The relieable friends I have ~1D Fan-Fiction~ (made up characters) May Edit/ On Hold

Austin Malik, Daniel Tomlinson, Jake Horan, Ethan Payne and Dylan Styles are all best friends. They do everything together. But there was a time when they weren't BFF's for life. Read to find out about their story of being enemy's and best friends.


3. Chapter 2: Jake Horan

Hi I'm Jake Horan. I am 17 and was born on September 13th 1993. I go to high school and get bullied along with my close friend but not a friend Dylan. We have so much in common and we get along and stuff but we don't really want a friend because I am going to be honest... I think he will stab me in the back one day. I don't think he will but everyone does it these days.

Anyways want to know some facts about me? Here you go...

~I am 17 years old

~I was born in Mullingar, Westmeath of Ireland

~I have no friends

~I can speak Irish, Spanish and English.

~And last... I am deaf


I was born deaf. The doctors told my mom that when I was born I came out wrong or something and I was deaf when I came out of her. I have no idea how that is possible but whatever it is true.



Hope you like the story so far!!!! I am doing lots of chapters and am going to be working on this one for awhile... Thanks for reading!!!





~Hazzaler19 (aka Makayla)

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