I Always Will Remember (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction) *COMPLETE*

Alice and Irene, two Italian university students, finally manage to have One Direction tickets for their Stadium tour! The band is having one Italian date in the same town where the girls attend university: what happens when they accidentally meet two of the boys around?
See what happens that changes their lives forever!

____ **Some swear words and mature content here and there**____


12. Chapter Twelve

We soon joined the other boys on the dancefloor, and they couldn't help welcoming us with ovations and loud applauses: I was the most happy and embarrassed girl in the world, with Louis still holding my hand in front of everyone, and he totally seemed to be fine with it.

Zayn and Irene were there too, dancing together as well, and I could definitely recognize the strong physical connection between the two: they were dancing really close, Zayn had his arms around my friend's body and he was being so tender I wondered what my friend did to him, for he behaved like I never thought he was able to. Irene just lifted up her eyes to me for a while, and she smiled as she saw me and Louis hand in hand. I smiled back and kept on a big grin while looking at everyone, feeling at peace with the whole world and loving those five faces I had seen in pictures and videos like they were my best friends.

As I met Harry's look, he quickly raised his thumb up as if he wanted to show me he was proud of my accomplishment, but I actually didn't do much: I was just at Louis' feet. Which was not that irrelevant.

Louis and I started dancing along with the others, who didn't seem to be tired or wanting to quit jumping around: Liam and Harry illustrated the dance moves they came up with while we were away, and we all laughed trying to imitate them. Zayn proved to be a good dancer too, at least when he was dancing on his own, having some problems when they all tried to follow some choreography instead, and I could see Irene's adoring eyes when she looked at that so-called 'bad boy' goofing around like that.


After some group dancing, Louis went closer to me and softly touched my forearm, caressing it all the way down to my hand, then intertwined his fingers with mine and pulled me away from the group: I didn't even have the time to fully feel the sensations his touch was giving me again that we already were dancing on our own in a darker spot of the dancefloor. I still found it really hard to normally behave with Louis: yes, he said he wanted me to be 'his girl' but I was far from feeling comfortable touching him and all. Plus, now I also feared my reactions a little because I had proved to myself it was easy to lose control with him.

Louis kept staring at me for a while, and his eyes were like a magnet, always causing me to crave his proximity, no matter the time or place. I approached myself to him, and he totally understood what I wanted: he grabbed my arms and placed them around his waist, and I started feeling butterflies in my stomach when he moved his strong hands really slowly up my back, while we kept dancing at a slower song, following the rhythm as one single body. I felt like not being close enough, so I tightened my hold around his waist: every time we started touching, I was immediately turned on by him in two seconds, no gradual change at all. This time it wasn't different.

Saying that I was on fire could be commonplace, but it really was how I was feeling like, it was that kind of sensation one does not feel with everybody, and I tried not to look at his beautiful face because I knew it would only make it worst. Louis had a different idea about it, and all of a sudden he forced me to look up at him, holding my chin firmly. My eyes probably reflected every emotion, I thought Louis could have seen flames in them, then he kissed me softly on the cheek, supporting my face with his hand, and slowly reached my lips that were dying to meet his. This time it was him kissing me and he was impossible to resist; I unconsciously lifted my head up and he immediately made his way to my neck with kisses, causing me to grab him harder as a little moan escaped from my mouth, while he went on driving me crazy. We shared a deep kiss and our bodies were dangerously tangling up: we still were in a public place after all, so I suddenly stopped it and looked at him. He got the message, stood still for a while, then asked:

“Why don't we get out of here?”

I swallowed, my heart still crazily beating, and I replied:

“Yeah, ok... We can have a walk around the town”

“Sounds good. What about the others?”

“Well... We can meet up later at the pub where Irene and I were this morning...”

“Ok babe I'll go talk to them, make sure Irene knows it too, then meet me outside”

I nodded and he gave me a peck on the cheek, then we both went looking for the boys.

Louis and I all alone. We almost jumped onto each other in a crowd of people, what the fuck was going to happen now? I shivered with fear and excitement. He was so hot, he always unleashed my hidden side, causing me to need him, physically and mentally.


I immediately thought this was the perfect time to catch up with Irene on all that happened, so I ran to her the moment I spotted her in the crowd: she was still with Zayn, and I grabbed her arm while trying to mimic my intentions to Zayn. He smiled and nodded, then joined the others who were starting to gather around Louis.

I dragged Irene in a couch so that we could briefly talk: I was dying to speak and listen to her too.

“So? What's going on there, ha?!” I yelled at her when we finally sat down, smiling cheekily

“Alice... He's unbelievable!” Irene was just able to say. We both laughed out loud, too overwhelmed to act normally.

“C'mon tell me a little about how it developed!”

“Ok, ok... Well. We were right, he said that... he found me interesting from the beginning even though he didn't know why”

“Oh my God really?”

“Yeah... we had a nice talk during our car trip, but it went even better when we were outside, all by ourselves...” Irene smiled with dreamy eyes “He... he is so kind. It was too good to be true, I didn't expect any of this from him”

I nodded, encouraging her to go on.

“When we were finally alone, he understood I was feeling totally embarrassed 'cause I didn't want him to read into my eyes, so he started asking me why I was like that, repeating me I shouldn't be so nervous and everything. I saw the sincere look in his eyes, and I melted!” Irene said.

“I knew he could be so cute!” I stated

“He really is! I confessed a couple of things, you know... Like the fact that I love him”

I burst out laughing, and Irene quickly added:

“No I'm kidding, I didn't, but... I told him pretty much all I think 'bout him, and he was all kind and understanding. When I finished my monologue, he hugged me! He just went closer and hugged me like it was the most normal thing to do”

“I guess you were almost dying there!” I observed

“Yep. You know, Alice... I could feel that he wasn't doing it just to look like a nice guy, he meant it. So we shared a little cuddling moment...” Irene went on, stopping to see my reaction.

“What?? What kind of cuddles?”

“Nothing too sexual, actually... We just stayed like that for a while, he caressed my head while I was resting on his chest. It was... magical. I felt so good in his arms I didn't want to leave”

“Oh God that's too cute! I'm so happy for you!” I screamed

“Then we... we kissed right there on the couch. It just happened, we were normally talking, and we suddenly shut up and stared at each other like we knew what was going to happen next... You cannot even imagine how that damn boy kissed me!” We both squealed and laughed, then I squeezed Irene in my arms, too happy for further words.

“Now it's your turn chick! C'mon c'mon spit it out! I saw Louis holding your hand” she said right after. I quickly summed up what happened with Louis, while Irene was making funny facial expressions during my entire speech. As I finished, we both realised how amazing everything was: we wouldn't have thought it could be possible, not even in our wildest dreams!

I finally explained her about our meeting at the pub later on, so that we could bring the boys back at their hotel, and I kissed her goodbye on the cheek, running outside right after.


Louis was already there waiting for me: he smiled as he saw me, and my heart skipped a beat again.

“Here you are babe, come here” he said, lifting up his arm so that I could place myself underneath it, next to him. I held him, his warm body against mine, and felt in heaven.

“Ok... now let's go”




 * Author's note *
Hi everyone! I'm sorry it took me so long to write it, but I had an exam this week :/
I want to thank everyone who's reading this, it means a lot to me, really!
I hope you'll keep reading this :D I already have the whole story planned, so I wont' let it unfinished!
Thanks again! bye :)


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