Dear Diary...

At one point in our lives no matter how much we deny it, we all had a diary in which we wrote our innermost thoughts. Kay, a 17 year old girl writes in her diary but not about the usual stuff, about her school life and home life...

Read on.. ;)


2. July 2nd 2013 22:56 pm

Dear diary,


I don't get it. Why do people say things that aren't true? Is it supposed to be a harmless joke or is it a direct attack at that person? I feel like just crying, I've done plenty of that so far. I don't want to go to school tomorrow. Not while that's getting spread around the school about me. People are saying that I cut, take drugs and that I'm a freak of nature. I know that's what happens to most people but have you ever felt what's its like to be that person? Because right now I'm dying inside. I don't even want to leave my house in case they're outside, just waiting on me.


It's not going to do much talking to my mum about it, she'll just tell me it's a bit of "harmless fun, nothing to worry it. It'll die down by tomorrow." Never does though..


Night x


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Sky x*

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