Try to save you (One Direction)

This story if about a girl who was sent for adoption because her mum cant handle her...... if u wanna know more read this book


8. Oh No

Acacia's POV


         Oh my god I can't believe it I was still in the floor in shock once the man that was talking to me told me he was one of my Foster Dad's. I looked around and everybody was in shock but once I saw Louis's face he was the worst one. He was crying. Then all of a sudden I felt this power all around my body and a sign appeared on my wrist there were three Chinese sign and I knew exactly what it meant because I learned Chinese in school it said 'White Witch Universe' I wasn't shocked because I have experienced some weird magick feelings around me. So I knew how to use it. I raised my hand and directed it to Harry and closed my eyes and said 'Undun ple fe garbom' and once I said that I heard a crashing sound and once I opened my eyes and saw Harry at the end of the room on the floor. 


       "Oh, wait didn't you saw that you didn't know that you were a witch. How did you do that?" Said Louis

       "I didn't know but ever since I was a little kid I felt a little bit of magick around me and I was curious so I started searching witch stuff and spells and all that stuff" I explained and they all nodded 

       " Are any of you other people witches or something?" I asked and the rest of them raised there hands.

       "Yeah okay, sorry Harry wanted to use my magick for the first time" I said and smiled showing my dimples. Then I got a huge headache and fell to the floor once again and then I felt like if someone was beating me up but with nuckle rings then I heard someone.


   Okay I decided that if you don't do what I tell you to do I swear I will kill all f our friends, family, and your brother's friends.





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