A Best Friend's Guardian

Harley could always count on her best friend Lizzy to not let her text and drive.
And Lizzy would never text Harley if she knew she was driving. Lizzy's married to Louis Tomlinson and goes along on tour with One Direction. Harley is engaged to Harry but she has to stay at home because they're not married yet. But what happens when Harley gets in a car crash over a text that Lizzy sent when she didn't know Harley was on the road? What will Lizzy do without her? What will Directioners do when concerts have to be rescheduled? What will Harry do without the love of his life? And what miracles happen when you think it's all over? Characters: One Direction/ Harley Styles/ Lizzy Tomlinson/ Makayla Lane /Paul Higgins/Lou and Lux Teasdale


7. The Good and The Bad

 Harley's P.O.V.


                                I woke up that morning to find a naked Harry beside me. Typical. Except the reason he was naked was a little new for me. You see, I was a virgin until last night. And I was proud of my self for keeping the promise to myself that I would wait until marriage all these years. I heard a groan as he woke up and I lifted the cover. Great. I was naked too. "Hello, sexy naked lady in my bed. Or shall I say Mrs.Styles," he chuckled. "Oh haha Styles. Very funny," I got up from the bed and quickly dressed in shorts and a tank top. "Hey. Why you gettin' dressed," he smirked. "Because I'm a little too tired from not enough sleep last night, asshole," I walked into the kitchen and fixed myself a cup of coffee. Harry walked in wearing nothing but sweatpants. He walked over and wrapped his arms around my waist. "Why so grumpy,love?" he kissed my cheek. "I had a dream about the car crash. I'm just a little ansy that's all. I'm not mad at you if that's what you think," I explained. "Oh. I'm so sorry babe. Are you alright?" he worried. "Yes I'm fine. Don't worry. You know I don't like it when you're worried," I kissed his lips short but sweet. "So, did you like last night?" he smiled hopefully. "Of course. I loved it sweetie," I walked into to the living room. Harry smacked my bum before I sat down. I giggled as he sat down beside me. "So, what happened in your dream?" he asked as I laid my head down upon his shoulder. "Well, I was in my car and I got a text. Then, something kept telling me to pick up the phone. So I obeyed and looked at the phone. I heard screeching and next thing you know, I was tossed out the windshield. Everything hit me. I would never have children, I would never see the sun rise and set, and worst of all, I would never see you again. I closed my eyes and went away. Thank God then I woke to find your face beside mine. And knowing that you were my husband now. I was still a little ansy as you seen when you woke up," I looked to see Harry with sympathy in his eyes. "Come here," he spread his arms out. I fell into them and he stroked my hair. "I love you and I'm going to do everything to make sure you are always safe. Do you love me too?" he puppy dog eyed me. "Of course. I love you so much," I kissed his lips. After a few minutes, things started getting heated so he grabbed my bum and sat me on his lap. My body facing his. He pulled my shirt off and threw it across the room. He started kissing me once more. Great. Here we go again.


                      Lizzy's P.O.V.


                                 "No I didn't! You know that!" Louis yelled at me. "Maybe I don't know that Louis! That's why I fucking asked!" I lashed back. Louis and I had started fighting because he wouldn't let me see his phone. He had always let me see his phone up until he was on tour before we were married and I couldn't go. Now I'm starting to suspect his faithfullness. I asked if he was cheating and that's when he lashed out at me. Now I'm really suspicious by his reaction to the question. "Fine! Here! See the fucking phone!" he tossed it at me and I luckily caught it. He stormed into our bedroom and slamed the door back. He knew I didn't like the sound of slamming doors. I looked through the texts and saw some from a girl named Karen. I looked at the conversation.



                                                       Hey Louis, it's Karen from Party Planet.                                                                                                           What do you think your wife would like?                                                                                                          What's her favorite color, singers, sweets?  


                                                                        To: Karen

                                                        Well I'm pretty sure she would like

                                                         a candy party. Color: Red, Singer:

                                                          One Direction,of course. Sweets:

                                                         Me LOL no but seriously, it's 

                                                         candy carrots :)



                                                         Okay well I will get it to you by

                                                          October 8th. Thank you for

                                                           purchase :)


                                                                        To: Karen 

                                                         Thank you. I hope she will like it :)


                                   He was planning a suprise party this whole time. For me. I walked over to our bedroom door feeling stupid and slightly knocked on the door. Louis opened it and run his hand through his hair in frustration. "So I guess it's not really a suprise now," he sighed. I handed him his phone. "I'm really sorry, Louis," I looked down at my feet embarrased. He lifted my chin. "I love you. No matter what. Do you really think I would cheat on you?" he looked into my eyes. "No. I don't know why I would think for a second that you would"

                                     All the sudden, he cupped my face in his hands and kissed me. "I love you," he whispered. "I love you too"




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