The relieable friends I have ~1D Fan-Fiction~ (made up characters) May Edit/ On Hold

Austin Malik, Daniel Tomlinson, Jake Horan, Ethan Payne and Dylan Styles are all best friends. They do everything together. But there was a time when they weren't BFF's for life. Read to find out about their story of being enemy's and best friends.


2. Chapter 1: Dylan Styles

Hello, I am Dylan. Dylan Styles. I am 17 years old and I have no friends. At least not anymore I don't. I am bullied in high school for what my father did to me. Yes I said my father, Des Styles. He abused me as a child.

Anyways I am bullied at school for a lot of things. First of I am very short!! I am like only 5'4". Everyone else is like 5'11" I think. Also I am the youngest out of my whole grade. There is only one person who is the same age as me but he is still older and that's Jake, Jake Horan. Jake knows about my father and what he did to me as a child as we are close and trust each other but we aren't really friends. Everyone except Jake hates me, just because of what my dad did to me!


Should I tell you about what my dad did to me? I don't know... I guess I will. Yeah I will you guys need to know!! Okay so FLASHBACK TIME!!!!!!


*Dylan's Flashback*

"Dylan he wont I prom-" mum was cut-off by my dad who walked through the door. "DYLAN!! GET OVER HERE!" my dad screamed. ugh I hate it when he screams my name that always means he is going to hurt me in one way or another. "DYALN EDWARD STYLES GET YOUR A** OVER HERE NOW!!" I walked to my dad slowly with nerves running through my body. I already had a black eye, sprained arm, and I broken ankle what was he going to do to me now? When I got to him he smirked at me and I could smell alcohol in his breath. Ugh I hate it when he drinks. "Y-yes Dad?" I asked him. "Come with me my precious Dylan" he smiled and dragged me to his room before I could say a word he locked the door. He threw me on the bed and was screaming in my ears. I am so scared!! Does he know? Well he screamed in my ears for hours! 5 hours to be exact!!


My ears hurt so bad!! Ugh it feels like my ears are torn off and then glued back on. my dad just left me on the ground in pain. I was lying on the ground crying and holding my ears. they hurt so badly. Someone knock on to my door. "Oh god don't be dad" I whispered to my self, as I whispered that the door opened and in came my mum. "Dylan!! oh my what did he do?" "He screamed in my ears.." she took me to the hospital days later as my hearing was getting real bad. I couldn't hear unless you screamed at me... but that day it changed. Mum was calling me for lunch and I was in the living room reading and she couldn't get my attention. I couldn't hear her at all!! The doctor said that I had busted both of my eardrums and that I am deaf.


Dylan's P.O.V.

So now you know. I am deaf, and I have been since I was 7. So ten years. But I am not the only one who is... Jake is too.

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