The Body Guard

"I told you not to fall for me... But you didn't listen..." She whispered through the payphone, a hoarse gasp echoed through the phone line.
"I love you," He whispered, she sighed and lent against the door frame.
"But I can't protect you forever, you're in danger and I'm wanted by my uncle. It's not safe Andy." She protested.
"But I'll protect you," He burst out.
"But you can't, you barely even know how to use a gun, let alone know how to pitch a tent!" She sighed with a slight laugh. "But I'll be watching you, I'll always watch. I'll always know that you're safe."
"How will I know?" Andy asked, he was spinning around, standing on the balls of his feet as he peered through the rush hour traffic of London.
"You'll know," She paused, watching from afar. "Because I love you too." She whispered and walked away from her past and into the future that is yet to come.


3. Romance, Action, Thriller, Spies

“Ow!” Skye winced in pain, she had her eyes clenched. Elijah smirked and continued to clean the gash on her forehead. He had Skye perched in a seat opposite him next to a large window in her room. The first aid box had its contents scattered all over her coffee table and several discarded cotton bandages covered in blood were piled up next to it.

“Sorry about that,” He smirked, carefully dabbing the antiseptic cream over the wound. “I did warn you, but you protested about how you could ‘handle pain’” He paused to create quotation marks; Skye let out a snigger and opened her eyes. She glanced up at Elijah’s tanned face and blushed; he was studying her facial expressions again.

“Is it done?” She asked, tucking her dark hair behind her ear that fell in front of her face.

“All better,” Elijah smiled back at her, “It’ll probably leave a small scar with how deep it was, but it shouldn’t be that noticeable if you cover it with your fringe.”He stood up to put the First Aid box and the bloody bandages away.

“Thank you, Elijah.” Skye called to him, he pivoted on his heel and flashed a cheeky grin followed by a wink and chucked out the bandages.

“My pleasure,” He replied wandering back over to her and spread out his arms. Skye stood up and embraced him in a friendly hug that was heart warming; it made her melt against him. She breathed in deeply and the scent of his cologne, it made her stomach fill with butterflies. Regrettably, she let go of him and escorted him over to her apartment door. “Remember, if you need me I’m just down the hall.”

“I’ll remember,” Skye grinned before she opened the door and stepped aside to let him through.

“I’ll see you around,” Elijah lingered in her doorway, giving her one last glance before he disappeared down the corridor.

Skye sighed to herself and closed the door quietly, making sure she bolted it on the other side. Five bolts and a chain lock to be exact. She always took precautions. Falling into a plump chair, Skye gazed out of her large window and watched the amber and pink of the sunset fade until it became dark out. She sat and thought about Elijah. About the distinct scar he had underneath the wrist band on his arm. She pondered for a moment about the mark she saw but nothing came to mind, it wasn’t one she recognised.

“You are so paranoid.” She muttered to herself.

“I wouldn’t blame you if you were, Skye.” A voice sounded across the room. The apartment light switched on abruptly and Skye shielded her eyes from the brightness of the blinding light. As her eyes adjusted, she lowered her arm to see a smirking set of twins.

“Elijah may be hot, but dude; he’s totally out of your league!” Isabella cocked an eyebrow as she crossed the apartment and fell into a suede bean bag chair. Skye stuck her tongue out at her as Paris sat down next to her twin.

“She’s just jealous about the fact he was looking after your injury and not her pathetic paper cut.”Paris rolled her eyes; Isabella stuck her middle finger up and crossed her arms in frustration.

“Any way,” Skye sniggered, “Why exactly did you break into my apartment?” She furrowed her eyebrows whilst she perched on the edge of the coffee table.

“We overheard Bourne talking to that intruder on our way back from the showers earlier.” Isabella started.

“The intruder is called Aiden by the way; he works for some company named Anguis Mortem, its Latin.” Paris cut in.

“Otherwise known as snake death when you translate it, preferably known as Death Snake; they are best known for their killings, they always leave a distinct mark on their victims of a snake wrapped around a dagger, it’s always burnt onto their skin. Its how the original members of Anguis Mortem came together, but we’ll explain more about the history in a moment... However, the new members of the ‘updated’ Anguis Mortem Company always leave two punctures on their victims hand even if they’ve been blown up or set ablaze. It’s a warning as well as a statement.”Isabella continued.

“Have you got proof?”Skye questioned whilst piecing the evidence together in her head.

“Here, Daddy Bourne slid us a file of the victims, how they were killed, who they were and the marks they were left with under our door afterwards. He knows we were listening.” Paris handed her over a large folder and she began to skim through it.

“There is a list of all the victims’ names,” Paris pointed out before studying her freshly manicured nails thoroughly. “I bet it won’t take you long to figure out the link.”

Skye studied the list for a moment, names she recognised, names she hadn’t heard of and names of historical members of MI 6 were names on the document. The names of her parents where on there, Adam Jones and Helena Antoinette Smyth.

“They are all names from MI 1 all the way through to 9. Every member that’s died in the hands of Anguis Mortem since nineteen-eighty-four has been documented here.” She said aloud, she met the eyes of Paris and Isabella. “My parents died because of them...”

“We thought it was imperative that you knew what happened to them, and not just what happened in your dreams.” Paris explained, she stood up to take Skye into her arms to comfort her.

“Doctor Collins told us about your nightmares, we were worried. When we saw this file and studied it, it all made sense. You’re not just dreaming your parent’s death; you’re reliving it every night from different angles and different points of views. What you’re seeing is what you saw, what you heard when you were a child. You were that afraid of the very memory that it haunts you.”Isabella explained as she perched on the coffee table next to Skye, she sighed when she peered over Skye’s shoulder to see that she was looking at the image of her parents lying dead in their own dried up blood.

“At least they didn’t die in vain; to me they are my inspiration.”Skye let out a small smile. She studied the image for a moment, looking at how their hands were intertwined even when they were dead.

“Come on; let’s take your mind off it for a moment.” Paris rubbed Skye’s back soothingly. “We can all cry together in a bit,” She made a small smile which Skye returned.

Skye placed the file behind her and tugged on the hair bobble on her wrist, scrapped her hair back and put it in a messy bun on her head. She took a deep breath and exhaled.

“Let’s go back to the history about this Anguis Mortem group.” She demanded with a smile. “Facts go!”She clapped her hands enthusiastically. The twins pulled out notebooks from their jacket pockets and flipped pages until they both stopped abruptly, had a little spat about who would go first until Skye interrupted with a loud cough.

“Going back to when I said about markings. The Anguis Mortem originals came from the centre of London, they made the symbol of Anguis Mortem by burning it onto each other’s skin with a hot iron rod, this reminded them about the promise they had made to each other.” Isabella stated, reading enthusiastically off of her notes.

“They made an oath to each other that they would protect the piece within their village; that they would stop theft, violence, murder- the list goes on. They would be what’s called ‘Ye old police’” Paris sniggered at her phrase, Isabella did not look amused. “Anyway, they became overly obsessive with the protection scheme and decided to lock up random villagers because of pathetic accusations. They introduced the death penalty to their village.” Paris finished.

“Their first victim was burnt at the stake for forgetting the leader of Anguis Mortem’s birthday, he was known as Nicholas the Dark.” Skye furrowed her eyebrows at the pathetic excuse for their death. “When his body was burnt, they burnt the symbol of the Daggered Snake onto his skin, followed by two puncture marks to represent snake bites. Nicholas the Dark went mad with power, that anyone who did the slightest thing to go against his judgement would die the same death.”

“This was well documented by a runaway called Malcolm Roberts. This went on for eight generations of the Anguis Mortem family, new people joined and more people died. Nowadays, Anguis Mortem and Co are targeting people in Military Intelligence, not only that but people who are aligning with our government in other countries. Presidents, prime minister, even our own royal family!”Paris exclaimed.

“If they are doing all this, then they must want something...” Skye pondered as she paced the room. “But what exactly are they craving attention for?”Just as Skye asked this, the girl’s bleepers began alarming with an annoying bleep. It was something important.

Paris read it first. “Bourne is calling all test subjects to attend a gathering at the Gym.” They all rose and hurried to the door, Skye paused and shouted.

“Hold the lift a second! I just need to do something,” She muttered the last bit to herself. Skye grabbed the information folder and hurried over to the far wall where her desk lay. She knocked lightly on the pastel pink wall and listened until she heard a hollow sound. She pressed on the wall, a door popped open and behind it was a lock which needed the identification of the eyes, the voice and DNA. “Can’t take to many precautions around here,” She muttered and sighed.

She scanned her eyes, swabbed DNA from the inside of her cheek and spoke her name into the small microphone. The safe opened and she slipped the folder inside before locking it behind her. She quickly jogged after her friends who were waiting at the lift, Paris tapping her foot impatiently and Isabella pressing the ‘doors open’ button at fifty miles per hour.

“Took your time,” Paris grunted impatiently.

“I put the folder in a safe place; someone is most likely searching for this information. The only person that has access to it is me.” Skye retorted and Isabella just groaned loudly before the lift doors shut.

Gymnasium” The voice of the lift echoed around the girls before they stepped out into the corridor and marched towards the doors. As they entered, silence fell and every head in the gym turned to face them.

“Join us,” Special Agent Gilbert requested, outstretching an arm towards the crowd that had encircled him. Skye and the twins hesitated a moment looking for a break in the crowd to stand between, Gilbert sighed with agitation. “Quickly, we have important business to announce. Do you want to become an agent Jones?!”Skye nodded quickly and nervously as she scurried to the front of the crowd.

“Sorry Special Agent Gilbert.” She mumbled as she glanced around, searching for the sun-kissed mess of hair in the crowd.

“If I read out your name, collect your newly allocated weapon from one of the desks at the front and you’ll be given a number for a room that you must attend to at seven-thirty A.M. tomorrow morning. After that, you must speak to no one of your mission, other than those within the mission you’ve been allocated. If you breach the rules of classification you will be stripped of your agent identity and forced to leave M.I.6 under strict orders that you will have to endure for the rest of your life. We will not be responsible for your choice of actions. Do I make myself clear?” Silence fell across the Gymnasium, a smug expression crossed Gilberts face.

“Here’s the list sir,” A female assistant stepped forth, her head to the ground as she avoided the stares from the students in front of her. Gilbert nodded a silent thank you and turned to face the eager, the nervous and the brave of the students in honour. His bleach blond hair scraped back with hair gel made him look more fierce and sophisticated.

“Francis Thomas, desk five.” A curly haired boy shuffled forward, he didn’t dare glance up at the crowd. This was how rivalry started in M.I.6, everyone would stop at nothing to be the best, and they’d go at great lengths to get to their goal. Even if that means giving up their main goal in their mission; usually revenge takes its course and they become rouge agents, sometimes they even join the enemy.

“He’ll fail,” Skye heard Paris mutter. Isabella pinched her shoulder and hissed.

“That was Elijah’s component,” Skye whispered to them as she studied the people leaving the crowd, examining them.

“Isabella Anderson, desk two.” Gilbert announced, he sounded bored already.

“Good luck,” Paris and Skye chorused, embracing Isabella into a hug before she crossed the gymnasium to her desk. She picked up a weapon and a slip of paper before leaving through a door on her left.

Minutes had past, and at least a third of the class was stood next to the wall on the far side. That was known as the Rejection City. They have to stay behind on another year of training; if they didn’t pass the next time round they’ll be given another chance. If they fail again then they’re a failure, they get kicked out and sent to another academy for agents or kicked out the force all together.

“Paris Anderson, desk two.”Paris turned to face Skye and hugged her tightly.

“You’ll get through Skye, have faith!” She assured Skye as her face trembled. There were six left. Now there are five. Skye began to wonder whether she was worthy of her role or not. Stress began to penetrate her mind like poison, her hands shook first and then the nerves erupted all over whole body. She felt like a human earthquake ready to explode.

Three more names were called out, two were sent to Rejection City, one was sent to desk three. All that was left was Skye and a guy she didn’t know, she didn’t recognise him. But from her understanding she gathered that he was awarded a lot for his knowledge, his badges were all on display on his uniform. He didn’t look the fittest, but it wasn’t just fitness that got you through, it was your knowledge that would help you the most in situations. Skye didn’t really have that, but she was wise for her own benefit. ‘I don’t stand a chance against him’ Skye pondered to herself, Goosebumps arose from her skin and she clenched her eyes shut. Minutes passed, Gilbert was clearly trying to create suspense, and all he needed was the tension music.

“The last person being sent through is Skye Jones.”Skye’s eyes opened with relief, she sighed and wiped the sweat from her brow and walked forward. “That’ll be desk two for you.” Gilbert greeted her with a smile and tapped her back; she smiled up at him before sprinting over to the desk.

“Here’s your new gun, the new MI6 456-LKO. And here’s the time and room you need to go to. Don’t forget it, business starts tomorrow.” Special Agent Freeman greeted her; a small hand gun was placed into her hand. She slotted it into her holster on her belt and put the time and room number onto a calendar reminder on her smart phone. “Well done Skye, your parents will be so proud.”Freeman pulled Skye into a hug that comforted her, calmed her nerves down.

“Thank you, for everything.”

“Don’t worry; I’ll see you after your mission. Good luck.”Freeman said, smiled and left the Gymnasium. Skye was left to her own devices and she headed back to her room. She unclasped the belt around her waist and studied the number on the side of her new gun.

“456-LKO, I’ve seen this before...” Skye pondered as she looked out the window of her dorm room, raindrops slid down the glass making it look as though the window was crying. “You certainly look quite menacing.” She studied its layout; it was a revolver, four bullets a round. Light, waterproof. Mr. Bourne had told her once that once the bullet penetrates a thick wall, it’ll still come out the other side and go through at least three more.

Skyes P.O.V

I decided to push the thought out of my head and got ready for bed to take my mind off of it. Reading helped, apparently. I fell asleep within five pages of the book version of Red Riding Hood. The darkness that was sleep absorbed me; absorbed my mind and took me somewhere that even Hell on earth was like a paradise.

It was Wednesday, 8th October, 1995 again. Only this time I was soaring through a dark and misty forest. Everything was black and white and the only colour that was present was the red. The bloody red that flowed as the river alongside the abandoned barn; the world I was drawn to was silent.

That was until I saw movement in the long grass, not far from my field of view was three army cars parked quite close to the boarder of the forest. Black shapes moved silently, like panthers of the night. Light glinting off of the gun barrels and badges on their shirts.

I peered down through the branches that hung below me, I wasn’t human. I was one of the other animals I remembered being present that night. A crow, with midnight black feathers that ruffled in the wind as I perched on a branch which was attached to a dead oak tree.

A little girl was crying in the barn next to me, I recognised it as my own cry. A cry for my mother; and a cry for my father but I was silenced. The crow version of me hopped down to a lower branch and peered through a broken rotten boarded up window, the child that I was scurried across the barn and hid in the corner out of sight and engulfed in darkness with nothing but a smelly old blanket to cover me up.

Flashes of light fired across the moor as camouflaged people fell from the roof, from positions within the barn as well as the perimeter. Twenty people fell in total, including my father leaving my mother injured, lying crippled on the floor next to him. The blood of all the fallen stood out against the black and the white. I stayed there, motionless.

I squawked, as if it was a warning cry for my past self to stay put; and flapped my wings when one after the other, three helicopters landed gracefully onto the ground outside, with bright beams of light pointed and focused onto the abandoned barn in front of them. I took off with wings spreading and glided through the air; I circled the area and scanned the floor below me. Red seeped through the grass as death took its course.

A mysterious figure stepped out of the middle helicopter, the assassins stood in line outside of two helicopters, letting the dark figure walk down the centre. He wore a red rose on his suit jacket and a badge on the right of his chest. I flew to perch on the roof of the broken porch on the barn and peered through a crack in the window. I heard hushed whispers and a familiar face appeared.

Mr. Bourne motioned to two year old me to follow him; down a trap door and into the darkness.

Grenades were thrown into the barn, smashing windows and causing the shards to fly in all directions. A massive explosion occurred 5 seconds later...

Skye’s P.O.V end.



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