I Always Will Remember (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction) *COMPLETE*

Alice and Irene, two Italian university students, finally manage to have One Direction tickets for their Stadium tour! The band is having one Italian date in the same town where the girls attend university: what happens when they accidentally meet two of the boys around?
See what happens that changes their lives forever!

____ **Some swear words and mature content here and there**____


13. Chapter Thirteen

It was 1 a.m. and there weren't many people around, except from groups of boys and girls outside some pubs along the streets Louis and I were walking through; the main squares and interesting places in town were less than a half a mile away from the club, so I suggested we could walk there. Plus, we could spend some time close to each other, physically and spiritually.

We kept being silent for the first ten minutes, but it wasn't the kind of silence that turns into something embarrassing after a while, causing you to speak about useless stuff just to fill it. It was the kind of silence that speaks more than a thousand words, the one that happens between people who know each other for a long time and communicate just with touch and sight.

This really amazed me as I realised it, it impressed me more than the fact that I was feeling like that was the best place to be in the whole world, right next to Louis Tomlinson.

During our walk, Louis gently rubbed my shoulder with his hand from time to time, turned to look down at me, then again ahead of him; nobody was giving a shit about us two, it was like we were the only human beings on Earth, left alone with our happiness. Well, I actually didn't know how Louis was feeling, but he seemed to be enjoying it too: he hadn't performed any sassy or mischievous comment in a while, so he must have been pretty calm and relaxed in that weird situation. Because it really was weird, after all: we knew each other for a couple of hours and he suddenly went out with that 'be my girl' stuff... Yet I would have been a complete asshole to miss it all just because it was not that 'ordinary': I mean, we all need something crazy every once in a while! Something powerful and irrational that totally blows all your certainties and speculations away in the blink of an eye, and that was exactly what was carrying me that time.


“Louis...?” I suddenly murmured


“What about some ice cream?” I asked, thinking he would have enjoyed tasting some real Italian ice cream once.

“Well, I already have something really sweet right here” he said kissing my head “but I'd like to taste some, yeah...”

“Don't be sugary please, I don't like that kind of things” I stated, smiling and looking up at Louis, who was already putting on an offended face and turned his head to the other side, pretending he didn't want to see me.

“C'mon you actor! Stop it...” I said and forced him to turn his face to me again: he tried to win my hold but then laughed, stuck his tongue out and looked into my eyes, an amused expression on his perfect visage:

“Just joking, I thought girls liked that stuff”

“That was too much c'mon!” I mocked him “I already have something sweet here...” I repeated his words while imitating his voice.

“Heartless girl” he sadly mumbled

I laughed out loud and replied:

“Don't be silly Louis. I like you too much anyway”

Louis immediately started to sing 'You like me too much' by the Beatles, and I went walking following the rhythm, holding him and trying to force him to dance with me: we looked like mental hospital patients but it was always fun doing random things with Louis; he got to the chorus, and sang the lyrics “ 'cause you like me too much and I like you” but suddenly stopped. I felt a little nervous again, but pretended I didn't notice his pause: yes, those were just song lyrics but it was almost breath-taking to hear those three words from him.

I put on a reassuring smile, gazed at him and said:

“Here's the ice cream parlour!” and pointed at it from the distance. Louis nodded and we started an interesting discussion about ice cream flavours: I had some troubles explaining all the different ones we found in there, and he couldn't spare himself from making fun of me like a mean little kid, his face always having a spiteful expression that made you want to smack it hard, and then kiss it harder.


After a while, we proudly stepped outside with our huge ice creams, trying not to spill any of it and laughing at our own terrified faces every time we noticed some cream melting down the cone.

I showed him around a little, bringing him to my favourite places in Udine; there were many old buildings, churches and palaces from different historical ages, and it was interesting to see how that quite little town had a long history behind itself. When we were finally tired of walking and especially shouting out songs around, I led him to one of the biggest squares, where there was a spacious staircase in front of an ancient house, so that we could sit down for a while.

We had been separated during the whole walk – first we had our ice creams, than we simply were too busy gesticulating while speaking – and now I felt the strong urge to hug him tight, missing his hold and touch so much, but I was too worried he wouldn't want me to do that, so I just sit really close to him and lowly sighed.

“It's not bad in here, so calm and quiet... I'm not used to this” he observed

“It's too calm, that's what I think. Sometimes I really would like to live in a big and noisy city like London, or New York! So many things to do...” I replied, staring dreamily into the distance.

“We all want what we don't have”

I turned to look at him: the sentence he had just pronounced was so painfully true it really hit me, and gloom started rising inside of me again. I always wanted Louis so much, and I kept wanting him and desiring him even though he was there next to me!

Mine was the kind of thirst that couldn't be fulfilled, because he was Louis, and I was Alice: fate caused us to meet, but fate would have soon tear us apart too.

“What are you thinking about, babe?” Louis asked, his eyes always looking into mine “You look sad”

I didn't want to share those silly (and depressive, at least for me) thoughts with him, so I chose to tell him part of the truth:

“I was just wondering about how much I wanna hug you right now”

“Then do it. Don't be afraid of me, I don't bite” Louis replied smiling

“I'm not afraid of you... Well, not exactly. I just... don't want to be annoying”

“Come here and shut up” Louis quickly said, grabbing my arms and pulling me close to him. I threw them around his neck and held him with all my strength, feeling so full of joy just like the first time. His messy hair tickled my cheek, and his strong arms were wrapping me like they didn't want to let me go for any reason at all. I inhaled his good smell and ran my fingers along his spine, without relieving the pressure I was applying against his body.

We breathed at the same pace for a while – even though it seemed to last like an entire year – then I took a deep breath and we finally divided. I was definitely feeling so much better now.

“You ok now?” he kindly asked, with his sweetest smile on

“Yeah, thank you” I just replied, knowing there was no need for other explanations.

“You can hug me any time, ok? I'm here for you” he said, but then corrected himself “Actually, I'm here for myself, because I am the one who's receiving the most from this thing”

“I don't think so, Louis Tomlinson” I replied, smiling with disbelief

“Trust me. I'm having a wonderful time, and I absolutely didn't expect it, so this is even better”

We stared at each other, and I could totally feel something like warm energy flowing between us: who would have thought we could be like that? I wasn't in love with him, love is something that develops with time, but I was surely feeling something that was dangerously close to love.

“Wanna talk about something?” he asked

I thought about it for a while, then said:

“I'd like to know something personal about you, if you don't mind... Something you would just tell your closest friend”

“I keep a lot of things to myself, of course. You are forced to do it, when you are a personality. It's for your own good... So ask me anything” he replied slightly smiling, as if he was a little surprised by my request.

“Ok... How was your relationship with Eleanor? What happened between you two?” I asked, fearing he would get a little upset, but I really wanted to know about it: it was the most private thing he could have told me about.

Louis was silent for a while, then finally spoke:

“Well... She... She has been the most important girl in my life so far. Ours was the kind of relationship that happens rarely, so I will always remember it”

As he was speaking, I thought I could be jealous of her but I really wasn't: I knew what he was talking about 'cause I had experienced it too.

Louis went on:

“I spent two amazing years with her, we were best friends, literally. But... you know, changes happen to everybody, even to people that are together for a long time, and... you slowly realise you're not the same any more, while she's not the same either. We started spending less and less time together, when... it finally came to an end” he concluded, shrugging his shoulders.

I nodded, wanting him to go on because I loved to see how sincere and deep he was sometimes, showing that side of him he didn't performed that often.

“At first it was traumatic, I was so down... but after a while I realised it couldn't end up differently, so I accepted it. Now I'm totally fine with it, and she's fine too”

“You can't fight some kind of things, I know it too” I observed

“Yes it's like that... Trying to change what you can't change is useless and stupid”

“You are a real philosopher sometimes, and I like that so much!” I said, clapping my hands hysterically and pretending to be a little girl, with the intention of relieving the melancholic atmosphere we were into. Louis laughed, and I suddenly decided to tell him about me too, because I knew he would have been glad to see that I was able to understand him.

“Louis, I... I really know what you're talking about. I had a similar relationship too, some time ago...”

“Really? How did it go?” he asked

“I once had a boyfriend, an amazing one, he was what I needed in my life at the time! He lived far away from here so we hadn't the chance to see each other that often...” I explained “At first, everything was fine, but time and distance caused us to take different roads on our own, and not together any more... I just wanted you to know that, 'cause you just confessed me something really personal, and I thought I could do the same” I concluded, sincerely smiling at him, feeling so close to that wonderful boy like never before.

“Thanks for telling me then” he replied with a grateful look in his eyes.

“I think it's the right time for another hug...” I observed with a serious tone. We both laughed and Louis went close to give me a sweet kiss on the cheek, before whispering in my ear:

“You are more than interesting, you know that?”

I blushed and looked in his eyes for a while, then turned to look away.

“What's that?” Louis asked out of the blue, pointing at something behind my shoulders.

I turned around and observed, finally answering:

“Ouh, ehm... That's the big gate that leads to the castle...”

“There's a real castle here? And you didn't tell me anything!?” Louis screamed with his eyes wide open.

“Well, it's not a medieval castle now, it has been renovated so that it looks like a palace, but... there's a cool view of the region from up there” I explained

“I'd like to see that! Why don't we go visit it before we leave?” Louis eagerly asked

“I'm sorry but it's closed at night! They don't want people to go up there and... do stuff”

“Do stuff? What kind of stuff?”

I smiled in embarrassment, and Louis laughed when he finally got it:

“Oh ok! So... We aren't allowed to go there? Really? Shit it's not right!”

“I would love to take you there, but... it's forbidden at night...”


We got up and started walking, getting closer to the gate, when Louis suddenly started running fast to reach the gateway, stopping in front of it and observing it with inquiring eyes.

“Louis what are you doing?! You can't climb over it!” I yelled

“That's exactly what I wanna do!” he yelled back

I finally joined him and grabbed his hand:

“Louis you can't do that, if you get caught you'll have to pay a penalty...”

“C'mon babe we'll be quiet, we're harming nobody... Come with me” he firmly said, placing his hand on my cheek and staring into my eyes.

That was against the law, I didn't think I would be able to do something like that, there would be cameras recording our movements and...

“Do something crazy for me, I know we're perfect together for things like this... like Bonnie and Clyde!” Louis tried to convince me. It was impossible to refuse his invitation: it would have been so romantic, me and Louis all alone in the castle garden, staring at the stars...

“Ok you criminal! I hate you for this, but I'm in!” I finally said.

Louis exulted and kissed me quickly on the lips, before taking a look around to see if there was anybody passing by.

“Ok babe I'll go first, so I can help you climbing down...” he said as he started to go up the gate, carefully grabbing the bars with his hands; luckily it wasn't too high, and after a while he was already on the other side, encouraging me to do the same.

I took a deep breath, and started climbing it as well.

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