Our Love (Lauren Cimorelli)

Ok well like i said i have an account on wattpad as well. So i decided to write my AWECIM story on here too!

Blur: Gabe and Lauren has known each other since birth. When they were 5, they said they wouldn't fall in love with each other. But now that they are 14... Dose that change? Do they like each other? Better yet.. Are they in Love? Read to find out.

So that blur was bad but the story is WAY better! Just trust me!


2. Chapter 2



*Gabe's POV*

    I woke up the next morning, not knowing how i got to my bed. I picked up my phone to see what time it was. 9:30 a.m. As i was setting my phone back down on my night stand, it vibrated.

L:Hey. Umm.. you need to get over here now! Lisa put the video up!
G:Ok Laur. Calm down. Just let me get dressed and I'll be right over.
L:Ok fine. But hurry! there is a bunch of questions that I think you NEED to read.
G:Ok. well see you in 5.

    I stopped texting her and jumped out of bed. I ran to me closet and grabbed a pair of black sweat pants and a gray tank top. I put on my Nikey high tops and walked out the door.

    I walked across the street to the Cimorelli house. I went to knock on the door when it flew open. Lauren pulled me into the house and slammed the door shut.

"Happy to see me?" I questioned.
"Yes and no." she said walking up the steps.

    Lauren wasn't dressed up either. She was just wearing short shorts with a t-shirt. Her hair wasn't brushed but she looked beautiful. Oh no. Here goes the whole hormone stuff again. I just can't be in love with Lauren.

    She lead me into the computer room. The same room we had our little tickle fight last night. Lauren sat down in front of a computer and motioned me over.

"Ok. Do you want to see the video?" She asked.

"Yea. Play it." I answered as i walked over to her. I leaned over her chair and she started the video.

   Oh gosh. Lisa even got a video of us sitting outside last night after dinner. The video ended and Lauren scrolled down to the comments.

   There were a bunch of nice comments saying that we look cute together. Others asked if she had a boyfriend. Then there were some really mean ones. Not about me, but about Lauren. I'm not even going to give an example because it was really rude to say.

   Lauren looked back at me in tears. It broke my heart seeing her crying. I engulfed her into a tight hug.

"Shh.. Lauren. It's ok. Don't cry over dumb people." I said trying to calm her.
"Yea. But why is it me? Why do they hate on me?" She asked still crying.
"Laur, every great artist has their haters. I mean, take my cousin for example. Justin gets hate from a LOT of people. But dose he cry about it? No. He stays strong and dosen't let those kind of people get to him. You know what i like to say?" I asked her.
"What?" She asked mumbling into my chest.
"Haters make me famous." I said.

   Lauren looked up at me. I smiled and wiped away her tears. She smiled back. Oh gosh. I wanted to kiss her so bad. But i didn't want to make today anymore awkward.

"How about we set things straight. How about we do a twitcam and tell everyone that we are not a couple. Just best friends." I said.

   She just nodded and sat back down. I pulled up a chair next to her while she logged onto twitter. She started it live and we automatically had 5 viewers. The numbers kept going up and up. Gosh being famous must be awecim. Haha see what i did there?

"Hey cimfam! I'm here with my bestfriend Gabe." She said.
"Hi" I waved at the camera.
"Well we want to clear up some things. We are NOT dating. We're just really good friends." She spoke.
"Yea. And just one more thing. All you people who said those rude comments about Lauren need to back off. She doesn't diverse the hate. You don't know her personally. You don't know how she is and you don't know her life. So just stop please. If you were a true cimfam then you wouldn't say that stuff about her or any of the girls."
"Yep. Just be a true cimfam and if you don't like us, then why watch us?"
"Copy cat." I joked.
    She playfully punched my arm. "Whatever." She siad smiling.

    We did the twitcam for almost an hour then we got off. Lauren and I started talking for about 20 minutes when my phone started vibrating like crazy. I answered the call.

(G=Gabe, A=Andrew.)

A:"Gabe! Where are you?"
G:"Lauren's. where else would i be?"
A:"Dude, you need to come home now!"
A:"Just come home. You'll be excited."
G:"Fine. Be there soon."
    I ended the call and stood up.

"Well. I have to go. See you later today." I said turning to walk out the door.
"Wait Gabe." Lauren said grabbing my wrist.
"Yea?" I turned around to face her.    She got on her tiptoes and kissed my cheek. Then she giggled. "See you later best friend." She said shooing me out the door.

    I walked down the steps and out her front door. She just kissed me. Lauren, my bestfriend, just kissed me. Maybe i'm not the only one who is feeling this. She feels it to. Dose Lauren like me?

    I walked through the front door of my house to be greeted by all my siblings.. and someone else. No way. He's really here. He's.. my cousin is here!





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