Don't Mess With the Curls!

What would you do if you were a twin of Harry Style from One Direction? I am Alexis Jane Styles, I live with then and it's hectic everyday, on the other hand it's awesome!


1. You Should Be

I woke up to having Harry jumping on my bed screaming "LEXI WAKEUP, WAKEUP!" "I'll give you five seconds to run" I said with my head still in the pillow. "Oooooo I'm soooo scared." He replayed sarcastically. "You should be." He was still jumping on the bed. "Five..." He was still jumping. "Four..." He was still jumping but less. "Three..." By then he stopped jumping but was still there. "Two..." Two was the magic number because he jumped off the bed and ran through the house yelling, "SHE'S GONNA GET ME AND KILL ME! HELP!" I just stayed there. " ONE!" I screamed but didn't move I just fell back asleep.


Now this is my first fanfic so I would appreciate some comments on how you liked it. Like or favorite please I will update later today. - Bri

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