I Love to Hate Harry Styles.

One direction fan fic!! What happens when Aly the girl everyone either loves or hates falls for the boy every girl wants? And when he finds out about her past and why no one remembers her before HighSchool even though she claims to have never moved? What is she hiding and how far will this famous boy go to find out?

I update very often!


12. Realizing.


I woke up with a major head ache and felt something in my tummy. So I tried to get up to go to the bath room. But there was something hanging over my body. It was an...arm? I followed the arm up to see a face that belonged to Harry. SHIT. I checked to see if my clothes were still on. Good they are. So I just pushed the arm off and went to the bathroom. I pulled my hair into a high bun and bent over the toilet for a while. 

When I was done I brushed my teeth and washed my hair. I pulled on a sweat shirt and some yoga shorts and went done stairs to cook breakfast for two. 

I turned on the radio and my favorite song came on.. 

Tonight we’ll just get drunk
Disturb the peace
Bind your hands all over me
And then you bite your lip
Whisper and say, “We’re going all the way.”

Take me to the other side
Sparks fly like the Fourth of July
Just take me to the other side
I see that sexy look in your eyes
And I know we ain’t friends anymore
If we walk down this road
We’ll be lovers for sure
So tonight kiss me like it’s do or die
And take me to the other side

I sang out the notes while dancing around the kitchen. When the song was over I continued to mix the batter for the pancakes when I heard clapping from behind me I turned around to see a shirtless Harry. "Good morning love" smirking he said as I continued staring at his perfectly sculpted abs. 

"G-good morning." I said pulling myself together and continued mixing the batter. "Pancakes?" I asked.

"Yah that sounds great... But... I would like to do something else" he said as I turned away from him to start pouring the batter into the pan. 

"Like what styles? And anything I said last night-" I was cut off by batter flying into my face. I wiped it out of my eyes and saw a smiling Harry. 

"You got something there love" he said smirking and pointing at my face.

"Oh really? Love? I didn't notice." I said faking being mad and started walking away. 

"Oh come on. Come back! I'm sorry!" He said coming after me. When he got close enough I took the whole thing of batter and poured it on his head. 

He wiped it out of his eyes and stared at me. 


I had walked in on aly dancing around to Jason Derulo. She was so cute. I decided to stand there and watch for a little when then song was over she went back to mixing the batter for I'm guessing pancakes? I got an idea in my head... I started clapping and she turned around obviously staring at my abdominal region. 

I smirked and said "good morning love" she stuttered as she said good morning back to me. So adorable. "Pancakes?" She asked 

"Yah that sounds great... But... I would like to do something else" I said and grabbed some batter as she turned around.

"Like what styles? And anything I said last night-" I cut her off by flinging the batter at her face. She looked so cute when she was mad. 

"You got something there love" I said smirking.

"Oh really? Love? I didn't notice." She said sounding mad and started walking away. 

"Oh come on. Come back! I'm sorry!" I  said going after her. When I got close enough she took the whole thing of batter and poured it on my head. 

I wiped it out of my eyes and stared at her. 

She was so.. So perfect. She stood there looking at me and said 
"Harry?! Hello?" Waving a hand in my face. I snapped out of it and said "yah?" 

"I said because my breakfast is now ruined do you wanna get cleaned up and go get some at like IHOP or something?" 

"Umm yah.. Sure" I said " can I use your shower though?" 

"Yah just let me get in first I bet I take longer!" She said laughing. 

She went to the shower and all I could do was sit there and think about her. 


I went to get in the shower. And I couldn't stop thinking about how Harry looked at me. It was so full of emotion. I thought about it for the rest of the shower then got out and went to my closet to get my clothes. I heard a knock when I got dressed and said come in. 

"I heard the shower go off and thought that was my que..and do you happen to have-" I cut him off as I threw him some clothes. "How-?"

 "My EX'S" I stated bluntly. He nodded and went off to the shower. 

When he got out and changed we got in my car and started to go to IHOP. 

"So why did y'all start to come to our school? And not some fancy private school?" I asked trying to get a conversation going. 

"Well management thought it would be a great thing for publicity!" He said in a fake happy voice " but I got to meet you and so it worked out in both of our favor." He finished smirking at me. 

"Yah ok styles" I said smiling back. 

"Speaking of you. Do you remember what you told me last night?" He said looking out the window. 

"Nuh-uh why? And we will talk about last night later." 

"Well you said live while were young. And I don't know why but I think I'm going to start living by that." He said thoughtfully 

"Glad I could be of help" I said pulling into IHOP.

We ate breakfast in mostly silence. But a comfortable one. Until I decided it was enough. "Umm so what did I do last night? I'm kinda having one of those 'hangover movie' moments." I said as I finished my pancakes. 

"Well what do you remember?" 

"You asking me if I want a drink" 
I stated. 

" well you then proceeded to drag me out on the dance floor and grind on me-which was wonderful by the way-" he said winking " then Lou wanted to play truth or dare..." He started fading off.

"Oh no what did I do!" I said putting my head down.

"Nothing to bad love. You just kissed the ten hottest guys in the room from ugliest to hottest." He said said happy with himself. 

"Who. Did. I. Kiss." I said through my teeth. "In. Order." 

"Well if I remember properly.. It was kent derick zack Thomas louis Niall zayn Liam Kyle and by the way you kissed him long enough to piss krista off. But I think it pissed her off even more that kyle seemed to like it" he said 

"Hmm.. Not bad... Wait that's only nine. Who else?" I said carefully. 

"Umm.." He said scratching the back of his neck.

"Who. Else. Harry." I Said getting louder with every word I said. 

"Me." He said. I started banging my head in the table. 

"Fuck. Fuck. Fuck." I muttered. 

"That's not the worst part love..."he said very cautiously. 

"Ugh. What now?" 

" I took you upstairs to continue what we started.. And you wanted to fuck." He said with a smirk. 

"Omg did we?!??" I yelled

"No! I mean not that it would be bad but I would never take advantage of you like that. I mean any other girl yah sure but I don't know your diff- you know I'm rambling aren't I I think I'll shut up now." He said 

I smirked "uh huh styles. Anyways are you ready to go I have to get ready to meet Kyle in a few hours the banquet starts at 4 and its 12 now so I have to get ready" 

"Uh yah. Can you drop me off?" He said 

"Yah. Lets go" I said and took him home.

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