A Best Friend's Guardian

Harley could always count on her best friend Lizzy to not let her text and drive.
And Lizzy would never text Harley if she knew she was driving. Lizzy's married to Louis Tomlinson and goes along on tour with One Direction. Harley is engaged to Harry but she has to stay at home because they're not married yet. But what happens when Harley gets in a car crash over a text that Lizzy sent when she didn't know Harley was on the road? What will Lizzy do without her? What will Directioners do when concerts have to be rescheduled? What will Harry do without the love of his life? And what miracles happen when you think it's all over? Characters: One Direction/ Harley Styles/ Lizzy Tomlinson/ Makayla Lane /Paul Higgins/Lou and Lux Teasdale


13. What was unexpected when we were expecting

              Harley's P.O.V.                    4 months later...

                                           *At a store called New Mommy Central*

                                         "Do you like this?" I held up a pink striped dress in front of Makayla. "That is cute. We can get her name printed on the top," she suggested. "Oh my God. That would be so cute!" I cheered. "Hey guys, is that Niall?" Lizzy asked as she looked through the window of the store at a field with a train station in the middle. "Of course not. Harry said they would come when we were 8 months pregnant," I laughed and looked through the window. Makayla also. "Oh my God! Zayn!" she pointed. That was the boys! I dropped the dress and ran to the train as Makayla and Lizzy followed. Harry and Louis stood in the field and the rest of the boys were getting off the train. "Baby girl!" Harry ran towards me with a heart balloon. "Haz!" I jumped into his arms. "I couldn't wait another month," he crashed his lips to mine. I hugged him tight. "I missed you like crazy!" I kissed his neck. I glanced back to see Lizzy hugging Louis and Zayn was calling us over to him and Makayla. We all walked over to them and Makayla looked confused. As well as Lizzy and I. "Okay, so. I've been thinking for a long while when it was time to ask. Um, I think now is a good time since we get 10 months off. Makayla, I've loved you a long time and everytime we touch I fall in love all over again. So what I wanted to ask was, Will You Become Makayla Malik?" he bowed on one knee and pulled out a ring. Makayla gasped and slapped her hand over her mouth "Oh my God! Zayn! Yes! A million times yes!!" she jumped in his arms. "Yeeahh!" Liz and I hugged.

                                                            2 hours later...

                                               "Okay it was nice to see you guys again!" Harry and I said bye to our friends as they left our house. We shut the door and Harry kissed me passionately. "I missed my girls," he bent down and kissed Darcy's little cabin. "Mostly you," he nibbled my neck. Leaving a lovebite.


                  Lizzy's P.O.V.


                                               Louis opened the door and led me into the house I missed so dearly. Makayla's house was okay, but I just missed my place. "I'm so glad Harry told management we should go home," Louis smiled. "Wait, Harry did all this?" I asked. "Yeah. He surprised us," he answered. "Oh," I sighed. Great knowing that Louis had nothing to do with telling people to let him come home to Tommy and I...


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