I Always Will Remember (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction) *COMPLETE*

Alice and Irene, two Italian university students, finally manage to have One Direction tickets for their Stadium tour! The band is having one Italian date in the same town where the girls attend university: what happens when they accidentally meet two of the boys around?
See what happens that changes their lives forever!

____ **Some swear words and mature content here and there**____


3. Chapter Three

The minute we went out from the pub, the hot weather welcomed us pleasingly: although it was 10th September, it actually seemed to be mid-June, and having to start lessons again was even harder. The region where we lived, in the North-east of Italy, was well-known for being kinda rainy, but we were having a very good summer this year; plus that day the sun shone beautifully, and we were together with Harry Styles and Liam Payne: it couldn't have been more perfect than that.

“Reaching the hotel is gonna take about thirty minutes I think...” I informed the boys. They nodded and we started walking along the big boulevard that would lead us down town where the hotel was.


Liam and Harry started discussing about the road they had taken on their way to the pub, and Irene and I laughed at them for about ten minutes: they pretended to argue from time to time, then throwing sarcastic comments on each other, then arguing again about whose fault it was.

After feeling very embarrassed and intimidated at the beginning, now it was like knowing them for ages: I didn't feel weird or anything around them, they treated you as you were at their own level.


All of a sudden we heard a girl squeal somewhere on our right, where there was big park, probably a school garden. We immediately turned our heads: there was a group of five girls, probably aged between 12 and 14, who were clearly staring at us. Well, they were staring at Harry and Liam.

“No fans around, Harold?” Liam sarcastically said.

The boys started walking faster: those girls were the annoying type of fans, and this was proved by the fact they squealed again and started chatting like crazy 'cause they seemed not to be sure about the boys' identity, since they were pretty far.

I suddenly felt a weird warmth next to me, and then an arm was around my shoulders.

It took me a while to realise Harry was holding me close to him.

“Maybe if we pretend we are together they'll think it's not us” he explained with an innocent smile across his face. His green eyes were so bright and clear I almost lost my words, but he didn't seem to be cheeky by doing that, so I chose to put my arm around his waist. I must say he was of the perfect size and we seemed to fit very good walking like that.

Liam – who was walking ahead of us – was turned back looking at us, and he nodded as if he thought that was a great idea; then he said something to Irene before intertwining his fingers with hers: I could see her confusion at first, but then she returned the hold, looking like she was completely fine having Liam that close to her.


We walked on like that and the apparently stupid trick Harry thought of actually worked when a couple of young girls passed us by and frowned a little. As Harry noticed their reaction, he hid his face behind mine, pretending to kiss my cheek: feeling the softness of his lips against my skin was something really hard to deal with, no lying.

The girls went on walking and we left them behind us; meanwhile, Liam and Irene were nicely talking so close to each other their faces were less than 5 inches away.

Harry and I discussed about the town, the university I was in and then about the Italian signs he noticed as we walked by, and he seemed to be interested in every meaningless thing I said, proving to be the kind and caring guy I've always thought he was. Beside this, he had a good smell, and holding him felt nice.


“Down there there's your hotel, guys! Do you see it?” Irene exclaimed when we spotted a tall white building with lots of windows in the distance.

“Yeah I remember this street! But couldn't have got here by myself anyway..” Liam answered.

Harry let me go and the boys started guessing what the others were doing:

“Niall is definitely sleeping, I'm telling you” Liam said laughing

“Absolutely... and I think Louis is probably arguing with someone for fun” Harry added.

I was so sad thinking me and Irene were leaving them: it was the meeting of our lives and it had already come to an end. Of course I was seeing them at the concert the following day, along with Louis, Zayn and Niall but... it wasn't the same thing. I tried not to spoil it and put on my biggest smile when we finally got in front of the hotel's main entrance.

“Well girls, you actually saved us, really...” Harry said, and Liam nodded in agreement “Thanks a lot, you were super nice and it was cool meeting you” he added.

“Don't even say that! We are so lucky I still don't believe it” I exclaimed “This is something we'll never forget, so thank you for wasting your time with us”.

While I was talking, I noticed that Harry took out his phone in a hurry and typed for a while; Liam was hugging Irene and I approached to him to give him a hug too, kind of a farewell hug.

“Do you girls need to leave right now?” Harry asked out of nowhere, his phone still in his hand.

Irene checked the time on her phone and said “Well, we have several buses we can take so... of course we can stay here a little longer!”.

“Perfect!” Harry smiled and seemed to be suddenly excited.

I turned to my friend looking for explanations but she seemed confused just like me.


We didn't have more time to try and figure out what was happening, that Harry turned to look at the hotel glass door and mumbled something. We locked our eyes in there too, and I noticed someone walking towards the door, open it and step outside.


My heart literally stopped when my brain processed the fact that Louis Tomlinson had just come out from the hotel and was walking towards us.

Right behind him, Zayn was doing the same.


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