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1. How do I make friends?


We've all had the experience where we start a new school and we know very little people there or no one at all. People have to make friends. Some are naturals at making friends, but for many, it's hard and they're not sure how to go about making friends. This movella will share my extensive experience in making friends and help those who aren't sure about how to make friends.


Kids(especially girls) will make cliques. There's always the popular clique that excludes all but those deemed worthy to join it. The people in the popular clique will usually only talk and befriends those in the popular clique, but don't worry, there's many other cliques. There's the band kids(includes me), the cheerleaders, the chess club, the artists, the drama kids, etc. If you don't find a clique that you don't think you think you belong, make one.


You can make a clique by making a club about something you're interested in. Chances are that others in the school will also be interested in it. Make friends with those kids. If you start hanging out with them, you'll meet their other friends and you can become friends wit those kids. Soon enough you'll have your own little clique that others can join if you meet them and you become friends with them.



If you find a clique you want to join, join the club, class, program,sport, etc. If it's the drama clique you want to join, join the class and be in the play and get to know the others. It it's band you want to join, join the band. Eventually you'll get to know people and start hanging out with them, and before long you'll be one of them.



Hope this helped those reading this and many wishes from me to you in your journey to make friends.



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