Don't Mess With the Curls!

What would you do if you were a twin of Harry Style from One Direction? I am Alexis Jane Styles, I live with then and it's hectic everyday, on the other hand it's awesome!



I woke up for the second time with someone jumping on my bed, but this time it was Louis screaming, "You should wake up now or I'll draw on your face!" "You know if you're planning something like that you really shouldn't say it out loud around me!" I screamed back. You see I'm the kind of person that if you piss me off I might use good comebacks. *shrugs shoulders* "Anyways Lou I could SO out-prank you!" "*gasps* HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT TO ME! I thought we should team up on the other boys instead." He suggested. "Good idea meet me here when the other boys are asleep." "Okay!" "Okay, now get out so I can get ready!" "Fine, see ya downstairs!" Interesting unannounced prank war. Perfect revenge on Harry! I got out of bed and got ready. I went downstairs to see all the boys sitting on the couch watching Toy Story. "Alright who let Liam pick the movie!" I yelled at them which made them all jump. "Umm you did because today is Liam's T.V day!" Zayn stated. "Oh yeah and tomorrow is my day I can't believe I almost forgot, thanks Zayn!" I said. "Yeah, thanks Zayn!" Harry said sarcastically. "Wow, someone's being sarcastic today aren't we Harry," I said making everyone laugh, "anyways what's wrong with the movies I like? Mine are almost like yours, BUT BETTER!"


I did what I promised! So you can't yell at me! But I would like to know how it is so far. And yeah, DR. CUPCAKE OUT!

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