I Love to Hate Harry Styles.

One direction fan fic!! What happens when Aly the girl everyone either loves or hates falls for the boy every girl wants? And when he finds out about her past and why no one remembers her before HighSchool even though she claims to have never moved? What is she hiding and how far will this famous boy go to find out?

I update very often!


1. My seat.

A/n: hey my babes! It's my first fan fic sooooo please no hate!! Love you guys!!!

Chapter 1: about me. 

'I'm gonna pick up the pieces and build a lego house...' My phone blares next to me making me flop on the floor. 'Yay! Another day at school...with teachers... And work...' I think to myself. I'm 17 and my name is  Aly. Alyson Paige Garcia is my full name but I won't answer to Alyson unless you have special permission. And I know your like Aly is such a white girl name and Garcia is so not! Well I get that a lot my mom is extremely white and my dad is Mexican. I have light brown hair that falls mid back and literally is right in the middle of wavy and straight and I hate it. I am anything but pale and I have eyes even the doctor couldn't tell me the color of... They have brown green blue and a bit of gold. I wouldn't say I'm fat but not skinny either but I love my body and wouldn't change for anybody! I'm fairly short for my age I'm 5'4" and everyone makes fun of me for it... Oh well! 

Anyways I should probably get out of bed... And get ready! 

I start by washing my face then pick out my outfit. I go for my black high waisted jeans and my soft pink flowy tank top with beads around the neck. Next I put on my black cardigan and black ballet flats. Next I curl my hair to perfection and go to put in my contacts. Then I apply my normal make up. Just powder foundation and a bit of mascara. 

I look at the clock and think I should start the way to school so I hop into my navy blue two door jeep and go. I stop at Starbucks and get me and my Bestie,may, some coffee then go and pick may up. 

May's real name is Maysen but I call her may. She has gorgeous blonde hair and blue eyes. She is also very athletic and is the star of the soccer team. 

She hops in my car and yells "Hey bitch!" 

I reply "morning love!! Looking forward to another day of pure evil with mrs. Bailey?!" 

"Oh most defiantly!" She sarcastically replies. 

Mrs. Bailey is our evil geometry teacher.. She really isn't that bad I just like to talk... So anyways we pull into a school to see someone took my parking space. 

"Ok we obviously have a new student because everyone knows this is my spot." I grunt. Ok I'm not insanely popular but almost everyone knows me. They either love me or hate me there really isn't and in between. 

"Shit dude we're late!" May says. 

"RUN!!" I laugh. 

We burst into home room to find a blonde boy in my seat and a brown headed boy in mays.

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