Try to save you (One Direction)

This story if about a girl who was sent for adoption because her mum cant handle her...... if u wanna know more read this book


3. The Meet and Greet


Acacias POV

Okay today was the concert day. 

this is what Vielka was wearing (picture in the bottom)

And I was wearing this (picture in the bottom)


So yeah we wore that and let our hair naturally down and off we went!!!


A/N: Sorry but have t skip the concert TRULY SORRY

   The concert was awesome we were so pumped up we were on our way to the meet and greet but when I looked down i didn't see the bracelet. I looked at Vielka and once she FINALLY looked at me she knew that look cause it has happened before I dashed back to the arena and went were we where siting which was the front row. I was looking for it like crazy.


" VIELKA HELP PLEASE YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THAT BRACELET MEANS TO ME  IT'S TH ONLY THING I HAVE TO REMEMBER ME F MY BROTHER!!!!!!!!!" I scram at her her eyes widened because she has never seen this side of me but she knew how much I cared for that bracelet 

" Okay okay im going calm down" She said

"VIELKA HOW THE FUCK DO YOU TELL ME TP CALM THE FUCK DOWN, DO YOU KNOW ME IM ACACIA TOMLINSON MY MOTHER GAVE ME FOR ADOPTION CAUSE SHE COULDN'T HAMDLE ME WHEN I WAS FUCKING 5, ME AND MY BROTHER BOUGHT MATCHING BRACELTES SO WE DON'T FORGET ABOUT EACH OTHER I STILL REMEMBER HIM but every time a memory comes back of us two together his face looks blurry so i cant remember his apperance but i do remember having a brother. I DONT EVEN KNOW IF HE HAS PAST RIGHT NEXT TO ME OR SOMETHING GOD DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!" I was having a mental break down while looking for te bracelet. HA i found it!!!!!! 

"OMF i found it okay now were good to go" I said smiling to myself.



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