Our Love (Lauren Cimorelli)

Ok well like i said i have an account on wattpad as well. So i decided to write my AWECIM story on here too!

Blur: Gabe and Lauren has known each other since birth. When they were 5, they said they wouldn't fall in love with each other. But now that they are 14... Dose that change? Do they like each other? Better yet.. Are they in Love? Read to find out.

So that blur was bad but the story is WAY better! Just trust me!


5. Chapter 5

*1 month later, At the concert (Preforming)*

Gabe's P.O.V

   So it's been a month since Laur and I started dating. Every Cimfam and Belieber know about it, so it's not a private relationship.

   Right now, we are getting ready for Justin's Concert. I told the girls that i sing. So they made me start a YouTube channel. Anyway, right now is hectic. Everyone is running around trying to get ready for the show. Lauren's sisters are either checking their mics or fixing their make-up. Justin is till getting dressed. While Lauren and I are sitting on a couch doing, well nothing.

   You see. Lauren and I are smart enough to get our stuff ready the night before and since Lauren doesn't wear much  make-up she was done the fastest. Plus we got our mics checked before fans even started showing up. Trust me, that's flipping early. Laur wasn't to thrilled to get out of bed that early but it was worth it.

   Lauren laid her head down on my shoulder.

"Hey don't be falling asleep on me. We have a show to do." I said turning my head to face her.
"I'm not going to sleep." She responded picking her head up.
"Sure." I smirked at her.
"Whatever." She playfully punched my arm.
   I smiled and wrapped my arm around her waist. I pulled her to sit on my lap.
"Why am I on your lap?" She questioned.
"I don't know. Cause i want you to sit there." I answered.
"Can i have a kiss?" I asked her.
   She leaned in and so did I. Our lips met again and the sparks felt stronger. What if we were meant to be? Ah whatever. I'll.. we'll see where life takes us.
"Thank you." I smiled at her when she pulled away.
"No problem." she smiled back.
"Gabe, you and Justin are on in 5." Some worker informed me.
"Ok Thanks." I answered.

   The worker walked away and i pushed Lauren off of my lap.

"Oh so you want me to sit on you lap just to push me off?" She complained.
"I'm sorry Laur. I'm going on stage in 5." I said hugging her.
"I was joking you fatso." She giggled.
"Your nice."
"I know i am." She smiled big.
   I pinched her cheeks.
"Your so cute!" I said kissing her forehead.
   She just giggled again.
"Bieber Boys! Your on!" Yelled some guy that worked here.

   Man i should really learn these people's name's.
"Thanks Bob." Justin said running on stage. 
   So the guys name is Bob... As Justin ran on stage, girls started to scream. Loud. Louder then Dani when she finds out BTR is in a town near her. I walked out after him.

"Hello Everyone!" Justin said excitedly to all his fans.
"AHHHHHH!" They all scream.
"This is my cousin Gabe Bieber. You can call us the Bieber Boys tonight!" He said. "Say Hi Gabe."
"Hello everyone."
   Screams got louder.
"Ok ok. We are gonna sing One Time." Justin said while the music started to play. (A/N: I know the song is old but whateves.)
"Me plus you, Imma tell you one time..." Justin started to sing.
"When i met ya girl, my heart went knock knock." I sang to the crowd. "Now them butterfly's in my stomach won't stop stop." I continued looking back stage at Lauren. She was smiling big at me.
"An even though it's a struggle. love is all we got. So we gon' keep keep climbing to the mountain top" Both us boys sang.
   The song ended and the crowd went wild.

"Thank you! Now give it up for CIMORELLI!" Justin yelled into the mic.

   Justin and I ran off the stage. On the way off we pasted Lauren and her sisters. I stopped walking and gave her a quick hug. Then ran backstage. The girls went on and introduced themselves. Then they started to sing Believe It. When they finished that song, they sang MIA (aka Made In America.. for anyone who didn't know what MIA stands for...)

"Hey Justin? Can the girls sing one more song? The crowd seems to like em'." I asked him.
"Yea. Go tell them." He answered.
   When they finished the song, I ran onstage. I whispered in Lauren's ear and told her that they can sing another song. She smiled and motioned for her sisters to come near us.
"Hold on guys. It looks like we have some news." Christina said into her mic. Then they all walked over to Laur and I.

"What is it?" Chrissy asked us.
"Gabe said we can sing another song." Lauren answered smiling.
"Ok. What song?" She said.
"How about you girls sing Renegade?" I replied.
"Yea!" Dani said.
"Ok." Christina agreed.
"Ok Guys. Justin and I hope that you all don't mind if Cimorelli sings another song for you all." I said smiling at the crowd.
"Wooooooh!" The crowd roared.
"Good." I said looking at Lauren. She looked back at me and we both smiled.

   I walked off stage when the music started.


*After Concert.. Meet and Greet time :)*

   The 'gang' and I changed into comfy cloths and went to the tables where we were gonna meet some fans. I sat next to Lauren. We all settled in our spots and the guards stated to let fans in.

   We were signing auto graphs and answering some questions for about 2 hours. Then this one fan comes up to to me and asks if i was single right out of the blue.

"Um.. No... Have you been on twitter lately? I'm dating Lauren. The lovely girl sitting right next to me." I answered grabbing Lauren's hand.
"Oh.." The girl says and walked away.
"What was that about?" Lauren asked me.
"Some girl asked if i was single..."
"What did you say?"
"That I'm not. And that she needs to go onto twitter." I smiled.
   Lauren hugged me and we continued signing autographs. After about another hour the meet and greet ended. We were all super tired. Justin called his driver and a few minutes later a huge limo pulled up. We all climbed in and headed home.

(I forgot to mention that the concert was only a few hours away form Malibu...)

   Lauren rested her head on my shoulder and fell asleep. Everyone was asleep but Justin, Christina, and I. I was surprised that after this long day the us three were still up.

   We pulled into the driveway of the girls house. Christina woke everyone up and we all got out of the car. I pulled Lauren into a big hug before me and Justin left to go to my house.

   Justin and I walked into the house and i closed the door. Me and him walked over to the many couches and collapsed on different ones. Before i knew it, I was out like a light...





*Thanks for reading the 5 chapter!*








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