The relieable friends I have ~1D Fan-Fiction~ (made up characters) May Edit/ On Hold

Austin Malik, Daniel Tomlinson, Jake Horan, Ethan Payne and Dylan Styles are all best friends. They do everything together. But there was a time when they weren't BFF's for life. Read to find out about their story of being enemy's and best friends.


9. Chapter 5: The Big Move

A/N: Just wanted to say Dylan is Bold

Jack is Italics (This will be for Jake too)


Dylan's P.O.V.

I didn't want to move to Doncaster. I hate moving! That means new school, New people to hate me and new friends. If I get any. I had to leave my girlfriend Abby back at home, as I couldn't see her again. she cheated on me with one of my best- wait not best friend. one of my friends Henry. I was devastated, I cried for months. I thought I trusted them but nope not anymore.


We are moving to Doncaster because my mum got a permotion on her job. She is a teacher. Luckily she wasn't my teacher at my old school! I just hope she is not for this year! that would really suck going in to grade 11 and having your mum as one of your teachers.



We moved yesterday and it's the weekend!! Yes! I got a text while I was staring at the tv. and although I couldn't hear it I still love to watch the moving pictures. Any ways back to the text!!


To: Hazza

Hey how's the new place?


It was from my best friend Jack. He is the only friend that liked me for me. And didn't care if I was deaf. I replied to him and we texted for hours.


It's okay, we just got here yesterday.xx




To: Hazza

Yeah, I miss you already too!! :( Well I got to go I will text you later okay?.xx


Yeah Bye Jack xx

Bye Haz, wait what time is it there?

Oh it is 2pm why?

Wow it's 6pm here

Holy time difference!!

I know right!!! lol well I got to go dinner is ready bye Haz xx



After we were done texting I put my iPhone away, I have the I Phone 4, I hate the iPhone 5 it is so confusing.



"Haz" My mum signed to me  as I looked at her "Bed time, you have school tomorrow" she signed. "okay" I signed back.

I got ready for bed and dreamed about how my school was going to go. I am probably going to get bullied!!

I fell asleep right away.


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