I Always Will Remember (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction) *COMPLETE*

Alice and Irene, two Italian university students, finally manage to have One Direction tickets for their Stadium tour! The band is having one Italian date in the same town where the girls attend university: what happens when they accidentally meet two of the boys around?
See what happens that changes their lives forever!

____ **Some swear words and mature content here and there**____


32. Chapter Thirty-one

My alarm went off at 6 o'clock like every morning, but I immediately knew it wasn't a regular day.

As I turned my cellphone on, I remembered it was 15th September: the boys were flying back to the UK that day.

I covered my head with the sheets and try to breath and calm down, but it was impossible to erase the clear feeling that all of my hopes, even the tiniest ones that still resisted inside of me, were now violently smashed. Till that day, being the dreamer I was, I sometimes hoped to receive a message from him, or just hear the doorbell ring and find his perfect smiling face behind it, but now... It was materially impossible. He was probably hovering over the Alps now, while I was experiencing one of the toughest moments in my whole life, lying in my bed, not knowing how I could have possibly found the strength to get up.

He's just a memory. Nothing real, just a thought. It's time to think of yourself.

I slowly sit on the side of the bed, feeling my body heavier than ever, but I somehow managed to go downstairs and prepare some coffee, which was the first thing I needed; my parents were both already out – working quite far from where we lived – so I was alone, and I could get ready with my usual slowness and calm.

Like I did the last three mornings, I performed everything automatically: drink coffee, wear the first things that I could grab in my messy wardrobe – which that day happened to be some light blue jeans and a black hoodie with the Rolling Stones' mouth and tongue on it –, comb my hair and clean my teeth without even looking at my face in the mirror, because I would have probably tried to punch it. I went back downstairs with my bag, put on some shoes and a light jacket to protect me from the cold morning air.

I was almost heading outside when I accidentally met my own reflected gaze on the entrance hall's mirror, and I stopped, widening my eyes.

My face had a dreadful shade of paleness on it, making me look like I was about to vomit any second, and of course my eyes were circled in purple, blue and black, painting an interesting combination of colours that really suited me well. No make up could have covered that, and I couldn't bear any product on as well, my eyes burning for two days in a row, no matter how much I slept.

At first, I felt pity for myself, knowing all of the sadness I had to face, but then it suddenly turned into rage and disgust, making me want to annihilate the miserable person reflected on the mirror.

I instead took my shoes off and threw them on the floor, then I angrily walked upstairs tearing the clothes off of me, going back to bed, fighting with tears once again: I didn't deserve to see the sun light, better for me to sleep till I was dead; or, at least, that was what I was really convinced of.

It didn't take long before my misery had worn me out, so I fell asleep once again.






I woke up when it was almost midday, and I couldn't care less about preparing something to eat, or not letting my parents find me like that: I just wanted that day to go to waste, hoping it would soon come to an end.

I looked everywhere in the kitchen for something to fill my stomach with, finding a pack of chocolate biscuits, and I placed my tired bottom on the sofa, turning on the TV and watching all the past seasons of 'Adventure Time', once again. At least I laughed a bit, temporarily forgetting the real world.

Anyway, the odds weren't in my favour whenever I watched TV, because I suddenly heard my phone going off: I had placed it over the kitchen table, so I was almost choosing to ignore it, when I decided to get the call and ran into the other room.

Calming down, I realised it was my mum:

“Hi mommy”

“Hi sweetie.. How are you? Have you eaten something already?”

“Fine, mum, thanks... Yeah I did. I... I'm already back at home actually...” I admitted.

“Oh really? Why? You weren't feeling well?” she asked worried.

“No no... Ehm, the teacher we should have this afternoon couldn't make it, so they sent us home”

“Oh ok! It happens quite often, ha?”

“Yeah, kind of... You'll be home at six, right?”

“Yes honey... Have a good afternoon, my break is over now. I love you” she sent me a kiss through the phone.

“I love you too mum”

I felt a little guilty for not being sincere but... nobody would have understood. I knew it. Plus, my mother didn't know everything about Louis: on the first day we met them, I just vaguely hinted at the fact that there was a guy with us, someone important, but I guessed I wanted that story to be jealously kept inside of me, so there was no point in confessing everything now, especially since there was no Louis anymore.

I put the phone down and went back to my beloved couch for some more Finn and Jake nonsense.


I wasn't even at half of the episode when my phone rang again.

“Who the fuck is it now?” I yelled, getting up all pissed off.

Anne. One of my course mates.


“Hi Alice!” she exclaimed, irritating me even more “Why weren't you at class today?”

“I... I think I caught a flu, that's why” I lied.

“Oooh poor dear! I know I know, with the weather change and everything, it's totally normal..”

“Don't worry for me ok?” I replied, feeling slightly relieved that someone at least cared for me “In a couple of days I'll be fine...”

“I hope so! I need some of your humour here! It's so boring otherwise” she giggled.

“Thanks for calling, Anne... You're too kind”

“Don't mention that! I'll photocopy the notes for you, ok?”

“Yeah sure, thanks again.... I gotta go now” I said.

“Oks cutie.. bye bye!” she squealed. I ended the call and went back to the living room, this time bringing the phone with me: I couldn't stand getting up again, but I knew that two calls in the same afternoon were something definitely exceptional for me, so I was sure I wasn't getting any other drag!

Finn and Jake were fighting the Ice King as usual, and I ate all the biscuits in the meantime, so I spontaneously got up to get something to drink, when I heard another buzz from my phone:

“What the fuck! C'mon! Someone seriously wants to get punched in the face today!” I shouted.

Leave me alone, Jesus Christ!

I felt a little anguished when I saw I had received a text from a number I didn't have in my contacts list. I frowned, already starting to try and guess who it was, but I had no choice than to read it.

It said:

< Meet me at the park now >

Who the heck writes to me in English?

Sometimes Irene and I do it but... No this isn't her for sure.

I immediately thought they sent it to the wrong number: well, I had a couple of American friends that lived not far from there but... they surely did not have my number, so I just replied:

< You should have got the wrong number, I'm sorry >

A few seconds later I got the answer, and I almost spit everything I had just drunk:

< No I haven't. Alice, come to the park >

Oh my fucking God. They know my name. Who is this?

I was a little scared: not only someone wrote to me in a language I don't usually speak, they also knew me. I started to think at everyone I knew, trying to remember or at least have a clue when...


Yeah it must have been him. We kissed once at a party, six months earlier, and we talked for a while through text messages, but all of a sudden everything ended. He still had my number for sure, and I was a little curious to know what he wanted from me now.

He definitely found out the town where I lived on FB.

I decided to ask him:

< James? Is this you? >

I stood next to the phone for a couple of minutes, but I had no reply.

He should have put his phone somewhere he doesn't see it.

I slowly walked upstairs, a little undecided about what to do: should I go, or just ignore him?

He didn't mean much to me, he was just a good-looking boy I happened to kiss, but... I barely knew his surname.

Well... you have nothing to lose. You said it yourself: he's good-looking... It could turn out to be fun... A naughty voice was telling me this, and... although I wasn't much in the mood for that kind of fun, I decided I should distract myself, or I would have not survived much longer.

Fuck let's go then” I mumbled, changing my tracksuit into something decent, putting some eyeliner and mascara trying to look acceptable.

I took my phone and house keys and headed outside, my heart starting to beat faster and faster as I was getting closer to the park, a small one just next to the main square.

I followed the hedge that ran along the right side of it, and I finally stepped in the open space where the square was.

As soon as I saw the person waiting there for me, I stopped, speechless and breathless.

Leaning on a black SUV, looking down at his feet, hands in his pockets, there was Louis.

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