From #1 Fan to #1 Girl

Jade's cousin Niall Horan from One Direction invites her to go on tour with them, and he introduces her to the rest of the boys, and to someone who never knew she existed up until now, someone who means the world to her. Jade has always been a fan, but never thought that they would end up meeting and falling in love. For 5sos fans too xx


2. Guess who's here!

It was a normal school morning for Jade, she had her breakfast, combed her hair, brushed her teeth, and had just finished getting dressed when she heard a knock at the door.

"Who is it?" she shouted, and no-one answered. Her mum was at work already, and Jade couldn't help but wonder 'who could that be, at 8o'clock in the morning?!' 

She ran downstairs, and opened the door, and before she could even say anything or look who it was, she was pulled into a massive bear-hug, and heard a familiar Irish accent, when he said;

"Jade!! How are you? I've missed ya so much!" she pulled back from the hug to lean back and see if it really was... 

"Niall!! Oh my god! What are you doing here?" she yelled excitedly, before pulling him back into a hug, then dragging him into the kitchen to sit down with her. 

"Well, we were on our way to the O2, and i knew you lived on the way, so i had the driver pull up here so i could see ya!" he said happily. But then i had a thought...

"Wait, do you mean the tour bus is outside? Where it's an easy target for mobs of screaming girls?"

"Yep, and that's why i need to be fast with asking you this," He said, while Jade was waiting for him to spill it out... "Jade, how would you like to come on tour with us?" Jade screamed and jumped around for about 10 minutes, as Niall said "I'll take that as a yes. i've already talked to your mum about it, and she said yes, so pack your things and let's go!" 

"What, now? What about school?" 

"Yes, now." Niall chuckled. "Your mum rang your school and told them you were going on a family holiday to see some relatives, they were fine about it," Jade smiled, then sprinted up the stairs, got a suitcase from under her bed, and stuffed it with all her clothes, toiletries, hair products, EVERYTHING. She especially made sure that she had her phone, iPod and chargers, and even a book or two to read. She was packed, ready and downstairs within 5 minutes, which was pretty impressive for how much stuff she had. 

"So, you finally ready?"

"Hey, i didn't take that long!' She replied, playfully punching him in the arm.

"Haha, again, i'll take that as a yes. Brace yourself," he said, opening the door. She didn't get what he meant until she'd locked it, turned around, and the whole street was full of screaming girls. The next thing she knew, Niall had a hold of her arm and was pulling her as fast as he could through the crowd, trying not to get mobbed by anyone, and Jade was trying not to let go of her suitcase the whole way. When they finally made it to the tourbus, Niall took the suitcase off her as he went in, and Jade followed closely behind. The doors shut, and she turned around to see Harry, Louis, Liam and Zayn, who she hugged individually and introduced herself.

"It's nice to finally meet you all," she said, a huge smile leaking from her lips. 'Wow,' she thought, 'these guys are even more gorgeous in person!' She nearly fainted when Harry gave her that charming smile of his, teeth and all, and she would have if Niall hadn't come over and told her everything was unpacked and sorted. She thanked him, and when she went over to check out her bunk, He turned to Harry and said,

"Harry, pack it in! She's 15!" 

"I didn't do anything! All i did was smile!" he said, smiling a little bit to himself. 'Yeah, Jade's pretty,' he thought, 'but she is Niall's cousin AND only 15, i can just have a little bit of fun playing with her using my charming smile' - that last bit made him chuckle, and Niall gave him a death-stare as he walked away.

Niall went in to check on Jade, and saw she was already comfortable, sat one her bunk listening to music. "Whatcha listenin to?" he asked.

"Oh uh, Heartbreak Girl by 5 seconds of summer. You probably don't know who they are, they're an Australian band, and their lead singer Luke is INSANELY hot. They're actually my second favourite group - behind you guys, of course, haha" 

"Yeah, no, i've heard of them," Niall said, a cheeky grin on his face.

"What's so funny?" she asked, "C'mon Niall, tell me!" she put on her best puppy-dog-eye-sad-face - which just made Niall laugh more. She hit him in the arm, not hard of course, and then he said "you'll find out tomorrow," before getting up and going over to sit with the rest of the boys. 'Great,' she thought, 'now that's gonna bug me all day'. She took her headphones out and went down to sit with all the boys, a confused look on her face as Harry gave her an even bigger grin.

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