Everlasting Love~A Niall Horan Fanfic

Mikeala Brown is 18 year old hockey player from Ontario, Canada. One day, Mikeala and her BFF, Nevaeh, go to the mall. There, she runs into a blonde-haired, blue-eyed boy and his 4 friends. Was it love at first sight? Will they fall in love? What will happen in the future?


6. *Authors note*

K...i was just thinking when I realized, in my first chapter I wrote about the Omaha Mall, and how Justin wrote a song about it and everything. And then a little while later in REAL life, he and Ryan Good go there. BTW I did not get my idea from them. I wrote that chapter before they even knew they were going to the Omaha Mall. Gosh I wish i lived in Omaha.........BTW any ideas about what should happen at the concert??? If so, tell me in the comments and Ill try and put each idea together and into the chapter. sorry if ur ide is not included. the reason being will be that if I get say 20 comments, how am I supposed to mash 20 ideas totether? Thanx for reading my book also:P



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