” Louis said smiling, while Zayn was immediately next to her “We can see each other again right after the show! What about that?” he asked.

It wasn't much but it was way better than nothing.

“Of course we'll be there” I nodded

“You could wait for us at the hotel... Outside the stadium it will be hell!” Liam suggested.

“Aren't you leaving right after the show?” I asked.

“We actually don't know it yet” Harry frowned “but... we'll let you know”

“Probably they told us but we weren't listening” Louis observed.

As we were making our considerations about the show all together, a grey minivan arrived and stopped right next to us, with a big man with dark sunglasses behind the wheel.

“Guess we need to go...” Liam said, sounding less happy than before.

“We wanna see you in the front row, ok?” Zayn stated, winking at my friend.

“See you at the hotel, ladies!” Harry and Niall waved us goodbye and got on, but Louis reached me and kissed me:

“I'm afraid I'll think about you... Hope I won't forget the lyrics” he said smiling.

“You forget them and change them on a daily basis anyway...” I giggled and let him go, but my heart suddenly was heavier than a stone.

They all got up and we waved our hands till the minivan wasn't in sight anymore: then, we agreed to get ready together as we always did on special occasions, both knowing we were going to have an emotional breakdown that night for many reasons, yeah, but the toughest ones were called Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson.

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