The hospital (one direction horror fanfic)

the lights flickered on and off.
"im scared" nixie whispered as she clenched nialls hand.
"its okay princess. nothing can make me leave you" he replied. the lights went out and when they came back on niall was gone.....

bad description I know. story will be better :)
basically 1d are in a haunted hospital


1. the concert

harrys p.o.v


"you ready to go public?" I asked my girlfriend charlotte as I held her and. we had been dating for a few months now and we were going public at tonights concert. niall and his girlfriend nixie were aswell. the others were already public. zerrie, elounor, and payzer. there was a while where payzer was apart but they got back together, everyone expected them to. we were on the way to London for our last concert in England before a 2 week break then off to Europe.

"I've never been more ready" she replied. I gave her a quick kiss before heading off to the toilet. I heard a scream and I immediately ran back. I recognised that scream anyway. my bladder could wait if charlotte was in trouble.

"whats wrong?" I asked her. she didn't say anything. she just pointed outside the window. all I could see was meteors raining down. I knew what she was scared of. any second now one of these meteors were bound to hit the bus. I put my arm round her and she buried her head into my shoulder. we weren't ready for this but at the same time we were. as long as I have charlotte im happy. I felt the heat rise as the meteors neared us. the last thing I heard was a massive crash before I blacked out


I opened my eyes. I felt so groggy. but that was the least of my worries, why am I still alive, wheres charlotte, where are the others. what is going on?


nialls p.o.v


I made my way out of bed and into the hallway. it looked like some type of hospital. I wondered what was going on. the last thing I remember is being hit by a meteor. I shouldn't be alive. but I am. now I have to find the others, especially nixie. a daunting thought crossed my mind. what if I was the only one alive? no I have to think positive, if I made it they did. I walked down the corridor checking in everyroom. they were all empty. I went to go in the last room when I ran into someone. I looked up and saw a mop of curly brown hair

"harry your alive" I said and he gave a faint smile

"yep, well I think so. unless we're dead and this is some weird heaven place. but im gonna assume we're alive. we need to go find the others" he said befre starting to walk down another corridor

"agreed" I said and started to follow him. 1 person found only 8 more to go.  was getting quite scare though. what as going on?

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