I Always Will Remember (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction) *COMPLETE*

Alice and Irene, two Italian university students, finally manage to have One Direction tickets for their Stadium tour! The band is having one Italian date in the same town where the girls attend university: what happens when they accidentally meet two of the boys around?
See what happens that changes their lives forever!

____ **Some swear words and mature content here and there**____


4. Chapter Four

“Harry d-did... did you...” I stuttered, unable to finish the sentence.

“Yep... I thought you would be happy meeting them so... I typed Louis to come downstairs”

In that very moment I wanted to hug Harry so tight he would have died because he wouldn't have been able to breath! My legs were shaking a little, my heartbeat was blasting into my ears and I almost felt like fainting right there: Louis was here, Louis Tomlinson was getting near and my mind was completely blank.

“I heard that someone wanted to meet us...” Louis said with a half smile as he reached our group, followed by Zayn who briefly waved his hand and welcomed us with a cute “Hi girls....” with his soft voice. I imagined Irene was feeling as terrible as I was, knowing not how to deal with the fact the boy I dreamed about for years, cried over and talked about every day was there, as real as I was. Liam tried again to help us out – and I was thankful for that – and said:

“The girls lead us here because we... we didn't remember the directions”

Zayn and Louis laughed at them, and Harry angrily exclaimed staring at his bandmate:

“Liam! We weren't supposed to let them know!”

Laughing with the boys always was a relief, and as I let out my anguish I gained a little control over myself; Irene softly touched my hip with her elbow, and I nodded knowing she was looking at me: that signal meant something big was going on in front of us, and that time it was particularly big.

The four boys focused their attention on us, and I smiled in pure happiness without even being conscious I was doing that. I knew I was just an ordinary fan at their eyes, but they were definitely everything to me, and I felt it stronger than ever.

Then I met Louis' gaze, and his turquoise blue eyes pierced me violently: I felt my cheeks go warm and I had to look away, unable to face that boy's perfect features. All I was able to feel for a couple of seconds was pain, he was so painfully handsome it was like someone hit me hard on the stomach.


“So you girls live around here?” Zayn asked breaking the silence and tearing me away from my thoughts. I immediately looked at Irene, hoping she was feeling okay and could answer to him.

We were passing through the exact same things and I could clearly read that on her face while she was staring at Zayn, and seemed to worship him like a divinity, which is precisely what Zayn looked like: I didn't think his dark bright eyes and long eyelashes would have been that amazing in reality.

My friend finally got a grip on herself and managed to say:

“Yes we.... we live a few miles away and we have...” she stopped, stuck in Zayn's eyes; he grew a bigger and sweet smile, giggling a little at my friend's confusion.

“They have tickets for tomorrow's show” Liam ended the sentence: he was such a sweetheart when he tried to make us feel comfortable!

“Oh cool! You're the first fans around” Louis observed, and asked “What's your name?” directly looking into my eyes.

“I'm Alice” I answered, striving to stare back at him; he gazed at me for a while as if he was trying to challenge me to give up, then he turned to Irene and asked the same question, since nobody introduced us to the two of them. While my friend was answering, I noticed that Zayn was definitely checking her out: did Harry text them we liked them? Of course he did.

Louis suddenly put a naughty smile on his face and said, almost reading my mind:

“So...Harry told us we are your favourite ones, ha?” Irene and I looked at Harry pretending we were totally upset. They all laughed as Harry shrugged his shoulders not knowing what the problem was.

Louis put on an inquisitive look: “From the way you reacted, I can totally say that...” he pointed at Irene with a quick movement “...you like Zayn!”

My friend smiled and blushed, and they all knew Louis' guess was correct.

“So I must be your fave...” Louis looked at me causing almost another heart attack: I slightly nodded without making a sound, trying to smile and look like I was fine.

“Where's Niall? Why didn't he show up?” Harry asked, again out of the blue.

“He was sleeping...” Zayn answered.

“I told you so!” Liam yelled with satisfaction in his voice.

They didn't even have the time to make fun of Niall, that his pale cute irish face appeared from the glass door:

“What are you guys doing down here? Do we have to leave?” he asked with a sleepy voice.

“We thought you were dead! You didn't move a muscle for the past twelve hours!” Louis shouted.

“Sorry guys I... I was tired” Niall explained and went closer with a relaxed expression on his face. He smiled as he noticed us: “Hi girls!” We smiled back at his greeting: he looked so genuinely happy and made me want to hug him too.

“Irene, Alice....Niall” Harry introduced us. He remembered our names. Wow I was surprised!

So, the five boys from the boyband I loved above everything else in the world were all right there, and were being really nice to us. There was Louis too. I loved all of them, of course, but Louis unfortunately was something beyond words for me.

Anyway, he seemed to be the less interested: Harry and Liam were already like long time friends for us, I really felt like I shared a meaningful experience with them even though we just talked for a while; Niall was cute as well, listening to the boys and interacting with us normally; Zayn actually was the most silent one, but I kinda expected him to be like that, and he was like nothing in the world could bother him. Plus, he seemed to look at my friend in a strange way, studying her faces from time to time. I really didn't know what to think, but I definitely had to talk to Irene 'bout that.


We had a little talk about the stadium where they were holding their concert: Irene and I admitted we would absolutely try to reach the front row, since there was a normal pit without seats or anything, and the guys asked us about our favourite songs. We really enjoyed our time with them, even if it was a short one, not pressed by people around and being able to talk to them almost with an open heart.

“Do you girls wanna take pictures with us?” Liam asked when the conversation stopped.

“Oh... it.. it would be great but.. we don't want to bother you! If you need to leave, feel free to do it and don't worry about us” I said

“No problem girls! We owe you a favour” Harry said.

Irene had her Nikon camera with her – we actually wished to use it during the day – and we took pictures with the boys. While I was standing among them I still hardly believed it was happening.

Thinking that would have probably been the only time I had that chance, I called my brave self out and said “Can I have a picture just with you, Louis?”

Oh my God I just said his name out loud I thought the sky would have fallen down by that. But it didn't, and Louis seemed to be surprised. Harry whispered a “oooooooouh” trying to embarrass Louis, but I was the one who was embarrassed, even though I was kinda proud of myself.

“Sure girl... come here” he said smiling, and my legs went jelly again: shit I couldn't control it.

I put my hand around his waist and I felt like floating, having his warm body next to mine; he acted cool like he did that a thousand times before, and he actually did, but I was overly happy.

After I helped Irene having her pictures too, Liam addressed himself to his bandmates and said:

“We better go guys, it's almost time to go” He explained to us they had a meeting in half an hour.

“Thank you very much for everything, it was amazing!” Irene exclaimed looking at each one of them, but then resting his look on Zayn “Thanks” she repeated.

“It was a fun time, no problem” Harry said smiling, and Niall went to us and kissed us on the cheeks to say goodbye; the others did the same, and I looked into everyone's eyes as we said bye, feeling the happiest girl on Earth.


Me and Irene turned our backs to them and started walking but Harry stopped us by shouting:

“Hey girls! Wait!” he reached us, while the others were waiting for him behind, and asked:

“Would you mind giving me your numbers? So... if we need any help around, we can text you?”

“Sure!” Irene and I exclaimed together: this was unbelievable! Well, maybe he wasn't going to use them anyway, but... at least he had them! We both told him our numbers and he called us to check: Harry was so nice sometimes he looked like a little kid, and he could also be unimaginably hot.

“Ok girls thanks! See you!” He waved at us and went back to the boys.


Irene and I were out of ourselves: we didn't even know who the heck we were, or where we were supposed to go. Now that the big thing was over, I felt a strong urge to cry and let all of the happiness and joy out, and Irene already had something really similar to tears in her eyes.



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