I can fight my own battles

I'm not good at writing these things so your going to have to read the story to find out what happens... :)


3. Finallly on with the story

   Claudia's P.O.V

    I walked through the school hallways I tried to ignore there horrifying stares but I just couldn't it was like they were burning through my skull.

  "Hey look who decided to show up today. Where were you yesterday Claudia at home cutting yourself?"

   Everyone just started laughing while I tried my hardest to just ignore them and get on with my day. Lord knows its not going to get any better. As I walked into my first period I darted straight to the back corner of the room. That seat no one would notice me. But when I got there someone was already sitting there. It was Lauren the most popular girl in school. She didn't really want to sit there but she knew i would go right to that in particular seat. Perfect time to make me sit in front of someone. I sat down in the next seat I could find. next thing I knew there were spit balls thrown in my hair. Everyone was laughing and pointing. I couldn't take it. I've been past my breaking point for so long now. I stormed out of the room, the school. Just running as fast as my feet could take me. See I have a problem if someone hurts me or I'm just upset I run away from it all thinking it will just go away. Problem is it doesn't and I just have to face it the next day.


I ran all the way to my flat but before I could make it inside I ran into someone. I didn't know what to say I figured as soon as they saw who it was they would just bully me more.

"I'm so sorry, love. I didn't see you there" He said

  Why was he being nice to me?

 "Uh Yeah its fine" I said while awkwardly walking away but as I was he grabbed my wrist I winced in pain

 "I'm so sorry" he spoke while rolling up the sleeve to my sweatshirt reviewing my scars and my fresh cuts. I jerked my hand away and tried to run but this time he grabbed the back of my sweatshirt not wanting to hurt me again. That's weird its normally peoples dreams to hurt me.

"What led you to this?" He asked

"Nothing I'm fine now please let me go. Who are you anyway? And why do you care?" I said quickly without turning around

"You don't know who I am?' he asked a little shocked

"No. the only thing I know about you is your full of yourself." I sad bluntly

"Sorry I'm just used to girls freaking out and knowing who I am without an explanation." he explained " My name is Liam and I care because'' He paused "There's just something special about you" There was a silent moment then "What's your name?"

"Claudia" I said while looking at the ground

"Look Claudia I can see your going through a lot. If you need me please don't hesitate" He the gave me his number while letting me go. I took it and walked away


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