Dear Diary...

At one point in our lives no matter how much we deny it, we all had a diary in which we wrote our innermost thoughts. Kay, a 17 year old girl writes in her diary but not about the usual stuff, about her school life and home life...

Read on.. ;)


1. July 1st 2013 20:35pm

Dear Diary,


This is gonna be my first entry because I've just got this... Apparently I'm supposed to write everything that happened today in this so here I go I guess.


I arrived into school just a little late but I managed to get into my first before the teacher took the register. After that I went to my next class and of course I got my books knocked out of my hand by one of the "popular" boys. I'm used to it I guess...


The rest of the day dragged on and eventually the final bell rang, meaning I could go home. Then shortly after I got in I received this diary.


Yeah this log wasn't interesting but that's my life I guess.. 


Night x


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Sky *

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