I Always Will Remember (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction) *COMPLETE*

Alice and Irene, two Italian university students, finally manage to have One Direction tickets for their Stadium tour! The band is having one Italian date in the same town where the girls attend university: what happens when they accidentally meet two of the boys around?
See what happens that changes their lives forever!

____ **Some swear words and mature content here and there**____


5. Chapter Five

We silently walked to the bus station, without saying a single word for about twenty minutes, which was something that hardly happened between us. We both knew it was better like that, I didn't feel like talking at all. My heart was heavy as a rock, and my throat hurt like I had swallowed an orange without slicing it.

We just experienced something we desired for our whole lives and know we just had pictures. This thought pushed me on the edge and I finally let tears fall: they rolled silently and warm on my cheeks, and I didn't care about people passing by. I just wanted to feel a little better and be let out of the despair I was in; Irene sobbed and I turned to her but couldn't see anything but a blurred figure through tears, and I couldn't help her anyway.

I was feeling a strong and overwhelming mix of happiness and gloom, as if the two opposite emotions were the two sides of the same coin; meeting the boys – and Louis in particularly – was a life changing experience, especially because I considered them above normal human beings, and the thought of their eyes and smiles was clear in my mind.

I dried my tears with the back of my hand and noticed we finally were at the bus station, our bus already parked in its spot and almost ready to leave. I followed Irene and sat next to her, being finally able to let my voice out again.

“How are you?” I whispered.

“A little better now...”

“Did we just....” I started, but then thought it wasn't the right time to talk about that.

“Yeah we did” she interrupted me, and then asked “Alice?”


“Would you come to my place now? I don't wanna face an afternoon like this on my own”

“I don't want that either, so thank you and count me in” I replied.


We slowly went back to reality after having our world completely messed up by those five individuals and were able to mention them without much difficulty; we chatted the whole trip as we were used to doing.

“It has been the best and worst experience of my life so far”

“Yeah it definitely was” Irene agreed.

“Speaking of the boys... I noticed that... Zayn... seemed to look at you in a particular way...” I mumbled.

“Actually, I sometimes clearly saw him looking at me, but... I thought it was just me wanting to believe it...” Irene admitted, blushing.

“No I saw him too, no lying”

“Oh... I wonder what was that suppose to mean... Too bad we'll never know”

“I can totally say that you must have affected him in some ways...” I smiled

“His eyes... I wanna live into them for the rest of my life!” Irene exclaimed in a dreamy tone

We had a little laugh and I knew everything was okay now: I should have been thankful to fate that made that perfect day possible, and known I would never forget it. It was impossible to forget.

I would have told that story to my children and nephews, and I would have kept the mental picture of Louis' eyes and gorgeous smile all to myself.



We finally got to Irene's house, and as we stepped into it, Irene went immediately to boil some water for our lunch: traditional spaghetti, a must in everyday Italian lifestyle. It was two and a half in the afternoon and we were starving, but obviously we totally forgot about eating, in the state in which we were.

We then ate while taking another look at the pictures with the boys, saving them in her laptop and having tons of remarks to make about every one of them.

Despite the pictures, It all seemed so unreal!  But something kept telling me it happened, like the fact I remembered the sensation having Harry hugging me, or Louis staring into my eyes.




* * *



We tried to open up our books and study a little but one of us was always coming up with something to say every five minutes, so the following hours went by quickly.

It was around five when I gave in and slammed my book on the kitchen table.

My phone suddenly buzzed and produced a funny noise on the table's surface: it was definitely my mum texting me to know where the heck I was, and I leaned on to grab it when Irene's phone buzzed too just two seconds later: we looked at each other. That was a strange coincidence.


I had a text from an unknown number on my display, and I frowned guessing who it was; Irene was quicker than me: she squealed and said “Alice open your message now c'mon do it!”

I did as I was told and read:


< Hi girls! It's Harry here... I'm writing to you both cos I don't know if you're together or what but we need some advice... any good club around here? We'd like to hang out tonight :) >


I looked up at Irene and we started shrieking like eagles: Harry did use our numbers and was asking for help, just like we suggested them to do!

“Reply, Alice, and tell him we're together... I don't wanna make grammar mistakes!”

“Ok, if you want... but... you sure?”

“Yeah yeah go on! Don't make Harry Styles wait!”

I laughed and we decided to suggest the Black Out, a nice club in Udine where there usually were mainly university students, plus you needed to be eighteen to be allowed to get into it, so that the boys could be less likely to meet loads of screaming fans. I replied to Harry with my hands shaking, explaining the reasons why we were suggesting it, but his text back literally freaked me out:


< Sounds good! You girls think of everything! So why don't you come and join us? We won't be able to order any drinks without you :D >


I gave my phone to Irene, she read it and went pale: as a reply to her surprised gaze, I pinched myself to check if it was real, and it damn was.

“Alice... what if we go there with our cars, so that they don't need to use minivans and stuff? They would be more noticeable like that...”

“Yes, good idea! Oh my fucking god what am I going to wear shit I have nothing!” I exclaimed while texting back to Harry, suggesting we could be there by car at ten and a half, since parties at the Black Out usually started at eleven, and we could be there when it still wasn't full of people.

We waited for his answer like one waits to be sentenced to life or death.


< That's great! The boys totally like it... See you here in a couple of hours then! Bye babes xx >


Irene and I started jumping around screaming and swearing out loud like fools:

“We're seeing them again oh god why? I'm dying I'm dying I'm dyiiiiing!” I screamed.

“They are all going to be there! Zayn... ZAYN!”

We laughed hysterically, almost having no voice left.

“We must start to get ready now!” Irene seriously exclaimed.

“Can I borrow your car? I'll go to my house, pick up some outfits and make up and be back in the blink of an eye, so we get ready together!” I said.

“Sure! Go and be quick!”

“Thanks lady, see you in a couple of minutes” I grabbed the keys she was giving me and ran outside.

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