Our Love (Lauren Cimorelli)

Ok well like i said i have an account on wattpad as well. So i decided to write my AWECIM story on here too!

Blur: Gabe and Lauren has known each other since birth. When they were 5, they said they wouldn't fall in love with each other. But now that they are 14... Dose that change? Do they like each other? Better yet.. Are they in Love? Read to find out.

So that blur was bad but the story is WAY better! Just trust me!


3. Chapter 3


      *Gabe's POV*


    I can't believe he's here. I can't believe my cousin is here. After 5 years he's here. Justin actually came. I stood there awkwardly just staring at him.

"Hey Gabe. How've you been?" He asked.
 "I'm good." i replied closing the door behind me.
 "Thats great."
"How is your career going?"  i asked.
"Pretty good. Hey umm.. do you still sing?" Justin replied.

(I forgot to mention that i sing... But None of the Cimorelli's know. Not even Lauren.)

"Ok cause i was wondering if you want to sing at my upcoming concert." He asked."Are you serious!?" i asked excitingly.
"Yea. Do you want to?"
"Yes! But on one condition..."



Short Chapter... Just kidding :D.


"Whats that?" He asked.
"If Cimorelli can sing at the concert too."
"Who's Cimorelli?"
"Oh yea you never met them...

 (A/N:Me being dumb also forgot to state that this is Justin's first time visiting them. They normally visit Justin and his family in Canada when he's home...)

"... So your gonna meet them right now." I said pulling Justin out the front door.

    We walked across the street to the Cimorelli's house. I knocked on the door. We were standing there for a while. So i knocked again. No answer. I went over to the big window and saw the girls dressed up and recording a video. I knocked on the glass and got Katherine to look at me. I heard her scream. All her sisters looked at her and she pointed at the window. They all looked at me. I smiled and pointed to the door. Lauren got up and walked somewhere. So i ran to the door. Lauren opened the door and i smiled. She hugged me. But let go when she realized there was someone else with me.

"Hey Laur. This is Justin. You probably already know who he is." I said.
"No way! Hi I'm Lauren." She said looking at Justin.
"Hey. I'm Justin Bieber." He replied.
"So um.. can we come in?" i asked.
"Yea." She said moving away from standing in front of the door.

    Me and Justin walked in. I looked at the girls and waved.

"So. I would like to introduce my cousin properly. Everyone this is Justin Bieber. Justin, this is the amazing band i told you about. These girls are Cimorelli." I said smiling at all of them.
"Oh my gosh. We haven't met you yet. He told us you. Not 'you' that the fans know. He told us about the real you." Amy said.
"Oh cool. Well um.. whats all of your names?" He asked the girls.
"Oh we are so sorry for our rudeness. I'm Christina and I'm 22.
"I'm Katherine and I'm 20."
"I'm Lisa and I'm 19."
"I'm Amy and I'm 17."
"I'm Lauren and I'm 14."
"And I'm Dani! I'm 13!"
And we're Cimorelli!" They all said at once.
"Nice to meet you all. Oh and Gabe? Is Lauren the girl you talked to me about a few weeks ago?" He asked smirking at me.

    My face turned bright red. I could feel Lauren staring at me.Oh am I going to kill him when we get back to my house.

"Um.. Anyway. We came cause he didn't know the band. So i wanted him to meet you all." I said avoiding eye contact with Lauren.
"Also... Gabe asked me if you could sing at my upcoming concert. Please say yes. He won't-" I cut Justin off by punching his arm."Ow! Dude what was that for?" He asked.

    I whispered in his ear, "They don't know i sing."
"Ohh.. Anyway.. will you girls sing at the concert?" He asked.
"Yes!" They all shouted.

    They ran to give him a hug.

"Hey. Don't thank me. Thank Gabe. It was his Idea."

    All the girls ran to me and gave me a big hug. Lauren was the last in line to get a hug. I hugged her tight and didn't want to let go. But i did.

"Thanks Gabe." Lauren said to me and smiled. "Your welcome lo-" I stopped talking.

    Oh snap! I almost called her 'love'. Gosh that would of been awkward if i didn't stop myself. Gosh.. I'm starting to think i shouldn't be around Lauren anymore. I'm to young to fall in love with someone. I mean, yea. She kissed me earlier today. It's just.. I just don't want to fall in love. I don't want to get to close to someone at this age and then have a big chance of losing them in the future. I'll think about this later..

"Your welcome lolo." I said.

    Good cover up Gabe!


    So we all talked for a few. Then Justin asked if he could hear them sing. They said yea and started the camera again. Since they didn't finish recording they picked up where they left off and sang to us the song they were covering. Christina stopped the camera when they were done singing. Justin said they were awesome. They thanked him and we went back to talking. (A/N: Sorry.. I got tired while writing this paragraph so it's probably horrible.. anyway, back to the story!)

"Hey Gabe? Can we talk for a minute?" Lauren asked.

    Oh no. She's gonna ask what Justin was talking about earlier isn't she.

"Um.. yea sure." I said.

    She motioned me to follow her so i did. She led me out to the back yard and sat in the grass. She patted the spot next to her telling me to sit down. I did as she said and looked at the sky.

    It was amazing. The stars were out. Just like the other night when we were out here. The memory of her hand in mine made me smile.

    We sat there in salience until she spoke up.

"What did Justin mean when he asked if i was the one you were talking about?" She asked looking at me.
"Um.. well i was talking about a girl to him the other day..." I said trying to avoid having to say her name.
"Oh.." She replied.
"What were you going to say earlier?" She asked.
"Oh nothing."
"You were gonna say something."
"No i wasn't."
"Yes you were"
Come on Gabe. You can't lie to your best friend."
"It was nothing Laur! Just don't worry ok." I said
"Ok. Fine."

    It fell back to an uncomfortable salience. I stoop up and she looked at me.

"It's getting pretty late. Me and Justin should go home. See you later." I said walking away form her.

    I walked into the house and grabbed Justin's arm. I pulled him out of the house and across the street back to my house. We walked through the front door and i closed it. Andrew and Austin were down stairs. 

"How did it go?" Andrew asked."Great." I said going up stairs.

    I entered my room and slammed the door shut. I changed into basketball shorts and put on a t-shirt. Then i lie on my bed to think.

    Gosh! Why do i feel like this! I don't want to fall for Lauren! I don't want to fall just to be broken! Why can't i be 4 again. When i didn't 'love' Lauren and when my mother was still around.

    Oh i miss mum. She was the only parent i had. Dad left before Gia was born. Oh how i hate that man. He left me. Me and my siblings. I was close to my dad too. Me and Troy were. We would always go to the park. Sometimes Lauren would tag along...

    While i was thinking about life.. and Lauren, i fell asleep. And had a dream.



* Hey! Do you think Gabe should ask Lauren? Or should Lauren make the first move?*


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