I Always Will Remember (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction) *COMPLETE*

Alice and Irene, two Italian university students, finally manage to have One Direction tickets for their Stadium tour! The band is having one Italian date in the same town where the girls attend university: what happens when they accidentally meet two of the boys around?
See what happens that changes their lives forever!

____ **Some swear words and mature content here and there**____


20. Chapter Nineteen

“Wohooo this one's good!” Louis exclaimed as a song by 5 Seconds of Summer started.

“This one's 'Try hard', right? Those boys rock!”

“Coolest lads ever!” Harry shouted from his back seat, in order to be heard over the loud music.

“Yeah I like them too. No wonder you guys get along really well: they're almost as crazy as you are!” I exclaimed laughing.

“We're not crazy” Louis calmly stated, looking like an upset teacher who's trying not to lose his patience, and added “we're just... hyperactive sometimes”

I turned to him with an incredulous look on my face, already being able to recognize when Louis was putting up scenes, and he kept a straight face for a while, then he suddenly opened his lips in a huge smile that melted my heart once again. I quickly looked away, but his hand took mine and held it for a while: I couldn't get used to his touch, not even in a hundred years. It always gave me shivers.

Harry soon joined Louis in the singing, and I sang along with them, the volume of our voices raising up every time the chorus started.

The next song was 'Unpredictable', and I sang it at the top of my lungs 'cause it was my favourite one, not caring about the fact I was doing it in front of two worldwide famous singers and my singing skills were barely acceptable.

Break the plans we had before, let's be unpredictable.

Pick you up if you fall to pieces, let me be the one to save you

Those lines hit me like never before, and I unconsciously turned to look at Louis, my heart racing as if I was saying it directly to him.

Stop this, Alice. You're romanticizing it way too much. It's no good.

I knew the voice inside my head was damn right, but a little part of me wanted to believe there was something deep between us, and that... I swept away those thoughts in the blink of an eye and warn my brain not to call them back anymore, even though they could be so pleasant and easy to fall into.

“Why did you stop? You weren't that bad” Louis suddenly asked.

“I just... I just got carried away by thoughts, but thanks! Unfortunately for people around me, I like to sing, and normally do it a lot” I genuinely smiled towards him.

“I've heard much worse singing in my life, so don't apologize” Harry intervened, leaning to get closer, and pinched my cheek softly.

“Ok guys don't know if you just wanna be nice, but thanks anyway” I laughed.


I took that opportunity and asked the boys about the time they decided they wanted to show their singing skills at the X Factor, back in 2010. I already knew something, of course, but hearing their direct thoughts about it all was way better, and our journey went on pretty fast, in fact I almost forgot where we were going and nearly missed the road taking to my house, so that I could change my clothes too and bring all the necessary stuff with me.

“Here we are... You can come in while I change myself, there's nobody home I think”

“Can we watch too?” Louis asked, looking at me naughtily.

“Fuck off Louis” I shouted, slamming his arm and laughing at the same time.

As we were inside I suggested they could sit down, promising I would be back the faster I could, and ran upstairs, grabbed my bikini and towel and quickly took off my clothes.

I was almost done putting them back on when I heard footsteps coming from the stairs, one of the guys definitely walking upstairs, and I had no doubt about who it was.

“Louis what the hell are you doing here?” I said in a calm tone, seeing his cute face appearing from behind my mid-open door with a naïve and stupid smile across it.

“Sorry girl I need to wee wee” he admitted. I giggled at the way he called it and explained him where the bathroom was.

He went back a minute later, and before I could realise it he was in my room, looking around like a curious little kid. I was almost starting to say something when I remembered I had the whole wall beside my bed covered with One Direction posters, some of them just with Louis himself on, and I clearly felt my cheeks on fire with embarrassment.

Yes, I was a 21 year-old university student with popstars' posters on her wall, so what?

I couldn't help but to feel a little ashamed anyway, especially after I got the chance to meet the boy I fangirled over a lot, but also because of the amazing things I had experienced with him: now all those pictures of him on my wall were ridiculous and awkward, and I wished he hadn't seen them. But now it was too late.

Being the cute little bastard he was, Louis giggled as his eyes stopped on them, then they looked at me, noticing the state I was in. He went closer and took my head in his hand, whispering:

“Can I have a place on your wall too?”

“I can nail you there if you want... Let me just take my girlie pink hammer and I'll do it”

“I love it when you are so sarcastic” he said smiling, then pressed his mouth on mine, leaving me with no breath at all.

“Hey people, Niall just called me to know why we're not there yet and...” Harry interrupted us appearing on my room's door “Oh sorry I didn't mean to bother you but we're kinda late”

Louis turned to him and laughed before inviting him to come in:

“Here, Hazza... Look at this!” He almost shouted, pointing at my posters.

That heartless boy was mocking me.

Harry smiled and looked at me, then at Louis, and burst out laughing when I slammed Louis' arm once again.

“What? What did I do?”

“That's for making fun of my posters” I smiled, unable to be truly angry or upset with him.

“It's because it's the first time I get to see a fan's room for real, and... It's nice” Louis tried to convince me, but I stuck my tongue out to him, then shook my head and went to pack my things, so that we could leave.



Ten minutes later we were finally at the river, there was only Irene's car parked there, and I led the boys across the bridge that dominated the whole valley in which the river flowed, and then through the path that descended to the water.

“Here they are!” I heard an Irish-accented voice greeting us, and spotted the other boys and my friend in the distance, already laying their towels down. We reached them and did the same, while Liam, Zayn and Niall were taking their shirts off: the sun was already shining up in the sky, and the temperature was quite high, considering it was September. I distracted myself for a moment when my eyes fell on their chests and abs, especially on Liam's, and I felt Irene's elbow hitting me. I thanked her with my eyes and went back to undress myself, trying not to think there were perfectly fit and hot guys all around me. As soon as my t-shirt was taken off, Louis stopped all he was doing and stared at me, waiting for the remaining clothes to uncover my body, but I stopped as well and stared back at him, knowing that was another of his sight challenges, where he just dared me not to give in: I locked my eyes onto his and slowly took off my shorts. He tried hard not to let his face show anything he was thinking but he raised his eyebrows a little, probably being surprised of the fact I was the one being cheeky now. I pulled him faces to underline the fact I won our little staring contest, and we both laughed like kids.

I put on some suncream too, and lent it to Niall, who was a little concerned about his still slightly pale skin. Louis went to search into the bags with an excited look on his face, and after a while he triumphantly took out the inflatable and a little hand pump.

“Who wants to help me with this?” he asked, and Liam and Niall immediately were by him, all concentrating themselves upon the tough work of inflating a rubber boat.

The rest of us stood by and observed the scene, Zayn and Harry correcting their mates and suggesting how to do things from time to time, causing smart discussions every once in a while, such as “C'mon don't you see that that's not the right hole?” and similar, which were usually followed by a “Why don't you come here and do it yourself?”.

Irene and I were holding our laughters but it was impossible not to laugh to tears when those five idiots were around.

After a while, the guys were finally satisfied with their work – and Harry and Zayn did not have any remark to make about it – so we all agreed to have a bath in the really cold water.

“Who gets in first wins!” Harry shouted, and we all started running like crazy towards the reflecting surface of the river.





* Author's note *
Hi everyone there! :D sorry for the long time it took me but I'm overly happy for every single one of you who is still reading this! You make me so proud of my stupid fanfiction and I'm grateful for that :)
Love you, bye!

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