I Always Will Remember (A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction) *COMPLETE*

Alice and Irene, two Italian university students, finally manage to have One Direction tickets for their Stadium tour! The band is having one Italian date in the same town where the girls attend university: what happens when they accidentally meet two of the boys around?
See what happens that changes their lives forever!

____ **Some swear words and mature content here and there**____


8. Chapter Eight

“How are your ears going, Alice?” Liam asked when we reached them.

“They're fine, thanks. The boys have been quite acceptable” I smiled, and looked at Louis for a second or two. He was having a low conversation with Harry, and I wondered what it was about.

Were they making fun of my driving skills? I realised I should stop being that insecure about every little thing.

Irene and I stared into each others' eyes and we certainly had many things to talk about, of course when we would have been alone; I was dying to tell her about my little conversation with Louis and to know what happened between her and the handsome dark-haired boy named Zayn Malik, but had to wait.

“So girls, what's the plan now? Are we barging into the club like crazy? Seems like it's already full of people in there” Niall asked, taking a look around at the cars already parked outside.

“Actually I thought about some plan that could help not having all of the attention on us” I started

“Ok let's hear it. You girls always come up with good ideas” Harry stated; I gave him a big grin and went on:

“So... I thought we could divide into groups: I'll go inside with some of you, we wait in there a while and see if there are any reactions, then the others can join us, and you'll have Irene to help you out with anything.. How about it?” I asked as I finished my precise explanation.

“Hey did you watch all James Bond films in a row?” Louis asked with a stunned look on his face and added “Did you planned it all right now?”

I laughed and blushed violently, feeling a little weird.

“I think it might work...” Zayn observed “It's definitely better then going in there all together”

“Ok let's do it! I'll go first with the cutie in here” Harry said taking me by the arm, making my face warm again. I looked up at his wonderful green eyes: that boy knew it all. He knew I definitely thought he was handsome and attractive in a different way than his bandmates: I loved them all but Harry was the one I would have certainly liked most in a physical way, if no Louis Tomlinson existed.

“I'll come with you two then” Louis immediately replied, and placed himself next to me. Why the heck were they doing this to me? I was nearly having another emotional breakdown.

“I could go in with the last ones, so that nobody is out here alone” Irene intervened

“Ok so Niall and I will be next, and Zayn... you stay out with her” Liam affirmed looking alternatively at Zayn and Irene, who widened her eyes but didn't say a word.

I wanted to laugh out loud but controlled myself, she would have been a while with Zayn alone and this could only mean two things: big panic or big things going on, or at least that's what I hoped.


Louis, Harry and I headed to the entrance after saying goodbye to the others, and I paid the entrance fee for the three of us; the guys both complained but I pretended not to hear them and walked into the club.

There were already many people, and the music totally blasted out; the room was quite big, painted in a dark colour, with a long white counter on the left, all lighted up with blue neon lights along its edges. In the four corners there were little tables and red couches, while the dj set was placed right in front of the door, against the opposite wall. I decided to look for a place to sit down and walked past the counter, heading to the sofas on our left where nobody was sitting, and the boys followed me: there was enough space for the seven of us to sit down, the little couches were all around the black table, and I placed myself in the one against the wall. Harry sat in the one on my left and I expected Louis to choose that one too but he instead sat right next to me, his face always unreadable.


No one seemed to notice us, so everything was going alright. What wasn't alright were my feelings: I don't fucking clear it up but clubs always amplified my feelings even thought I was completely sober. The loud music and the low light made me overreact at things, and having Louis looking like that a few inches away was something nobody in his right mind could just ignore.

Harry seemed to look at me with an amused expression on his face, and I couldn't understand why: could it possibly be the fact I sucked at hiding my emotions?

Then he and Louis started talking about other clubs they went into, recalling funny stuff from time to time and laughing hard, well, mostly Harry laughed, throwing his head behind and clapping his hands at every funny story, while Louis giggled and kept having that mischievous look he sometimes has. In order to be closer to Harry and be able to hear what he was saying, Louis leaned in a little and was now even closer to me: I couldn't help but stare at his perfect profile, hoping he would be so into the conversation he wouldn't notice it. But after a while he did, and turned to me smiling, with an 'I got you girl' expression on his face. I went red in embarrassment and laughed in his face, knowing it was totally useless for me to pretend I was staring at something else; he laughed back, probably finding my naivety comical.


After a while, I texted Irene that everything was ok and Liam and Niall could join us.

As they sat with us, Niall suggested they could drink something, so I called for the waitress and ordered five mojitos along with two cokes, since my friend and I weren't allowed to drink, of course. The boys started being loud again, as usual when they were all together, except for Zayn who was outside, alone, with my best friend. I imagined her happiness and smiled, while Niall and Liam started dancing in their places, on the couch in front of mine, with Harry and Louis making fun of them but imitating them soon after. As the rhythm grew faster, Louis forgot we shouldn't have been noticed and jumped onto the couch with his feet, then moving to the vacant one on the right and exaggerating every dance move he did: the other boys almost had tears in their eyes form laughing, and I was holding my belly laughing out loud as well.

“Louis, beware!” Liam shouted and pointed at the waitress who was coming back with our orders, looking confused and almost being hit by Louis's excessive dancing. We laughed even harder and Louis immediately sat down, pretending nothing was going on.

Harry and Liam paid for our drinks, and Niall suddenly asked:

“Why isn't Zayn in here yet? You texted him a few minutes ago right?” addressing to Liam

“Yeah I did, but... he's probably having a good time” Liam replied and looked at me with a smile.

They all nodded and I felt a little worried for Irene, then I realised she was spending some time with the guy she liked most in the world so nothing could have been better for her: no need to worry or look for her, she would have done the same for me.




There was a general 'hurray!' when we finally saw Irene and Zayn coming towards our table, being so close to each other it almost seemed they were holding hands. Harry immediately started winking and moving his eyebrows obsessively at Zayn, and Louis put on a questioning frown on his face: Zayn looked at both of them with his calm expression and then showed them his tongue.

They all laughed and left him alone, without asking anything, and he and Irene sat on the only vacant couch left, looking briefly at each other in a way I hadn't seen before: what the heck happened? I needed so much information from my best friend!

After handing the remaining drinks, they all raised their glasses for a toast:

“This is for us, and for these Italian girls who saved our lives!” Harry shouted

“And made it possible for us to escape from our bodyguards!” Louis added.

We all laughed and again a stream of total happiness and joy poured into me, these five wonderful lads always surprising me and making me feel like the most lucky person on the whole surface of our planet.

We finished our drinks and the boys exchanged other hilarious memories, addressing to me and Irene whenever they wanted to make fun of one of them in particular.

“Remember that time Liam hit that girl while dancing? He was so sorry but she didn't want to accept his excuses...”

“C'mon guys why do you always bring that back?” Liam asked

“'Cause it's funny pal!” Zayn answered

“You girls just imagine Liam running around to chase that girl while she was totally furious... but of course Liam couldn't give up!” Harry said to us.

I felt sorry for him, but it was hilarious at the same time, and after pretending to be angry, Liam soon laughed with us too.

“Ok so... I wanna dance! Who's with me?” Niall asked out of the blue.

Liam quickly raised up his hand, Harry stood up and I did the same: I really wanted to dance a little, I liked it very much, and my friends sometimes hated me for it.

“What about you Tommo?” Liam asked, and as I turned to look at Louis, he quickly raised his eyes to me like he was staring at my legs: what was that boy up to? I really didn't understand him.

He nodded and got up too, then we all stared at Zayn and Irene:

“No guys you know I don't like to dance” he answered

“He can't be left alone” Irene said and smiled, shrugging her shoulders. The boys chuckled and mumbled something, and I thought I heard something dealing with him being alone with 'the girl', then they waved goodbye and turned around.

Irene gazed at me and we exchanged a meaningful look, I winked at her smiling and finally followed the boys, who were already heading to the dancefloor.

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