I Love to Hate Harry Styles.

One direction fan fic!! What happens when Aly the girl everyone either loves or hates falls for the boy every girl wants? And when he finds out about her past and why no one remembers her before HighSchool even though she claims to have never moved? What is she hiding and how far will this famous boy go to find out?

I update very often!


6. The quiet one.

"Hey Al" my friend and crush Kyle said to me as I took my seat next to him. Yes Al he is the only one who can call me that too. 

"Hey Ky" I said with a smile playing at my lips. 

" so I saw you met your loves at lunch." He said looking at his desk. 

" not true! I didn't talk to you at lunch! I would've remembered something like that!" I said with a wink and turned away only to see a certain Irishman sitting on the other side of me. 

"You sure you would've remembered love?" Niall said with a smirk "so we in one direction are your loves? Good to know." He said then turned away. 

I started talking to ash when Kyle came back up to us and said " so you guys going to the sports formal? It's like next week then we have that winter dance the weekend after.." 

"Oh I don't know if I am I have to find a date to the sports formal first.. Since its kinda required..." I said a little suggestively. 

"Yah I was gonna take krista but she isn't an athlete... You know cuz we are dating and all..." He said rubbing he back of his neck.

Shit. I forgot he's dating her. " oh yah totes forgot" I said about to turn around.

"But since I can't take her I bet she won't mind if I take someone else... Like.. Maybe... Ummm.."

"Yah?" I said hopefull almost desperate. But not, because I aly Garcia am not desperate. 

"You?" He finished 

" umm.. Yah defiantly. I guess I'm going now! Haha" I said trying to play it cool. 

"Ok cool. I'll text you when I will pick you up. " he said walking away. 

"Ok!" I called after him. " omg ash did you hear that?!" I whisper yelled to my Bestie sitting next to me. 

"Omg yes! If he wasn't dating krista he would totally date you!" She squealed with me. 

"I know right!" I said excitedly. I then heard a scoff from behind me to see none other than Zayn Malik looking at me shaking his head in what looks like.... Disappointment?

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