Everlasting Love~A Niall Horan Fanfic

Mikeala Brown is 18 year old hockey player from Ontario, Canada. One day, Mikeala and her BFF, Nevaeh, go to the mall. There, she runs into a blonde-haired, blue-eyed boy and his 4 friends. Was it love at first sight? Will they fall in love? What will happen in the future?


3. Omaha Mall-Niall's POV


It's been 3 days since we've arrived in Toronto. We had aa concert last night, a concert tonight and a concert in 3 days. It's been so tiring!!!!




(Especially with the boys)


"What do you want now Louis!!!"


Ive been getting a little pissy at Louis. He wont leave me alone!!!!


"Wanna go to the Omaha Mall?!?!?!?!"


His voice is getting louder by the second. I have a huge headache now.


"Hmmmm. Well I have a huge headache now becasue of you and the mall will make it even worse. So NO!!!"


"Cmon Nialler. Dont be such a bore!! Lets go!!!"


"Ugggh. FINE. But I get to drive and you have to buy me Nandos!!!"




"SHUTUP!!! I have a headache remember?!?!?!"


"Oh ya. Sorry Nialler. Lets go!!!"


*skip car ride*






"Oh right. Sorry Nialler.....again.... les go!"


As we walk inside we get mobbed by girls right infront of the fountain. They're screaming our names and ughh!!! How is this supposed to help my headache??? I told Louis I should of never come.




I heard a scream, then a big splash, then a lot of laughing. I ran over to the fountain and noticed a girl had been pushed into the freezing cold water.....and she was unconscious.


"Liam!!! Call 911 and tell them to come her NOW!!!!"


I grabbed the girl and picked her up bridal style. I heard girls saying "ewww shes ugly" "he should of just left her there to drown" "she would be better dead" I gave them evil glares and ignored them. My focus was on her. I went outside and waited for the ambulance to arrive while the boys went to find anyone who had come with her.



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