The relieable friends I have ~1D Fan-Fiction~ (made up characters) May Edit/ On Hold

Austin Malik, Daniel Tomlinson, Jake Horan, Ethan Payne and Dylan Styles are all best friends. They do everything together. But there was a time when they weren't BFF's for life. Read to find out about their story of being enemy's and best friends.


4. Chapter 3: Daniel Tomlinson and Austin Mailk

Hello I am Daniel Tomlinson.  Austin is my Bestie!!!!!!!!

Hi I am Austin Malik. Danny and I are best friends!! we have been since 1st grade. I am younger than him. He is 20 years old and I am 19 years old. He was born on December 24th 1991 and I was born on January 19th 1992.


Here are some facts about me and Danny... I'll go first.

(facts about Austin Malik)

~19 Years old

~Born in Bradford, England

~One of the bullies

~People call me 'Bradford bad boi' also other things too

~and many more that you will learn.



(facts about Daniel Tomlinson)

~20 Years old

~Born in Doncaster, South of Yorshire

~I am the other bully

~I have 5 sisters... Lottie, Georgia, Fizzy and twins Daisy and Phoebe.

~Oh also my parents are spilt up

We love Making fun of people don't we Austin?!

Yeah Danny!!!



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