Our Love (Lauren Cimorelli)

Ok well like i said i have an account on wattpad as well. So i decided to write my AWECIM story on here too!

Blur: Gabe and Lauren has known each other since birth. When they were 5, they said they wouldn't fall in love with each other. But now that they are 14... Dose that change? Do they like each other? Better yet.. Are they in Love? Read to find out.

So that blur was bad but the story is WAY better! Just trust me!


4. Chapter 4

"What's gonna make you fall, in love..." Justin and I sang.

     I was looking at Lauren the whole time. Not even acknowledging the crowd. She was standing right next to me. I don't know why, but she was. All her sisters were backstage, except for Lisa. Lisa was standing next to Justin. Gosh.. whats going on?
The song ended and I looked at Lauren. She had tears in her eyes. I held the mic to my mouth and said, "Lauren Cimorelli, Will you make me the happiest guy alive and be my girlfriend?" I asked.


"Yes Gabe. I would love to be your girlfriend." She said with the biggest smile.
     I smiled back and kissed her. We were standing there kissing for almost a minuet before i heard a loud bang.


     I sat up quickly. Oh gosh. That was just a dream... wait. Why would I have a dream like that about Lauren? Ok, I think I like her. But I'm to stubborn to admit it.

     I looked around the room to see Jake and Troy still sleeping. A wave of confusion washed over me. Then I looked at the time. Oh that explains it. It's only 8 in the morning. No wounder they are still sleeping. They normally get up before me but I guess that changed today. I was about to lay back down when I heard that loud bang I heard in my dream. I jumped out of bed and ran downstairs.

    I walked into the kitchen to find Justin on the ground picking up pancakes.

"What happened?" I asked him.
    He looked up and replied, "Trying to make breakfast. It's not that easy."
"I can tell." I laughed walking over to help him.
"You don't have to make breakfast." I added.
"Well then who's gonna make it?" He asked.
"Oh we never make breakfast. In the mornings, we always go over to the Cimoreli's. Or we eat cereal." I answered.
"Oh. Well you should of told me! I wouldn't of gotten up early and drove to the store!" He said.
"Sorry. I didn't expect you to cook breakfast." I said with a laugh.
     The it went salient.
"I'm um.. sorry for saying that in front of Lauren." He blurted out.
    I looked at him in confusion. "Say what in front of Lauren?"
"When i asked if Lauren was the one you were talking about."
"Oh. It's fine."
"But was she the one you were talking about?"
"Do you like her?"
"I don't know." I answered truthfully.
"Your lieing." He said smirking.
"No I'm not!"
"Yes you are."
"Look. I have mixed feelings. I like her but..." I trailed off.
"But what." He asked.
"I'm scared ok. I don't want to fall for someone because things that fall normally break..."
"Ok i see your point but, I see the way she looks at you. She likes you. Even ask her sisters. I was talking to them yesterday when you and Lauren went to talk. I asked if you two liked each other. They don't know if you like Lauren, but she like's you." He answered.
"When did you become so wise?" I asked jokingly.
"I don't know. But seriously Gabe. She likes you. Come talk to me when you get your mind straight." And with that, Justin left the room.

    So.. Lauren likes me? I like her..? Maybe I should... wait. Justin could be lieing to me. He dose this all the time. I shouldn't trust him with stuff like this. I-
    My train of thought crashed when my stomach made a disturbing noise. Oh i better get dressed. I'm starving.

    I walked to my bedroom and went to the big closet. I put on a pair of grey jeans with a blue t-shirt. Then i went to wake up everyone. They all got dressed and we walked across the street. Austin knocked on the door and Lisa answered. Those two hugged and we all walked into the house. The little kids ran to the big dinning table and i followed.

    When i walked to the table, i noticed Lauren wasn't there. I looked at Christina and she shrugged her shoulders as if she could read my mind. Then Dani spoke up."She went to the beach."
"Thanks Dani. I'll be back guys." I said walking to the door.

    When i got outside, i ran to the beach. I went to our place where we would always sit. I looked up at the rocks and saw Lauren sitting up there just staring out at the morning sun.

"Hey lo. What are you doing here on your own?" I asked her
    She looked down at me and replied, "hey. I'm just thinking."
"Thinking about what?" I asked climbing the rocks and sitting next to her.
"What things Laur?" I asked again putting my hand on her shoulder.
    She stayed salient and started to mess with her hands.
"Laur.. You can tell me anything." I pushed the subject forward.
    She sighed and looked me in the eyes.
"Gabe, I like you. I think I more then like you. More then a crush.. I love you Gabe. But you wouldn't feel the same way.." She said looking back down at her hands.

    To be honest i was shocked. I thought Justin was lieing. He normally would joke with me about stuff like that. I.. i can't lie to Lauren now. Now that i know how she feels. So I'm gonna do it. Here goes nothing Gabe.

    I put my hand under her chin to make her look at me. Our eyes met again and i leaned in. She did the same and our lips collided. I felt sparks. It was a short kiss, but a perfect one. We both pulled away and smiled.

"I love you too." I said with the biggest smile ever.

    She smiled back and hugged me tightly. I hugged her back and whispered,
"Lauren, will you be my girlfriend?"
"Yes Gabe."

    I smiled and stood up. I put my hand out for her to grab it and she did.

"Come on. Let's go home. I'M STARVING!" I said running with her hand in mine.
    She giggled and ran with me.

    We ran from the beach and back to the house. So Lauren dose like me. Now we are officially a couple. Now i can call her mine. Now i know what my feeling were. Lauren Cimorelli was all i needed.







*Thanks for reading the 4 chapter!

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