It's Cool, We're Just Friends.

Rebecca has a best friends, his name? Austin. Her boyfriend? Cody. Lately Cody has been acting weird. Rebecca also known as Becca, lives in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Austin and Rebecca have been bestfriends since pre-k. Austin's girlfriend, Jessica, has been gone for a month for school. This is the story about two friends, who stick together through everything, and when I say everything, I mean absolutely everything.


4. Water

I refused to go to school the next day. And the next. I just couldn't face Austin. To see his face, after i've seen him bawling because I denied his love. It would hurt too much. He didn't chase after me. Probably because I drove, and he didn't have his car. Or because he didn't care.

Mom: You have to go to school some time.

Becca: Can I do virtual school?

Mom: No. Would you want to hurt Austin even more?

Becca: It's not like he cares..

Yes, I told my mom about what had happened, about how we were dating then that Jessica thing happened. I asked Dakota, and she had told me that she'd only seen Austin and Jessica once at school together. That  one time, they were just talking. She also said the rest of the time, he would go to my locker to see if I was there. He would roam the halls alone. Sometimes his friends would try to talk to him, but he would make up an excuse.

Mom: That boy cares about you more than anybody. He loves you more than basketball, and for him that's a lot.

Austin loved basketball, it  was like everything to him. Star of the basketball team.

Becca: Whatever mom. I'm going back to bed.

I walked upstairs and laid on my side and faced the wall. I just kid of started crying.. I wiped the tears away. I heard the front door open. Wow, dad got home early. I heard him flying up the stairs. Then my door creaked open. I closed my eyes and laid still. The person stepped closer to me. They were quiet. They knew I was asleep.

Austin: Hi.. I miss you Boo. I just need to know you're okay.

His hand brushed hir out of my face. He sat on the edge of the bed and looked at me.

Austin: I-I don't even know, what I can do to make you love me again.. I just want you to be mine again. I would do anything to have you back in my arms. Cuddling with me, falling asleep with me, being stupid with me. I just want you again.

I felt his lips on mine. I loved it so much. I didn't move though. I just laid there. The feeling of his lips over mine lingered there. Even when he got up and walked out of my room, it stayed. As he left the room. My head shot up. I stood up.

I realized I loved him, more than a friend. I needed him with me.

 My pajama pants were hard for me to run in because of there length. I managed to though. I ran outside, in the rain, and searched for his car. It was going along the road. I ran in it's direction. I kept going. By now, I was soaked. He was goingn too fast for me to catch. I stopped. I sat down. I cried. . After about 15 minutes, I stood uup and started walking home. I heard a car beep. I looked back. Austin was hopping out of his car, which was now parked in the middle of the road.

Austin: What are you doing?

His eyes were glued to mine.

Becca: I, I chased after you when youo left... But, you had a car.. and.. I only-

Austin: What's the matter? You've been crying.

Becca: I, I gave up on trying to chase you, but I needed you. You were gone.

Austin: I'm right  here.

Now, he was soaked. The rain ran off of his hair. His eyes were squinted. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled his lips to mine. He seemed suprised at first, then he wrapped his arms around my waist. He lifted me off the ground and I wrapped my legs around his waist. I moved my hands to his face. Our lips parted, but I kept my forehead rested on his.

Austin: I love you.

Becca: I love you too.

Our lips were about to connect again, but a car beeped at us instead. We looked over and there was somebody in the road, waiting for Austin to move his car. I smiled at him and I hopped off his waist and ran to the passanger side and opened the door. After I got in, Austin joined me. He smiled at me and he drove. He drove straight to my house. We got out and I was in the process of making him come upstairs, but he ran to the kitchen and gave my mom spaghetti? I pulled him upstairs after that.

Becca: Sorry about getting your car soaked on the inside..

He smiled at me and brought his lips to mine. Ipressed back and we walked as we kissed. He tripped and fell backwards on to the bed. I landed on top of him and laughed.

Austin: Sorry about getting your bed wet...

I smiled at him.

Becca: Stuff happens... Why did you give my mom spaghetti?

Austin: That's the only reason I left, she needed it for dinner and I offered to get it.

Becca: So I chased you for nothing?

Austin: No, now you're mine, you chased me for our relationship.

I looked up at him.

Austin: And yes- we are dating, you have no say in this decision?

Becca: Really? Considering i'm the other person in this relationship, I should have a say in it...

Austin: Ha! It is a relationship..

I stuck my tongue out at him and he smiled at me.

Becca: I need to dry off....

Austin: Make that two.

Becca: I meant im going to take a shower and dry off..

Austin: Make that two...

Becca: Get on a bathing suit if you want a shower so bad, then i'll see you in there.

I shook my head and grabbed a bathing suit and walked to my bathroom and changed. Austin had many bathing suits here, in case during the summer we had to do a pool run. I turned on the shower. I felt arms on my waist and I turned around to see Austin shirtless. He stared at me and I smiled and pressed my lips to his.

Austin: I love your bathing suit.

I smiled at him.

Becca: Yea, me too, but a stupid person gave it to me.

Austin: I am not stupid!

Becca: it's okay to admit it.

Austin: Whatever stupid.

I smiled at him. I gave him a hug. Austin had abs.. and they were... asdfghjkl;....

Austin: Get in dummy.

Becca: Fine.

I stepped in and he followed me. I felt his eyes follow me.

Becca: Stop staring, it's not polite.

Austin: But, you're so attractive...

Becca: So are you, but you don't see me staring at your ass.

Austin: Why not?

I laughed and stared at him.

Austin: That look could kill.

Becca: That's the point...

Austin: I'll tickle you..

Becca: I'll squirt you in the eyes.

We both started laughing. After we laughed, he pulled me closer. My chest was pressed against his, bodies close as possible. You couldn't fit a dollar between us. His lips pressed against mine.

*Knock knock*

Becca: Really? WHO IS IT?

Mom: Your mother... what are you doing?

Becca: Uh showering?

Mom: With Austin.

Becca: We have swim suits on.

Mom: So I can come in.

Becca: If you wanted to yes, but i'd perfer you didn-

She opened the door and glanced at us. My shower was a long shower, no tub, it had a seat in it, riverstone floor, and clear doors. She smirked at us then wiggled her eyebrows.

Becca: Mom!

Austin: Haha, you're embarrassing her.

I looked up at Austin and he placed his lips on mine.

Mom: I think I should supervise this shower...

Becca: Pervert..

Austin busted into laugher.

Mom: Excuse me?

Becca: Nothing, I love you mommy.

Mom: I have to finish dinner... No getting freaky...

Austin started laughing. I laughed along.


Austin: This is great, thanks mother.

Mom: Of coarse.

My mom made Austin and I sti across from each other instead of next to each other. I kicked Austin and he smiled at me. He kicked me back and I did the same. He grinned at me and i stuck my tongue out. This continued for most of dinner.


We laughed at what had happened previously as we were about to go up the stairs, our lips managed to meet. I grabbed on to the hair on the back of his neck. His hands landed on my butt. I smiled in the kiss and I heard a click.

Dad: Excuse me?

I looked over so did Austin, and there was my dad. Standing there. watching us in this position.

Austin: Hi...














*AN YAY THEY'RE BACK BBY!!! ;O Unless... Dad..*


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