From #1 Fan to #1 Girl

Jade's cousin Niall Horan from One Direction invites her to go on tour with them, and he introduces her to the rest of the boys, and to someone who never knew she existed up until now, someone who means the world to her. Jade has always been a fan, but never thought that they would end up meeting and falling in love. For 5sos fans too xx


6. I have something to tell you

I sat backstage with 1D as 5sos were performing - i could hear them from here, and they were doing great! - and we were just talking about anything to pass the time. I asked things about concerts, and Louis said there was a funny sign in the audience once saying 'send your erection our direction!' which i found a lot funnier than i should have. Niall told him to stop, and that i'm too 'young'.

"Relax, Niall, it's fine! It's not like it's anything i haven't heard before. If it makes you feel any better , i packed a load of junk food to snack on," his face lit up at that last bit. Ever since i can remember, Ni has NEVER turned down food, and i am SO jealous, because how can you be that fit and eat that much! (i mean physically fit, he's my cousin, and if you took that the wrong way, then, ew). He ate a bag of crisps and a few cookies in the time it took me to check my twitter and tweet him;

'@Jade1D98: @NiallOfficial stop eating so much! You have a show to do!'

He checked his phone as it lit up and gave me a lovely open-mouth smile - filled with mushed up cookie. He quickly finished it, as we could hear 5sos finishing up. Niall was really hyper after the cookies, and jumped around going "c'mon lads! It's showtime! Get your lazy asses off twitter and let's get going!" 

"You worry me sometimes," i said, hugging him. "Good luck."

"Aww, thanks Jade," Harry then came up to me with his arms open expecting a hug, but i just hi-fived his hands.

"Not this time, Styles, you've got a show to do!" I made sure they were all ready and that Niall hadn't sneaked any food with him - not that i would have been able to get it off him anyway - and the 5sos boys came through the stage door. I wished them all good luck again as they went through, and turned around to see Luke stood infront of me again, making me jump. 

He apologised, and then my heart skipped a beat when he said,

"Look, Jade, there's something i need to tell you," He took both my hands in his, and looked me in the eyes. "Okay. I know we've only known each other a few hours, but they have been the best few hours of my life so far. You're beautiful, funny, and apparently have a crush on me, and this has never happened this fast before, so i know it must be real, but what i'm trying to say is.... i really like you, Jade - like, REALLY like you..."

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