The Body Guard

"I told you not to fall for me... But you didn't listen..." She whispered through the payphone, a hoarse gasp echoed through the phone line.
"I love you," He whispered, she sighed and lent against the door frame.
"But I can't protect you forever, you're in danger and I'm wanted by my uncle. It's not safe Andy." She protested.
"But I'll protect you," He burst out.
"But you can't, you barely even know how to use a gun, let alone know how to pitch a tent!" She sighed with a slight laugh. "But I'll be watching you, I'll always watch. I'll always know that you're safe."
"How will I know?" Andy asked, he was spinning around, standing on the balls of his feet as he peered through the rush hour traffic of London.
"You'll know," She paused, watching from afar. "Because I love you too." She whispered and walked away from her past and into the future that is yet to come.


2. Romance, Action, Thriller, Spies

She awoke in a sweat; her clothes clung to her body tightly as she tried to gasp for air. She looked over to her right and looked into the reflection and noticed how her hair became matted to her red face. Her heart was pounding and she felt like she was still drowning in water.

It’s just a dream Skye, calm down” She shushed herself and pinched her arm to check she was still awake.

 The visions of the ocean lapping against the white cliffs of Niagara Falls with the wind blowing her hair around her face, knotting each strand together. The salty sea engulfed her nostrils, causing her screw up her nose from the bitter smell.

 She turned on her heel, the sunlight blinding her face. She remembered herself gasping out loud, but the sound never escaping her lips. A shadowed figure stepped out from behind a rock; a pearl white grin was shown when the figure pulled back its lips. A light glinted off a dark object, a thunderous laugh erupted from the figures lips. She stood there, in what seemed to be a daze as the tall figure stepped forwards into the light. The glinting object turned out to be a black gun, an MI6 456-LKO.

Next thing she knew, he was stepping closer. She began to stumble back, trying to get away from the killer closing in. She felt trapped, like a small fly in a spider’s web, the shadowed figure the spider. He was closing in on her rapidly and all she could do was step back, and back and-

All ground escaped her feet, her hair covering her face as she fell and fell. Her lips parted trying to let out a cry, no sound escaped her lips. She only had the horror of landing in a heap at the bottom of a pit, or skewered onto some sharp rocks that had developed at the bottom of the cliff she was falling from...

Her lungs began to fill up with water as the waves tugged her body away from the cliff, then the current found her again, wrapped itself around her tightly in a tight grasp and threw her up against the cliff face; like an unwanted Barbie doll when the five year old wanted the ballerina and not the mermaid Barbie.

After being thrown against the cliff face a second time, she remembers something penetrating her skin, then her liver, until finally they exploded and she fell into the deep abyss of the trench below her. Her sight slowly blurring; the last thing she saw was the sea turning a blood red around her.

That was when she woke up of course.

She sat in the corner of her room, next to the window where she pulled the curtain across a little and let some white light flood a small section of the floor. It was almost dawn and the flood lights were turning off one by one, birds beginning to fly out of their nests and perching on the high branches of the oaks.

She drew her knees up under her chin and rocked for a little while, trying to calm herself and remember what Dr. Collins had told her numerous of times. “Breathe, Skye, breathe, everything will be fine. Clear your mind, breathe in and out.” She mumbled to herself and immediately felt better after doing so. She padded bare foot over to her ensuite bathroom and looked at her reflection in the mirror. She slowly lifted the hem of her Guns ’n’ Roses t-shirt up to study her stomach, tracing the spot where she remembered the bullet penetrating her skin. She sighed in relief and dropped the shirt back down again. Gripping the sides of the bathroom sink, she leant forward and studied her face in the mirror. The warm glow of the bathroom light radiated her face and she studied the red blotches on her cheeks.

Her ocean grey eyes bloodshot as she wiped away the crust around her eyes, she drew in another deep breath and turned the cold metal tap until the calming sound of water flowed into the sink. She cupped her hand under the tap and gently caressed her face in the cool water, the level of heat and adrenalin that pumped through her veins began to descend until her urge to punch the mirror slipped from her mind.

Skye sauntered back into her room and composed herself as she strode. A dark oak wardrobe sat in the corner of her room, adjacent from the apartment room door; she fumbled around for a small brass key at the top of her wardrobe and slotted it into the wardrobe lock. The door flung open and she skimmed across her severely bland wardrobe, only dull and washed out colours filled the wire hangers-that cost fifty-nine pence in a super market- and she sighed miserably.

“I need to get new clothes, where’s Isabella when I need her?”She muttered to herself as she pulled out a pair of black combats and a plain white t-shirt. She then wandered back into her bathroom and twisted the shower dial on and let the warm water fall onto her hand. The water began to condense into steam as she stepped into the shower, letting the mild water massage her aching muscles. After her half hour shower, she got dressed quickly and pulled her raven black hair into a messy bun and scurried out the door with her purple gym bag.

Skye pulled out her I-Phone from her pocket and checked the time, it was quarter past eight, and her training assessment was in fifteen minutes. She jogged towards a closing elevator and stuck her hand in between the doors before it fully shut, she smiled weakly at the annoyed passengers and recognised a few of her fellow training pupils who she hasn’t quite learnt the name of yet.

She looked up at a tall boy standing next to her and he smiled sweetly down at her. His chocolate brown eyes lingered on hers for a moment before she looked away blushing. She looked back and studied his features as he looked away; something about his eyes was hiding something... they seemed hurt, tortured in fact; body and soul.

“Which floor do you need to go to?”The boy asked; turning abruptly making his sun kissed hair - spiked up in the style of a small quiff wobble slightly. A toned and tanned body sat underneath a blank white t-shirt. Even his voice quivered slightly, though no one seemed to notice. She looked around her, studying the passenger’s features and shrugged slightly before facing her fellow passenger.

“Examination room please,” She replied as she caressed her crimson cheeks in her clammy hands. She watched him press the ‘E’ button and noticed a distinct mark showing underneath an overly used fabric wrist band on his left hand. Perhaps it was a scar.  The paranoia was getting to Skye at that moment. The boy looked back, making her blush again and the whole thing was forgotten. Just the image of those eyes lingered in her mind, she covered her cheeks again and they stood awkwardly in the overly crowded elevator. She glanced down at her hands and fumbled with them for a while, an awkward silence lingered across the passengers. Questions ran through her head about what had happened to him, she pondered so much that her brain began to hurt again. Her stress levels were rising recently.

“You must be Skye, right?” The boy asked abruptly, a Chelsea accent so soft greeted her, it was a voice she could listen to all day.

“That’s right,” She replied, with a small smile.

“I’m Elijah, nice to meet you.” He held out his hand and she took it willingly, they shook and Elijah squeezed her hand a little, a friendly gesture. His brown eyes lingered on hers again only to be disturbed as the chime for elevator doors opening rang in Skye’s ears.

“This is my stop,” Skye said sorrowfully and picked up her gym bag before stepping out.

“Hey,” A call came from behind her as she started down the ash grey corridors. She turned on her heel to be greeted by the same kind-hearted eyes that lingered on hers only a moment ago.

“Hey,” She said with a gleaming smile as he walked towards her, his gym bag resting on his shoulder.

“Do you have your Mental and Physical Examination today?”She asked as he walked with her.

“Yeah, is it okay if I walk with you down to the examination room?” He asked, kindness filling his voice, a slight hint of a blush highlighted his cheek bones.

“Sure,” She replied as they strode down through the double doors in front of them. “Although it won’t be for long as it’s just there.”She sighed with a grin on her face as she pointed a pale finger at the metal detector in front of them. A small cue was forming. When it was Skye’s turn, she stepped forwards and handed her bag to the security guards.

“You’re all clear,” They smiled at her as she pushed open the mirrored doors. Equipment was set up around the Gymnasium and the Watch Box was set up too, that was where the examiners stood watch as they assessed the agents to see if they would be able to qualify for the next step. Target practice was set up at the back of the Gymnasium and treadmills were scattered around the edge, next to mirrored glass where assessors would be observing. Defence and fighting techniques were stationed in the centre of the Gymnasium where people were called up to fight one another in single-handed combat, no weaponry is allowed, that’s why metal detectors are stationed outside the gym and serviced twenty-four seven.

She walked over to the women’s changing rooms and scanned the lockers for number eight-zero-four and keyed in her password on the panel installed on it, it beeped and a green LED light flashed on allowing it to be unlocked.  She changed into her training gear which consisted of a black Lycra one-piece training garment fitted to her and her only. It is fitted with scientific technology which tells the assessors the progress in which the agent is making in physical combat tests and agility. This helps them decide if they are good enough to qualify.

She pulled on her black pumps and walked out to the centre of the Gymnasium where everyone was gathering in a semi-circle around the instructor.

“This Mental and Physical Examination- or MPE for short is going to test you on your strengths and weaknesses. No matter what happens, you cannot let your weaknesses show because if you’re fighting someone, they’ll know how to get to you.” The instructor bellowed, hands clasped tightly behind his back with a straight posture. A set of gold badges glistened on the front of his black uniform, all of them awarded for bravery or for the status that he is. A Special Agent. Special Agent Gilbert took the liberty of scanning the room with narrowed eyes before being handed a clipboard from an examiner who momentarily exited The Watch Box. He thanked her and coughed loudly before scanning across each page. Special Agent Gilbert looked up at the candidates and muttered something under his breath before continuing his speech.

“You are going to be tested on your athletic abilities, you fighting and defence skills as well as your coordination and target practice. Before we begin I need to give you your allotted time slots for your mental examination which will take place from nine o’clock this morning till half three this afternoon. I will be observing you all. Good luck.” He said in a droning tone. His bleach blonde hair looked white under the florescence and his pale blue eyes looked menacing as they pierced every sole as he glanced around at everyone before handing out the allotted time slots for the Mental Examination. “I will also be handing out the schedule for you all so when I call out your name, step forward please and go to your station!”

Everyone stood silently as he called out the names of the agents. Skye was called up last, just after Elijah and two sheets of paper were handed to her, she was about to walk away after saying a brief thank you when Special Agent Gilbert’s hand clenched her wrist and tugged her backwards and began whispering harshly into her ear.

“I have known you’re parents for twenty four years, they were my best friends and I knew how hard they worked for this.” He paused as Skye listened to his nervous gulp; she scanned the frantic eyes of her fellow agents, searching for those heart-warming brown eyes. She tugged on her wrist but his grip tightened making her wince and a small yelp tumbled out of her lips, making the sound echo off of the walls of the Gymnasium. She felt like moments were passing by before she found them again, Elijah glanced up at her and gave her a playful grin which made sure that her nervousness melts away. “I was there on their last mission, I stood by to watch them die because they wanted to protect you, I saved you before they could get you.” They? Who are they? Skye pondered frantically before her thoughts were interrupted again. “They were good agents and I know that you will be too. Don’t fail this examination otherwise you’ll fail yourself as well as your parents. Now go, and don’t let your guard down for anyone, you trust no one. Do I make myself clear?” Special Agent Gilbert hissed in her ear. She nodded boldly before walking back to the semi-circle, rubbing her wrist and wincing. That’s going to leave a bruise she thought to herself before rolling her eyes and focussing her attention back on Gilbert.

“Your training starts now.”Special Agent Gilbert announced and walked towards the mirrored doors to his left. Everyone scurried around to each of their allocated stations and Skye wondered over to the treadmill where a female scientist with a clipboard and a white lab coat stood waiting next to the vacant treadmill. She smiled over at Skye as she crossed the Gymnasium who gladly returned the heartfelt smile, waited as the scientist clipped wires on her fingers and a pulse measurer to her wrist and wired them up to a machine behind her.

“If you could step onto the treadmill, I will now test your stamina.” She instructed, Skye nodded and braced herself on the metal bars in front of her as she waited for the treadmill to start moving. She went from a simple jog to a fast sprint within a matter of seconds, her pace even and her breaths slow and calm. Her heart was pounding beneath her chest as the rush of her blood rang in her ears and the heat from the core of her body rose to the surface. This went on for a mere five minutes, quickening the pace every thirty seconds.

The blonde scientist slowed down the speed of the tread mill to a slow walking pace until Skye stepped off with sweat trickling down her forehead. She wiped away a bead of sweat that ran down her cheek and sighed, panted and accepted a water bottle and towel from the scientist next to her, she whispered a ‘thank you’ and gulped three quarters of her water before dabbing her face with the towel.

She looked down at the schedule in her hands and noticed it was time for target practice. She lined up behind four of her fellow agents and awaited her turn. The sound of bullets being fired echoed around her and penetrated her ear drums, the sound of explosions rang in her ears again and the blood curdling screams of her parents pierced her like a knife as she slammed her hands over her ears and gulped back a cry out in pain. Skye’s vision began to turn blood red, like the ocean around her in her dream the night before. The gun shots echoed in her ears and she fell to her knees. Skye was afraid.

A warm hand rested on her shoulder and one rested under her arm as she was pulled up to her feet, her eyes clenched closed as she fought the visions she saw repeatedly from her dreams. “Skye,” A soft recognisable voice whispered in her ear, she opened her eyes as she met the kindness of the ones studying her face, searching for her inside the terror of her own nightmares. Elijah. “Are you okay?”He asked, concern filling his voice.

“I’m fine,” She stammered as she touched her forehead to feel her hot forehead. “Just a little tired, I had a nightmare last night but I’ll be fine.” She reassured him with a smile and he let go of her, the warmth from his body leaving hers as he headed back to his station on the other side of the Gymnasium.

Elijah looked back at her with a soft smile and turned to face forward as he rejoined the line in the Fight and Defence Arena. Skye’s heart fluttered a little until she remembered Special Agent Gilberts words. “Don’t let your guard down for anyone, you trust no one.” Those same words echoed in her mind as she imagined herself hitting her head against a wall repeatedly after letting her guard drop slightly.

“I’m so stupid! Why did I just do that?” She hissed at herself and slapped her forehead with her palm. She turned to face her station again and stepped up to her platform.

In front of her was a metal table which had several pieces of a riffle gun on it, the aim of this was to see how fast you could piece it together. Special Agent Freeman was stood on her right with a stopwatch in her hand, a friendly smile stretched across her red lips. “When you’re ready Skye,” She nodded and brushed some ginger hair out of her eyes.

“In three... two... one,” Skye counted down and her hands flowed quickly, gripping tightly to the stock and twisted the gun barrel, the handle and the rest followed soon after. Skye slammed the riffle down onto the table within eight-point-nine seconds.

“And we have a new record! Skye Jones just beat Helena Smyth’s record of nine seconds.”Special Agent Freeman announced, everyone stopped and applauded, a few cheers erupted from the audience as she turned and smiled at everyone.

“I guess it pays off to play the piano too,” She mumbled to herself as she hoisted the gun up and rested the stock against her shoulder.

“Let’s just see if you can beat your father’s record at this shooting task.” Freeman grinned and readied the timer in her hands, “You ready?”

“It’s on.” Skye grinned mischievously as Freeman pressed a button and targets began flying up from the floor, dummies flew up and immediately got shot. Skye rapidly shot every single target as they tore through the metal and the fabric of each target and dummy, a few leaps to the right, a twist and a turn here. She didn’t dare glance at the counter at the top of the work station as bullets rapidly shot at each target with such precision that if it were a real person, she’d have shot them right in the centre of the heart every time. She was a fighter at heart; a fighter for the right and a protector of the evil.

Four reloads later, her time was up and her shoulder hurt from the gun bashing her shoulder repeatedly from each bullet fired. She rubbed it and rolled her shoulders forward and back hoping it would help with the pain; inevitably it didn’t help, she then decided to rest her hand on it.  

“Well done Skye,” Special Agent Freeman congratulated her and patted her on the back heartily. “I haven’t seen shooting like that for a very long time.” She beamed down at her.

“How many did I get?” Skye asked, raising an eyebrow. Freeman let out a little chuckle and patted Skye’s shoulder in a kind gesture, she guided her over to the right of the shooting station and stopped abruptly.

“Look up at the counter,” Freeman replied, pointing a slender pale finger up at the counter clock; in large red digital numbers read ninety-five. “That was within forty-five seconds,”

“Wow, I never knew I could do that.” Skye whispered to herself as Special Agent Freeman walked her towards her next station and congratulated her one more time.

Eight Agents were lined up around the Fight and Defence Arena. Skye recognised most of them. Two were her best friends, Paris and Isabella- they were twins, she grew up with them since she was brought here by Mr. Bourne and formally adopted, she refused to change her name but Mr. Bourne and Bourne Academy is the only home she has. She waved over at Paris and Isabella who waved back with a wide grin on their faces. They both had dark wavy hair, Paris had long hair but to tell the difference between the twins Isabella lost the argument and had to cut her hair. They both had dark green eyes and round faces.

She glanced round and spotted Elijah amongst the group again, he focused his eyes on his opponent in front of him who was as thin as a stick, yet quick with his movements. His opponent’s hair was like a curly wire brush, every time he moved his face was covered with wiry hair.

Elijah was pinned to the floor in less than ten seconds, a pale arm pressed against his oesophagus, making him choke on his breath. Skye gasped loudly, clasping her hands over her mouth. She let out a yelp and Elijah’s Brown eyes flickered over to hers, she stared at him as she searched his face for some form of gallant strength inside of him. He groaned and grabbed the components wrist and gripped, hard. With as much force as he could he collided his heel with the boy’s chest and he flew backwards, breaking contact with Elijah.

The tall boy with hair looking as if it was recently electrocuted stood, rubbing his shoulder and flexed his arms before taking a run at Elijah and kicking out at him. Elijah blocked his attack and returned it with a back hand and a punch in his stomach, making the boy double over in pain.

Attacks were made for what seemed a long time. Blurs of gold and black hair merged together as they flipped over each other and collided into each other; yells of pain and victory echoed off the Gymnasium walls until finally Elijah pinned the component face down with his arms pinned behind his back and blood running from his nostrils. Elijah spat on the ground and stood up, offering his hand to his fellow agent. They shook hands and patted each other’s back, Skye watched as Elijah ran off in the direction of the Mental Examination room.

“Some fight, huh?” Skye heard Paris say, astonished by what she experienced.

“That dude was a tough one,” Isabella agreed, nodding her head with wide eyes, green eyes reflecting the light of the sun from the sky light.

“I’m guessing he’ll become one of those agents that goes rogue...” Paris pondered for a moment.

“How can you say that? You don’t know him!” Skye exclaimed.

“Oh, and you do?”Isabella turned to face her, raising an eyebrow.

“I-I... I guess not,” Skye replied, defeated.

“Mind you, this is the point where the shy geeks blossom into the psychotic geniuses. Or the over-the-top confident ones turn into the dumbass bad guys.” Paris bravely voiced her opinion.

“Happens every year,” Isabella agreed.

“I can see your point; I guess you can’t trust anyone.” Skye said; studying the arena.

“Like I said, some fight. You could clearly see who’s gonna blossom into who.” Paris repeated, flicking her dark hair over her shoulder.

“Elijah looked like he was going to lose there for a second,” Isabella stared at the arena floor, pondering. “To a stick with electrocuted hair,” She sniggered for a moment and regained her composure.

Elijah was brave,” Skye joined them at the corner of the blue mat covering the centre of the Gymnasium and folded her arms over her chest. “He totally kicked his ass,” The twins sniggered at her.

Elijah is hot,” Isabella and Paris chorused before high fiving each other at their agreement. Skye laughed and rolled her eyes.

“He totally fancies you, Skye.” Paris stated, prodding Skye in the shoulder twice to make her point final. She did that a lot.

“Elijah is a friend, plus I only met him about a half hour ago,” Skye prodded her back and folded her arms again. “Besides, if we get through, we’ll probably have different missions to take. I won’t get to see him until our mission is over. One of us may be dead or we will have failed the mission, there for we will be kicked out of the academy.”

Isabella groaned, rolled her eyes and pretended to yawn. “Stop being so depressing, for goodness sake! Every time someone hot comes along and flirts with you, you always let someone else get them just because you can’t be bothered to flirt back!”

“It’s not a game Bell,” Skye retorted, she sighed and blew some strands of hair out of her face. “I don’t want to let my guard down,”

“Ugh, here comes the speech,” Paris groaned and leant on one foot. Skye rolled her eyes and sighed again.

“I don’t want to show someone I’m weak, I can’t deal with relationships and I don’t want to have one. I can’t worry abo-”

“I can’t worry about protecting someone if I can’t protect myself.” Isabella and Paris chorused together and rolled their eyes in unison.

“You know, I really am starting to hate the idea that you two are twins.” Skye retorted. Paris and Isabella started laughing together and engulfed her in a group hug; she’d miss this every day until she saw them again.

“We understand, that’s why single life is awesome because you get to drool over all the fit boys dripping in sweat after their work out sessions,” They did their wink-wink, nudge-nudge manoeuvre and giggled hysterically.

“I don’t know what I’d do without you two,” Skye sighed and giggled too.

“We don’t know what you’d do without us either, Jones!” The twins chorused again, their green eyes lighting up with laughter as they stood and watched their best friend walk towards the centre of the mat.

“See you after my fight,” Skye waved at them and stood in position, in front of a broad shouldered adolescence with a scarred face and menacing eyes. “Oh, shit.” She cursed under her breath as she ducked a punch.

She kicked her legs out and slid them underneath the opponents, knocking him over. He jumped back up and tore at her. She blocked punch after punch until she was sure her arms were becoming black and blue. When she was sure another punch was coming, she caught his clenched fist in the palm of her right hand and gripped tightly, pushing forwards until he fell onto his backside.  A vicious growl escaped his lips and she dashed towards the edge of the blue mat like a prey being captured for a hunt.

She turned to see a glint of metal coming right at her, she ducked unsuccessfully as the blade cut her forehead, leaving a large gash as blood oozed and trickled into her eyes. She wiped ferociously, only to be knocked over by fifty pounds worth of muscle, her head smacked off the Gymnasium floor, stars flashed before her eyes as the room span around her.

She freed herself from underneath the component and scrambled away, loosing balance a few times as she lost her footing. Isabella and Paris screaming at her to get back up, but the sound muffled in her ears as the rushing of blood made her feel nausea. A firm grip tugged on her ankle and she fell, smacking her chin off of the hard floor and letting out a cry. Was she being killed?!

She turned over onto her back and choked on her breath, the fifty pound of muscle was kneeling on her chest, crushing her lungs as she gasped for breath. She sprawled her hands out around her, beckoning for help but no help would come. This was her fight; and hers alone. She has to finish him.

Punches flew left and right. She attempted to kick but couldn’t shake his weight off her body.

“You’re not getting away from me now,” The adolescence growled at her, eyes a menacing black as he pulled out a sharp blade from behind him. He raised it over her face, she lashed out and clawed his face with one hand and gripped the hand with the knife tightly, digging her nails into it and drew a small bead of blood. She pushed his face up and blocked his line of sight with all her strength. Her arms ached from the bruises he caused. She bit back the pain and clenched hard on the hand with the blooded knife in, twisted his arm around forcefully until she heard a snap and the knife fell from his hand. He yelled out in murderous pain and fell backwards, clutching his broken elbow.

She studied his face quickly and made no recognition of seeing him at the school before. She has helped Mr. Bourne previously in enrolling a lot of potentials into his academy and Mr Muscle was not one of them.

She ran for the knife, panting and let out a massive belt. “He broke into the academy! He’s not a student here! Assassin! Help!” She screamed so loudly whilst making a run at the assassin, everyone stopped to watch what was going on. Special Agent Gilbert and Special Agent Freeman ran towards the edge of the mat.

“Stop,” The intruder bellowed, threat spilling out in his voice. “Come any closer and I’ll kill her, this is her fight and she must finish it. Dead or alive,” A sly smile came across his face, everything darkened. Skye’s head was still spinning and her brain felt like it was going to explode if she didn’t act.

The intruder ran at her and she ducked, arching her back and he tripped letting a curse fly out of his mouth in shock. She ran at him when he stood up and blocked a punch flailing for her face, the knife flew out her hand and a punch landed her square in the chest, knocking her backwards. She scrambled again towards the back of the room and dove behind a dummy, out of sight.

The intruder, too undeveloped to notice ran straight past with the rusty dried up bloody knife in his hand. Skye looked around quickly, looking for a weapon of opportunity. Anything to knock him out for questioning; she glanced around and found the stock of an unmade gun. She pulled off her shoes silently and crept out behind the dummy, following the intruder with silent footsteps, raised the stock above her head and whacked it forcefully around his head, knocking him out instantly.



“Congratulations, you captured your first intruder.” Mr. Bourne patted Skye’s back graciously and gave her a Hollywood smile. “If it wasn’t for your quick actions, you’d most likely be dead and he’d have held us hostage. Most likely for black mail of some sort...” He rubbed his bristly chin and frowned at the unconscious bundle of muscle tied up on the chair in front of him.

“Thank you sir,” Skye replied with thanks. “When does he get questioned?” She asked, kicking his foot seeing if he’ll move. Not a stir came from the limp body.

“You better get off to your Mental examination,” Her adopted father replied with a pause, he put his hands on his hips. His sleeves were rolled up and his hair gelled back into a sophisticated and professional look. His blazer was hung on the back of his office chair. Skye quickly realised how long it had been since she had been inside. Her mind wandered back to when she was an infant, Mr. Bourne would keep her up in his office and occupy her with children’s programmes, everyone thought she was dead. That was until she turned up for her training sessions at the age of seven, she soon quickly learnt the skills of her father and mother with memory tests and fighting. Computer hacking was her favourite when she completed her course at the early age of fifteen, she helped hack into rogue agents files when Mr. Bourne asked, this was to help agents with their missions by giving information on location, previously bought weaponry and confidential plans.

“Quickly before he wakes up; I don’t want you being here when we question him. Who knows what he’ll do to you.”Mr. Bourne continued, “After all, he did try to kill you. Who knows, he might try to do it again.” She nodded in agreement, pecked his cheek and fled the room quickly and caught the elevator on time.  

She made it down to her next examination in time and was seated in a metal chair, wires were placed on her temples and it lead to another wired up box with several scientists crowding around it. A tall scientist crossed the room and sat across the table from her, he sat down in a metal chair and placed the clipboard in his hand on the table and folded his hands on top of it. Skye did the same and played with her thumbs, it was one of her nervous tics.

“What we are going to do is say a series of words and you will then reply to us with the first word that pops into your head. Do you understand?” He questioned. Skye nodded in reply and mumbled a ‘yes sir’.

“Dream,” The scientist cocked his head to the side, studying her reaction. Skye was quick with her words.

“Escape,” Skye replied; she didn’t need to think about it. Skye watched the scientist adjust his glasses and pick up a pen; he scrawled something on the clipboard in front of him and looked up at her again.

“Reality,” The scientist raised a bushy grey eyebrow, his eyes looked tired and grey. Skye looked for a name tag and noticed one above his coat pocket where he kept many pens. Carl.

“Pain,” She shot back, glancing back up at him with a small smile.


“Night,” Carl seemed intrigued, so he decided to question this. Skye groaned at his reaction and mentally slapped herself. This is a test to show weakness! How stupid can you be!?


“Nightmares,” She watched Carl scrawl the word down on his paper and watched him ponder for a moment.

“Loss,” He had his pen readied on the paper and glanced up at her.

“Family,” Tears began to well up, threatening to overflow. She bit them back and gulped as the scientists all studied her, she felt like a cell being watched through a microscope and being injected with the memory of loss and darkness.


“Unnecessary,” She shot back before she could think and her voice had raised an octave; she gnawed on her lip for a moment and then sighed angrily. “Sorry,” she apologized quietly. Carl nodded, clearly understanding. It’s probably happened before. Her head began throbbing again and her bruises hurt like hell, the blood on her forehead was still erupting from the gash. She glanced at her reflection in the mirrors behind Carl and groaned, she looked a mess, and this made her anger worse and her head throb more as she tried to push back the memories of her past. She didn’t want to remember and she didn’t want to relive what happened to her.

“Trust,” He put his pen down on the table and folded his hands together, leaning forward in his chair. Skye had had enough of this and leant forward too, anger, pain and panic had taken its toll on her today and she wasn’t putting up with memories that are worth forgetting.

Earned,” She hissed, eyes narrowed and brows furrowed.

   “Thank you for your time Miss Jones, you may leave.” Carl sighed, frustrated whilst writing down her responses, some scientists crowded around her reaching for the wires. She kicked back her metal chair and it banged on the back wall with a clang, she tore the wires off her head and barged past them and out through the door. She headed straight into the arms of Elijah.

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