I Always Will Remember (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction) *COMPLETE*

Alice and Irene, two Italian university students, finally manage to have One Direction tickets for their Stadium tour! The band is having one Italian date in the same town where the girls attend university: what happens when they accidentally meet two of the boys around?
See what happens that changes their lives forever!

____ **Some swear words and mature content here and there**____


35. Chapter Thirty-four

My heart was hurting from all the blood crazily rushing through it, but as I started letting words out I slowly calmed down, finally reorganising all of the mess I had inside my head, by trying to explain everything to my mum, who looked at me without saying a word the whole time I talked.

I spit everything out about Louis, about how I felt with him and how much I suffered being apart from him, of course leaving out what wasn't necessary like our interesting 'physical meetings', but attempting to be honest and clear as much as I could.

When I finally reached what was most important, that was his proposal of leaving with him, my mother widened her eyes a bit, still not opening her mouth, so I just went on, now finding it difficult to look her in the eyes: maybe I trusted her too much, and now she was going to let me down for real, destroying even my tiniest hope by opposing a firm denial to that whole thing.

I listed the reasons that held me back, but also mentioned everything Louis suggested in order to solve them, and finally got to underline the hardest one: I was scared of suffering too much when it would have been over.

“And... that's it. I don't know what to do...” I concluded, staring at her, trying to read inside her mind, but mainly just hoping to get some helpful answer of any kind.

She looked at me for a little while, then asked:

“You met him five days ago... And you now wanna go with him...?”

“Ehm, well... Y-yeah” I replied, knowing that sounded worse than it was “I mean... I'm not sure I want to, considering everything I told you”

“Alice I... I think you are” she finally mumbled.

“I am what..?”

“I think you know what you want to do, you're just covering it with useless things”

I stared at her almost shocked, not being able to convince myself she had just said those precise words.

“You've always been so rational, Alice. You're special for that, and I am really proud of the way you always sort your things out by yourself, knowing how to consider the consequences of everything you do... but...” she stopped and smiled, making my heart a little lighter “Maybe a mother isn't supposed to say things like these to her daughter but, Alice... There are some kind of things in life were rationality has no reason to be. And I think this one belongs to those”

“Mum I know, but it's just that...” I started, but I really had no point to prove her wrong on that.

“Do you really wanna sacrifice yourself because you are not sure of the future? Do you really wanna be miserable for the following months and maybe - who knows - years just because you are scared? If we'd all see things that way we would not live then! You said it yourself: you can always come back here and take care of your goals, so... I don't see anything bad in you leaving tonight, I am honest. I want you to be happy now, Alice. You've got your whole life to give up on things for a greater good, like parents do for their children, but this is not the time” she concluded.

“What about dad?” I mumbled, this being a major source of anxiety for me 'cause I knew how he was.

“As far as you'll end your studies and be fine, he'll be fine too” she reassured me.

I looked at her for a couple of seconds, before finally letting a huge smile appearing on my face: this was what I needed. I needed someone who put things down clearly, and she did it well.

I couldn't express with words how relieved and happy I was feeling, and that sensation was something even too big to be fully sensed at once! I now couldn't believe I could have been so doubtful about it, because the certainty I was about to go with him seemed now the only thing I've always wanted for real, and the only life I really wanted to live; I felt mad at myself for almost missing it, with all of that crap I thought that could hold me back, but the main feeling was joy, and just joy.

I hugged my mum tight, whispering a simple 'thank you', and asked her if she could have taken me to the airport.

“Sure sweetheart. It's just two hours away from here, not a big deal... You're meeting him there then?”

“Yeah, right after the show... which is starting an a few hours!” I almost yelled, realising my departure was now real and so fucking near.

“You better start filling your luggage then... Bring just the most important things with you, we can eventually send you the stuff you need”

“Thanks again, mum. I gotta hurry up! What time are we leaving then?”

“I'd say half past eight, so that we'll be on time even if we find some traffic on our way, okay?”

“Can we stop at Irene's first? I must say goodbye to her, at least...” I added, realising I would have missed her so much, because our lives were so strongly tangled together that I would have definitely had a big hole in my life without her.

“Sure, she's on the way.... Now pack your things darling!” she exclaimed, smiling and looking genuinely happy for me, which made me love her even more.

I ran in my attic, brought down the biggest luggage I owned, and started piling clothes of every kind on my bed, deciding what to bring and what not, trying not to be the usual undecided girl that carries her whole wardrobe every single time she travels, regardless of how many days she would have been away from home; I chose to bring both heavy and lighter clothes, since I would have probably followed him on tour of course, and we could have visited warmer countries, and after almost an hour I was finally satisfied, my luggage looking heavy as hell but at least containing what I considered to be fundamental: underwear, pajamas, jumpers t-shirts and jeans, dresses, three pair of shoes. My heart stopped when I realised I had no beauty products in it, so I went to the bathroom to gather them all almost in a psychopathic frenzy.

I was finally done, so I immediately texted Irene:

< Hi lady! Can I come to see you in an hour? Really big things to talk about!>

Her reply was really quick, and I giggled imagining her curiosity:

< Of course you can! Can't wait to hear them.. Some tips? >

It was something too big to be said by text, so I just assured her:

< It's something unbelievable, but I wanna talk to you in person. Love you my friend, see you in a bit! >

I stopped and thought about it, but I still couldn't believe it. Not only I saw Louis a couple of hours earlier, not only he came back here just for me, because he missed me: I now had a giant black trolley in front of me that definitely stated that I was leaving with him.

I was going to live a life together with Louis, and all of the tears I shed and the pain I felt were now dissolved in the new bright shining light that was my future with him. Yes, I was still scared about our future. I still feared what may have come, and shivered at the thought of leaving basically all I had in that house, but these feeling were nothing compared to the happiness that spread throughout my entire body just remembering his eyes, and his smile, that now I could call mine.

My father's voice suddenly brought me back to the present. He was home now, and I still had to face that last challenge before I could finally relax, so I immediately walked downstairs, wanting this to end as soon as possible.

“Hi dear... Your mum told me you want to talk to me” he got straight to the point, as he was used to doing, and I chose to do the same, so I briefly summed up what I told to my mother, making it clear now that I wanted to leave with him. My father seemed really surprised to know there was a boy in my life: like every father, he did never notice anything going on in my life, and seemed a little worried that he didn't even know how Louis looked like, despite the posters in my room. Louis, the mysterious guy that was about to steal his daughter from him.

I assured him I would have come back for every single exam I had to take, suggesting to leave them my university account's password in case he wanted to check – which he firmly refused – and saying I could have called them via skype if they wanted to hear from Louis too and get to know him a bit.

He soon realised I was really eager to do this, and that I also had everything planned, so he finally gave me his consent, just asking me to keep in contact with them so that they wouldn't worry.

I could finally breath again, and now all I had to do was hoping I would have found the boys easily at the airport; I brought my luggage downstairs and went to help my mum preparing something to eat for what was going to be my 'last supper' in that house.

I would have missed my parents too, of course. I loved them and hated them alternatively, like it always happens, but that night I knew they supported me for real. Beside all parental worries and advices and reprimands and orders, they loved me and wanted me to be happy, even if that meant letting me leave with a boy they didn't even know personally, and all of that because they trusted me before anyone else. I felt so thankful and lucky, firmly telling myself I would have never done anything to disappoint them on purpose: they really didn't deserve it.


During dinner, I found it hard to swallow anything, because I was already starting to be nervous, and my stomach refused to receive any food. I forced myself to do it, not wanting my parents to worry, but luckily it was a quick meal since me and my mum were about to leave soon.

Once I was done, I mentally checked all the items I had in my bag, having the sensation of forgetting something, but trying to calm down anyway, and finally waved goodbye at my dad, who gave me his usual recommendations; I hugged him tight and followed my mum outside, carrying the trolley behind me with a feeling of freedom and happiness in my heart. She helped me putting it inside the trunk, and I turned around to take one last look at my house: some kind of melancholy seemed to rise inside of me, but I knew I would have been back one day, sooner or later.

Now, all I could see ahead of me was a bright smile and a pair of turquoise blue eyes waiting for me, and there was nothing that could have held me back.







** Author's NOTE **
Hi everyone! As you might guess, the story is almost finished, and there are still going to be two or three chapters, depending on how much I'll write :D
I just want to thank you all for not sending me to hell with some of my super late updates, and for still being here to read this thing that truly comes from my heart: you can imagine how much it means to me!
For those who could ask, I won't be writing any sequel to this because I don't want this story to go on forever, and I really hope you'll like the ending (of course I've already written it in my head xD ).
I really appreciate every comment you make, everything you suggest and every little thing you do to show me your support, so thanks again.
See you in a couple of days! :D


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