I Always Will Remember (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction) *COMPLETE*

Alice and Irene, two Italian university students, finally manage to have One Direction tickets for their Stadium tour! The band is having one Italian date in the same town where the girls attend university: what happens when they accidentally meet two of the boys around?
See what happens that changes their lives forever!

____ **Some swear words and mature content here and there**____


9. Chapter Nine

The boys made their way to the middle of the dancefloor, close to the dj set, where there was a little room for us so that we could avoid being squeezed into the crowd.

Liam and Niall immediately went dancing and tried to do it seriously, but Harry and Louis started performing funny dance moves right from the beginning, trying to follow the same rhythm but ending up doing completely different things, so that they had to stop and laugh like kids.

We all chose to do our worst dancing ever, so during the following minutes anyone around us could have seen five idiots moving like a bunch of crazy chickens: Niall started jumping like a leprechaun and doing his traditional Irish dances, Liam pretended to be a hip hop dancer, Harry just lifted his arms up and down following the beat with his eyes closed – almost motionless. Louis of course performed his famous 'pat the dog – screw the light bulb' move, and I laughed hard even thought I had seen it a thousand times before. I wanted to join the 'worst dance moves contest' we were having, so I decided to do a really bad imitation of Shakira, making the boys laugh even more because I was clearly unable to dance like that. We went on probably a bit longer than we should have, but everyone was dancing and laughing at the same time, and I really felt like I was part of their friendship too like I knew them for years: they were amazing guys with (a little less) amazing dance skills.

As a groovy song started, Harry jumped on Liam's back and they danced around in circles, Harry agitating his arms as if he was on a roller coaster, Liam carrying him like one carries a light backpack. The other two couldn't just stare at the scene without participating, so Louis and Niall both tried to jump on Liam as well, almost causing him to fall on the ground; I went to Liam and tried to help him, but they all jumped off, having fun like never before: Liam didn't look tired at all, and I thought he should really be a strong one!

After they poured out all that energy, we went back to a quite normal dancing, which they all seemed to enjoy. Harry suddenly took my hand and danced with me a little, making funny faces every time I looked at him, being cute and nice; then we all settled in a circular shape – so that we could see each other – and kept on moving, following the rhythm. While we were there, I noticed a group of girls staring at the boys, but they didn't seem to really recognise them, and I would definitely say they were probably just discussing about how hot the guys were: they totally stood out from the crowd, and the best thing was that they didn't even do it on purpose.


One of my favourite songs started, and I raised up my arms and screamed, as I usually did every single time something like that happened; Harry, who was right next to me, turned to look at me with a puzzled face, and I replied to him with a shoulder shrug and a smile, before being totally carried away by the song.

The world almost disappeared, and for a while I forgot where I was, and especially who I was with: the music penetrated into my bones and I danced like there was no one else around, closing my eyes to feel the song even more, living the moment the deeper way I could. I knew it was just a song but I couldn't help reacting like that: music and dancing always had a strong influence on me.

After a minute or two of this mystical experience, I re-opened my eyes, and looked up: Louis was staring at me.

How long was he doing that? WHY in the world was he doing that, in the first place?

I mentally sent my shy self to hell and stared back at him without interrupting my dance: he didn't want to give up, but I didn't want it either. He was so hot I was almost feeling sick, his jawline and cheekbones underlined by the dim lights throwing perfect shadows on that perfect face; his turquoise blue eyes suddenly went down on my body, scanning it from head to toe, then looked back into mine. I immediately felt a strong and painful sensation in my stomach, my throat was dry: I wanted to run and jump onto him, pin him down on the floor and let him do whatever the fuck he wanted with me, but I couldn't. I've never been that brave, or crazy, call it what you like.

All I did was give up: I turned my back to him, and to the boys, trying to avoid the sight of the most painful and desirable thing on Earth.

I was aware that Louis obviously didn't look at me like I looked at him, I didn't mean anything to him, while he was the only human being I would devote my life to. It was unfair but I should have accepted it since there was nothing I could do.

Louis wasn't meant to be mine, not even for one night.

He was indifferent from the moment we met him; he definitely didn't behave like Zayn, who...

Zayn! Zayn and Irene!

We were dancing there for an hour or so, and I totally forgot that my friend and Zayn were sitting all alone that whole time!


I decided to check if she was okay without bothering her, or interrupting anything that could have been going on between the two, so I made a few steps towards the corner where we left them.

I bumped into several people because the room was really crowded now, but I was determined to accomplish my mission, and as I reached a good spot I went on my tip toes, peering into the distance through the very low light.

I finally recognised the red couches, and when I placed my eyes on the one on the left, I caught my breath: all I could see was Zayn's black hair, shoulders and back, and a red-haired head showing a little behind his, her arms holding Zayn tight.

They were kissing. They were actually kissing!

I grinned my biggest smile, and let out a laugh as well because that was something we both never ever thought it could happen. I looked like a fool, laughing completely alone in a crowd of dancing people, but I was unbelievably happy for Irene: I wanted to reach her and hug her, showing to her all of my joy, but I knew I had to wait, even thought curiosity was killing me and I was eager to know every little thing that happened between them before that magical event.

She was sharing a passionate kiss with the boy she liked most, and that boy wasn't an ordinary one, he was Zayn Malik, a living example of how perfection really exists among us.

The initial cheerfulness I was feeling slowly turned into gloom as I remembered the look Louis and I shared a few moments before.

I was glad and envied my friend as well, and I started feeling sorry for myself: I could not have something like that too, even thought I wanted it so much.

Louis was only challenging me, with his strange looks, his smile and kindness, he was treating me like he treated everybody else, and I would have been a fool to try and convince myself he could be interested in me, or at least attracted to me in some way. I was a normal girl, nothing extremely beautiful or sexy, and I knew that many times people had first impressions of me that didn't fit the truth, so there was no point in wishing the impossible to happen.

Anyway I decided I wasn't letting all of this overwhelm me, no way I would act all sad and depressed when I was spending my time with the five people I felt closer to, and who were making me feel like being part of their group without treating me like the obsessive fangirl I secretly was.

I would try to accept it all, looking at Louis just like I used to do when I didn't know him in person: a beautiful boy who'll never be mine; it was fate, and I should not fight it, or else I would end up hitting my face hard on the ground.


I was nearly turning around to join the boys again when I felt a hand touching my hip, followed by the sensation of a warm body right against my back, almost wrapping me into its hold.

I thought it was some pathetic boy who was trying to pick me up, and I hated it when they touched you like that, so I snorted and looked down at the stranger's hand in order to take it off from me and face the guy.

As my eyes fell upon his hand, my heart stopped: I noticed a rope tattoo on the wrist showing from under the grey sweater sleeve, and knew it was Louis.

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