The hospital (one direction horror fanfic)

the lights flickered on and off.
"im scared" nixie whispered as she clenched nialls hand.
"its okay princess. nothing can make me leave you" he replied. the lights went out and when they came back on niall was gone.....

bad description I know. story will be better :)
basically 1d are in a haunted hospital


2. where am i ?

sorry I meant to update yesterday but computer froze and I couldn't be bothered to write it all again


Louis p.o.v


my eyes darted around the room staring at my surroundings. the once white walls were now a dirty grey. paint peeling off them and forming a layer of rubble underneath. there was a red liquid forming words on the wall. however what had ben used had dripped so much that it was impossible to make out the words. nearer and nearer I went to this wall and the worse it became. the pungent aroma of decay and stale blood entered my nose making it scream out in disgust. then I realised what the liquid on the wall was..... blood. I heard footsteps coming closer and closer to me. I ran out the rom and found my self in the hallway. I loked at a sign to tell myself where I was and stiffened in fear!

'st peters hospital'. I heard about this hospital growing up. everyone did. it was the haunted hospital n London. it had been closed about 50 years and 10 years ago a doctor came hoping to restore it. the doctor was never seen again. once again I heard the fotsteps. whoever it was, was following me. my body loosened and I was able to run again. I ran into the nearest room and closed the door. it had n lock so I have to hope whoever it is wont  find me. I smelt latex. presumambly the goves they used to use here. but this latex smelt new. too new......

the doorknob rattled and cicked signalling tht someone was trying to get in. there was nothing I ould do. no other way out. I stood there waiting for whatever it was to get me. in my last moments I thought about el and hoped that she could at least make it out. the door clicked and swung open. I cowered in fear

"boobear" Eleanor cried giving me a massive hug

"el?" I asked

"yes. I've been following you but you kept running away" she said

"thank god your okay. I repied giving her a massive hug"

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