From #1 Fan to #1 Girl

Jade's cousin Niall Horan from One Direction invites her to go on tour with them, and he introduces her to the rest of the boys, and to someone who never knew she existed up until now, someone who means the world to her. Jade has always been a fan, but never thought that they would end up meeting and falling in love. For 5sos fans too xx


7. An unforgettable night

I kept playing it through my head, was this really happening? Did Luke really mean what he said? I sat in 1D's dressing room thinking about it all, as i heard the stage door open, and they all came back through. We had to leave quickly, so we all went outside and got in the tourbus before all the fans could get there to mob them. I looked over to Luke as they were getting on theirs, and he smiled over at me before looking down at his phone, typing something. We were already on the bus when it started moving, and my phone beeped. Just as i'd thought, it was a text from Luke. (i got all their numbers when we were in their dressing room) I couldn't help smiling as i read it. 

From: Luke <3

Hey there beautiful;) Meet me on the roof of the hotel at 10pm, i have a surprise for you xx 

I had no idea what it could be.... i still hadn't said anything since he'd said he liked me - of course i like him back, but i was waiting for the right time. This might be my chance.

We got to the hotel at 9, which gave me an hour to get ready. They had only booked 3 rooms, so Liam, Louis, Harry and Zayn shared one, Michael, Ashton and Luke shared another, and me, Niall and Calum shared the last one. - They ordered pizza the second we got into our room, no surprise. Calum loves it, and Niall just loves food. By 9:50, when the food arrived, i had showered, dried my hair and straightened it, put on my favourite skinny jeans, 5sos top, converses, and zip up hoodie - it wasn't exactly warm, but it was all i had.

I was just about to sneak out the door when Niall spotted me and asked where i was going. My mind was going 'think Jade think!' and the best i could think of was

"I'm just gonna go for a walk round the hotel, find the café and stuff."

"oh, okay, just be back before half ten, and DONT leave the hotel, because your mother will murder me if she finds out."

"will do Ni, see ya later Calum." They both waved, pizza still in their hands. I understood that last part, mum would flip if she found out i was walking around a big city on my own. I wasn't going down anyway, i was going up. I took the lift to the very top floor. I checked my phone; 9:58. I got out the elevator, went up the little flight of stairs and out the door at the top. I was breathless at what i saw.

Two rows of candles, making a pathway down the centre of the rooftop. At the end, next to a big basket and a bouquet of flowers, sat the most gorgeous boy in the world. I slowly walked towards him, overwhelmed by it all. Nobody had ever gone this romantic for me, and i loved it. 

I went and sat down with him.

"Is this all for me?" - stupid question, i know, but i was just shocked at how much effort was put into it.

"Of course it's for you! Do you like it?"

"Are you kidding? I love it! You're amazing, Luke." I kissed him on the cheek, and he blushed. I sat back and looked at the view. We talked for a while, then i sat up and took the basket, rummaging through it all. I found some grapes and strawberries - which i LOVE, and when i put them on the blanket that we were sat on, Luke grabbed a handful of grapes, turned to me and said,

"Open your mouth," he got a grape at the ready.

"Oh no, i'm really bad at this!" he threw the first grape and i missed, and i caught the second one. I closed my eyes for him to throw another one and felt about five hit my face. "Hey! No fair! Haha," I opened my eyes and Luke was really close to me. "oh, hey," He put a finger to my mouth.

As he took it away, i thought to myself 'this could be the perfect time to tell him how i feel...'

"Look, Luke, i'm sorry i didn't say anything earlier, but i just wanted to say... i think i'm falling in love with you too." He smiled.

"Shhh, i've been thinking of you all day, and i've been wanting to do this since the second we met, just relax," He leaned in closer to me. My heart started beating out of my chest. It was impossible to relax. He brought his hands to my waist and pulled me in slowly, and i put mine around his neck. Both our eyes were closed, and i thought he'd backed away, until i felt his lips touch mine. They were so soft, and i immediately kissed him back. It only lasted for about ten seconds, and he pulled away. I was speechless, it was amazing.

He noticed i wasn't saying anything. "Oh, uh, sorry." and looked down. I put a hand on the bottom of his chin and guided his head up. 

"Don't be." i whispered, before pulling him in again and smashing my lips against his. I felt his hands wrap around me as he kissed me passionately. I leaned in more, and i was practically sitting on his lap. We had been kissing for a few minutes when i felt a drop of rain on my hand. It quickly turned into more drops, and soon enough it was pouring it down. I didn't care though, and i could tell he didn't too. I'd been planning things to say, but it turned out i didn't need to... nearly the whole time we either stared and giggled, threw food in each others faces, or kissed. And and i felt sparks every second of it. He was the one. I just felt it, and i can't believe i had him all to myself. We broke apart from another kiss.

"I love you Jade, i really do." The rain had slowed down a bit, and i couldn't get over how beautiful he was. Droplets of rain were trickling down his face, and his hair was sticking up all over the place from him pushing it back. It made him look like he'd just got out of the shower, which was unbelievably sexy. I didn't notice i was shivering until he stood up and took my hand, saying,

"C'mon, let's get inside. You look freezing." 

We walked through the rain back to the rooftop door, watching our step as it was now pitch black, because the candles were all put out by the rain. It took us about 10 minutes to walk back to our rooms; we took the stairs down, so we could have more time to talk. Just before Luke went into his room, he wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me in for one last kiss.

"I'll see you tomorrow," he said quietly, and winked at me. 

It was perfect timing - Niall came out of our room just as Luke's door shut.

"Where have you been?! I told you to be back at half ten!"

I looked at my watch. It was 11pm, me and Luke must have been talking - well, and kissing - for ages! I apologised, and quickly rushed past him,  hoping he wouldn't notice -

"Jade, why are you soaking wet?? I told you not to leave the hotel!" I winced, and tried to think of an excuse. Just as Calum walked out of Luke, Ashton and Michael's room.

"Hey guys, do you have any idea why Luke is soaking wet?..." I didn't even need to turn around to know that Niall was staring at me. I slowly turned around, and i was right. His fists clenched up, and he walked past Calum and went into their room.

It must've dawned on Calum what was going on. "oh, shit, Jade, i'm so sorry"

"HEMMINGS WHERE ARE YOU" I heard Niall shout from their room. I ran in, to find Ni had found him, as he had Luke pinned up to the wall by his collar, Luke was on his toes.



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