Everlasting Love~A Niall Horan Fanfic

Mikeala Brown is 18 year old hockey player from Ontario, Canada. One day, Mikeala and her BFF, Nevaeh, go to the mall. There, she runs into a blonde-haired, blue-eyed boy and his 4 friends. Was it love at first sight? Will they fall in love? What will happen in the future?


5. Brotherly Rivals


Harrys POV:


The boys and I left the hospital and got into the limo. Luckily, there was only a few fans and paparazzi's there. As we got into the car, we all stared at Niall.


"What!!!" He yelled.


"You like Mikeala, don't you!!!" Louis yelled.


"What!! NO!!!" By then his cheeks were bright red.


We watched the girls get into their car, then follow us to the hotel. I could'nt keep my eyes of Nevaeh. She was so.....so......beautiful. Zayn came over and sat beside me, while the other boys were in a deep conversation.


"Hey Haz."


"Hey Zayn."


"Can I ask you something?"


"Uhhhh sure."


"I was wondering if maybe you could....."


Can he just hurry up the question already!!!"




"Could you stay away from Nevaeh? I've seen the way you look at her and well...I like her too. I know bro you're probably gunna be mad, but I just wanted you to know. So, would you?"


"Ehhhhh, sure man. Whatever."


"Awe thanks lad!!"


Yes, I was a bit mad. Well, whatever. I was REALLY mad. But he saw her first. If had'nt played that stupid joke with Louis, maybe I would of saw her first, and I cant break the bro code. Its that like, whoever sees the girl first and likes her, gets her. No its not like "dibs" or anything. Come to think of it, I don't know what is is. And I dont want to be a rude friend or anything so I'm just gunna go along with it. It's stupid I know, but whatever. I know I'll find someone as great as Nevaeh, I can feel it. But Zayn likes her, so I'll just have to let my feelings go.


Zayns POV:

 I asked Harry if he could stay away from Nevaeh, and he said he would, but it's just that.....I still dont trust him. I know Harry, and whatever he wants, he has to get. I just hope he does'nt get Nevaeh. I really like her. I know the other boys wont go after her. Louis has Eleanor. I can tell, well everyone can tell that Niall likes Mikeala. I can see it in his eyes when he looks at her. Liam just broke up with his girlfriend Danielle, so I dont think he'll be with anyone for a while. It's just Harry left. Everyone knows he's a player, and I don't want him to hurt Nevaeh. We arrived at the hotel FINALLY. The girls shortly after us. We got a room for the them, which was luckily right across from mine and Niall's. We had to be at the ACC(Air Canada Centre) an hour before the show for soundcheck, wardrobe, makep, you get it. The girls said they were going to get ready and then come around show time, not before. I can't wait to see Nevaeh. I can tell she likes me. When she first laid eyes on the boys and I, she came running, to me!!! I just hope she doesnt like me because I'm famous. I hope she likes me, for me.





sorry for this crappy chapter. Im gunna post another chapter soon, dont worry. From now on ill try and post 2 chapters every day. If I dont, it just means im busy. Thanks for reading my book:P I think its much better than my last one....















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