I Always Will Remember (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction) *COMPLETE*

Alice and Irene, two Italian university students, finally manage to have One Direction tickets for their Stadium tour! The band is having one Italian date in the same town where the girls attend university: what happens when they accidentally meet two of the boys around?
See what happens that changes their lives forever!

____ **Some swear words and mature content here and there**____


37. Chapter Thirty-six

I entered the building and immediately looked up at the signs, not knowing where the heck I was supposed to go: I had only been there once with my parents, so it was pretty new for me.

Why didn't you ask your mum? Silly.
My eyes ran through the writings so quickly that I was almost unable to read a thing, being so anxious and frustrated and worried, but after several scans I finally connected my brain and realised it would be likely for them to be on the 'departures' area of the building, so I didn't think twice and got to the elevators, for my luggage couldn't be carried on the escalators, heading for the second floor. My hand was shaking when I pressed the button to select the floor but once inside, I forced myself to breathe and calm down: I wouldn't have helped myself in that state of mind, and I needed to be focused on catching every little thing that could have been useful.
Once the doors opened, I stepped outside – well, I
ran outside – and instinctively turned right, immediately facing quite a lot of people gathered in groups all scattered around the wide space in front of me. On my left there were the check-in stations, and most of the people were queueing right there, and I was really surprised it was so crowded at that time of the evening! Anyway, all I could think of was that I needed to walk across that space till its end because I wasn't able to have a good view of it all from where I was. I tried to examine everyone I could while walking, almost hitting a few people with my trolley, or with my shoulder as well, but my body was almost numb and wouldn't react to any kind of pain, so I just kept walking and looking.
As I arrived at the big windows at the end that showed the airport tarmac I hardly swallowed and realised I had wasted my time: I didn't noticed anything at all,
no big security guards, no crowd of people gathered around someone in particular, no signs of them.

I had no other solutions in mind beside running around the airport like crazy. Maybe if I asked at the information point I would have got some answers.
'Sorry Mrs., ehm.... Can you please tell me where One Direction is?'
'Sorry lady, I don't think I heard that well...'

'One Direction... you know, the boyband. You see, I'm in love with one of them and I...'

A sudden shriek dragged me out of my imaginary conversation and I stood motionless in front of the mirror, my own anxious eyes looking back at me, and my ears eagerly trying to capture any other sound: it seemed a girl shriek. It was a girl shriek.
After a whole minute that seemed to last forever, I was definitely sure: there was a girl screaming, no, wait, there were many girls screaming! The space was suddenly filled with cries and shouts and I couldn't have any doubt about it!

The boys HAD to be there!


I turned around and started running, following the noise, that was gradually increasing as I went back to the elevators from which I got out earlier, and kept on going on the other side, when my heart almost escaped from my chest when I finally spotted a group of short girls all squeezed together behind what seemed to be a line of bodyguards blocking them with their arms.

There were about forty or fifty girls – definitely not what the boys were used to – but considering the size of the airport it was a hell of a crowd, and they were definitely producing the noise of a hundred people.

I tried to look beyond them but it was impossible, so the only way I could possibly see the boys was diving into that madness and hope for the best. I did everything I could to make my way to the front line, pushing people aside and hitting stomachs with my elbows, but it took me a couple of minutes just to get into the group because none of those girls were happy about someone else stealing their places. After several invectives and swearwords, I finally managed to be just two people away from one of the bodyguards, and I went on my tip toes looking into the distance.

I immediately recognised Zayn's black hair, and realised there were Liam and Harry just behind him, lifting up their luggages and putting them back down on the conveyor.

“Sorry Mister, sorry...!” I almost yelled, trying to get the bodyguard's attention; he made a quick eye contact with me so I went on:

“Sorry I gotta reach the boys! I gotta.. I gotta leave with them, please

He looked at me more carefully, and I was dying hoping he had seen me with the boys at the hotel, or somewhere else with them and remembered me, but he just made a sorry face and shrugged his shoulders, so I gave up.

Suddenly the shrieks intensified, and Louis appeared with Niall, coming from the left and carrying their trolleys.

“Louis!” I shouted, not knowing what else to do “Louis!”
I saw Niall looking at us and waving his hand, then giggling his cutest giggle and saying something to Louis, who also smiled at us. How in the world could he have possibly seen me right inside that mess? Desperation was taking over me, so I just kept on shouting his name, trying to get closer.

“Louis! Louis please hear me! Louis I'm here! I'm Alice!”

I started seeing everything blurred, and realised I was crying, so that my voice was even weaker now. I could not bear the thought of him leaving there just in front of me but WITHOUT me!

I was almost feeling lost, and a strong force was telling me to give up and go away but I couldn't, not when I was about 20 metres away from the guy I wanted to live with.

“Louis! It's Alice here! Louis!....LOUIS!”

He was lifting up his trolley but he slowly put it back down and turned around, and I could tell he seemed to be looking for something among us, or someone.


“Louis! I'm here! Louis!” I started jumping and waved my arm above the crowd, my head almost exploding with happiness.

He widened his eyes and quickly said something to Niall, who looked at us as well, and then he started getting closer.
The girls started shouting his name when they noticed he was walking towards us, but I now knew he was looking at me.

“Mike! Hey Mike!” he yelled at one of the bodyguards, and I realized it was the one in front of me.

“Mike... Let that girl with the black trolley pass! Yeah, the brunette one with the luggage!”

Mike looked at us a bit, and when he met my eyes he understood it was me, since I now held the trolley just in front of me.

“You... Come here” he firmly said, grabbing my right arm and pulling me close, letting me go beyond him in a couple of seconds.

I made it. I MADE IT!

I was there. I was out of the group, still not realizing it, actually; but as I looked ahead of me, there was a pair of bright eyes staring at me with huge disbelief, and some kind of amusement.

I looked down, feeling ashamed, but the sensation lasted a couple of seconds: I was there, I had made up my mind, nothing else mattered.

“Look who's there...” Louis mumbled, slightly smiling, as I reached him.

“I.. I just... This.. I guess this is the right decision” I hardly said.

“I really thought you weren't coming, at some point”

“I tried to call you! And Harry as well, but none of you were reachable!”

“I was almost out of battery, so I turned it off.. I was convinced of not seeing you again babe, but... luckily I was totally wrong”

I stared at him and saw how hard he was trying to contain himself, since there were people clearly observing us, and probably taking pictures of the whole scene, but I felt lighter than a feather recognizing the usual joyful light that came out in his eyes when he truly felt things, and I knew we needed no other explanations: everything was okay, and words couldn't express nothing more than our eyes weren't already saying.

He nodded his head and pointed at his back, inviting me to join the boys, and so we both moved there, carefully avoiding every contact, even though I desperately wanted to hold him the tighter I could and never let him go.

“Oh God there's an infiltrator! Run! Quick!” Harry started yelling as he saw me, but since nobody was laughing except for Niall, he just smiled.

“Coming with us, uh?” Zayn asked with a smirk, and I nodded, before looking at every single one of them: they truly seemed they didn't care much, all being totally fine with me leaving with them as if it was the most normal thing in the whole world. Louis should have told'em about the whole thing, and I had the final proof those boys were a bunch of amazing people, inside and outside.

I smiled and shook my head, then Liam the-strong-one Payne helped me with my luggage, put it on the conveyor, and I followed the boys into the smaller space behind the metal-detectors, after they had signed some autographs for the girls.

They seemed pretty excited to be going back home, and I was feeling the exact same way, still not being able to believe I was there with them.

Louis called one of the people with us, and pointed at me:

“She's flying back with us, is that ok?”

“Yeah sure”

“Good. I assure you she won't throw up” he giggled, and I hit his arm in reproach, giggling with him as well.
Everything was really back to normal.



As soon as we were on the plane, Louis placed his hands on my hips, walking right behind me, and guided me to our seats, one next to the other. Harry took two seats just for him and his ridiculously long legs, while Zayn and Niall immediately went to play at something on some gaming platform they had on board, and Liam simply closed his eyes and laid there for the rest of the flight.

Louis sit down next to the window, and as I put my bottom down I felt the happiest girl in the world, relaxed and excited at the same time. He turned his head to me and smiled:

“Wanna listen to some music?”

“Yeah sure” I nodded, sensing the connection between us as if we had never been apart. He took out his mp3 player and gave me on of the headphones.

“I'm going to let you listen to some new stuff of ours, ok?”

“Oh God really!? That's amazing I'm so curious about the new album, you don't even know!” I said, my fangirling mode on again. He chuckled at my enthusiasm and finally chose the song.

“This is going to be our next single. We've already shot the video, it's going be interesting... It's called 'Story Of My Life'...”

I closed my eyes and rested my head down, letting the music penetrate every single fiber of my body; that song was something magical, and I was getting more and more carried away by it that when Louis' solo came in I was nearly crying and smiling at the same time.

Suddenly I felt some thin lips softly pressing onto mine, and I immediately kissed them back, my hand on some bearded cheek.

I opened my eyes and Louis was back at his place, pretending nothing happened.

“Louis... I know it was you. I know how your lips taste, you idiot”

“Oh... do you?” he asked sarcastically, a cheeky grin appearing on his mouth.

“I do” I replied with a challenging tone.

“You sure?” he said like an annoying teacher “Are. You. Sure?”

“Mmh maybe not... Come back here so we can be sure”

He smiled and grabbed my face again, killing me with a breath-taking kiss.


While we were taking off, Louis held my hand, and I knew I had made the right choice.

I knew I was in the right place. And I knew this could only be the beginning of something beautiful.

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