It's Cool, We're Just Friends.

Rebecca has a best friends, his name? Austin. Her boyfriend? Cody. Lately Cody has been acting weird. Rebecca also known as Becca, lives in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Austin and Rebecca have been bestfriends since pre-k. Austin's girlfriend, Jessica, has been gone for a month for school. This is the story about two friends, who stick together through everything, and when I say everything, I mean absolutely everything.


9. See you later

It was a day before Austin had to leave me to go to college, all the way across the country.

I kept my eyes glued shut, I didn't want to wake up and face the fact that it was my last day with Austin before he'd be leaving me.

I know what you're thinking; why wouldn't you want to open your eyes and enjoy the day with him?

The answer to that,

Because then I would actually have to face the fact he's leaving me.

Austin: Baby, I know you're awake.

I shook my head no. I could feel the tears waiting to escape my eyes.

HIs hand gently rubbed my bare back.

Austin: Hey, look at me.

He made me lift my head from his chest.

Austin: Open your eyes, baby doll.

Becca: No.

Austin: Hey, you're allowed to cry.

I opened my eyes and looked at his face. I studied it carefully. His lips were shaped beautifully.His nose was as cute as a button. His cheeks seemed a bit red. His gorgeous blue-green eyes were staring back at me. His long eye-lashes seemed like they could've went on forever.

I looked a little closer and realized his eyes were puffy and red.

I don't know why, but in that moment I burst into tears. I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him. He held my body close and started crying with me.

Austin: I don't care if I have to wait until next semester, i'm changing colleges, I can't - I just can't leave you.

Rebecca: No- you're not doing that.

Austin: I can't see you cry. I can't leave, not being able to see you everyday, not being able to wake up with you, holding you everyday... I can't do that to you..

Rebecca: You're going to California, i'm gonna facetime you everyday... okay, please don't make this harder on you than it needs to be..

Austin: I am not leaving you, you've been with me for eighteen years, I FINALLY got you, and I know, that i'm gonna lose you if I go out there. I can't I've wanted this- I've wanted YOU for so long.

Rebecca: I'm always gonna be yours.

I pressed my lips to his and wrapped my legs around him. He held me close and pressed his lips back.

Rebecca: Can we enjoy th elast day together?

He nodded and took my hand.

That day we went to the movies first. Then we went to get lunch. We walked around the mall, then to dinner. At the end of the day, we went to the park.

Austin: This is where I told you I loved you...

He took my hand and kissed it. He pulled my hand closer, forcing me to come closer. i smile and laid my head on his shoulder. He took me over to the bench and sat down. I sat next to him, watching the sun set.

Austin: I love you, more than anything.

Rebecca: I love you so much more.

He kissed my forehead and pulled me up on to his lap. My eyes started closing as the sun set.

Austin: Lets get you to bed.

Rebecca: No.. i'm awake.

He laughed as he picked me up and carried me to his car.


Rebecca: no- the day's not over.

Austin: Baby, I have to leave.

I opened my eyes and the sun was shining in the room.

Rebecca: What? I still have a few hours with you?

Austin: You fell asleep last night, it's morning baby doll.
I sat up and looked at Austin. He had on his hoodie and had a duffle bag around his arm. He sat it on the ground and sat on the edge of the bed next to me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and tried not to cry.

Austin was silent. He rubbed my back as tears started falling from my eyes.

Rebecca: This isn't going to work... is it?

I looked him in the eyes and he stared back blankly.

Austin: What isn't?

Rebecca: Us..

Austin: Don't you dare say that.

His eyes started to water as the fact that he was leaving was sinking in.

Austin: We can make it through anything and everything.Okay?

I nodded and pulled him into a hug. Marissa walked into the room.

Marissa: Come on hun, the airport is an hour away, plus traffic.

Rebecca: I wanna come.

Austin: You better.

He smiled weakly and wiped his tears. He took my hand and didn't let go of it until we got into the car.

Austin: Do you want the front?

Rebecca: No, I want to sit in the back with you.

He smiled and hopped in the car behind the driver's seat. I sat in the middle seat. I rested my head on his shoulder and wrapped my arms around his right arm.

Austin: You can lay down.

I did as he said and laid my head on his lap and squeezed my legs onto the other seat. I looked up at his face and reached up for it. His lips were slightly parted, his eyes were staring back down at mine. His nose was so cute, it was perfect. His hair was messed up, but with his little beanie on the top of his head, you'd never tell.

Austin: What're you doing.

He laughed and smiled down at me.

Rebecca: Just taking it all in...

Austin's eyes started swelling, he was about to burst into tears. A few seconds later, he did.

Ausitn: Mom, turn around I don't want to leave.

Rebecca: No, keep going.

Austin: No, turn around.

Marissa: Hun, it's too late.

Austin: No, I don't care, I can't leave her- she's been with me through everything, I can't lose her. I can't ruin this.

Rebecca: Austin, you're not ruining this.

Austin: I hadn't even left yet and you said this isn't going to work.

Rebecca: I'll make it work.

Austin: I can't leave you.

Marissa pulled over into a parking lot. She looked back at Austin.

Rebecca: Austin, even if we do break up, after college, I promise you, if we meet up again we can be together.

Austin: You see- you know that we're probably going to split, that's why you're saying this.

Rebecca: No, i'm saying this so you know that IF anything does happen, we'll still be together.


After five minutes, Marissa started back on the trail to the airport. I was now sitting all the way to the right, and Austin's head was onmy lap. He was looking up at me. He was still letting tears slip slowly. I played with his hair until he fell asleep, then soon after, I fell asleep, head against the window.


I woke up when Austin kissed my cheek.

Marissa: Austin, we're about five minutes away from the airport, get your carry-on ready.

Austin: I've decided Becca is my new carry on.

He looked at me. I took his hand in mine and squeezed it.

Marissa: I'm not kidding.

Austin pulled my face to his and pressed his lips to mine. I didn't want to pull away, but as we pulled up to the drop off area, I had to.

My stomach was now doing flips and my throat felt like it was closing. My eyes started swelling with tears as he got out of the car. His mom pulled out his suit case and he got out his carry on. I looked out the window and saw him and his mom hugging each other, saying goodbye. She started crying and he squeezed her tightly.

Austin looked at my door. I wanted to get out and say goodbye, but my heart was beating so fast, my body didn't want to move.

I finally was able to open the door. I got out and looked at Austin. I walked over to him and threw my arms around him. I put my head to his chest. He wrapped his arms around my back and pulled me closer. I started heavily crying as I looked up at him. He did the same as he saw my tears.

Rebecca: I thought this was gonna be hard when we were just friends... now we're more and you're making it even harder on me you jerk.

He laughed along with me. I wiped his tears as he wiped mine.

Austin: I don't want to say goodbye..

Rebecca: Then just go.. no goodbyes.

Austin: Then... i'll see you later.

Rebecca: Yea, i'll ee you later...

He squeezed my back one more time before kissing me and walking intot he airport. I walked over to the car and opened the door.

Austin: WAIT, BABY!

I turned around and Austin came running torward me.

Rebecca: huh?

He pulled my into a kiss.

Austin: I love you. So much.

Rebecca: I love you, too.

My eyes started watering again and I kissed his cheek.


I sat in the car, I just ended a facetime with Austin. I started bawling. Marissa pulled over into a parking lot and gave me a hug.

Rebecca: I miss my boy.

Marissa: I do, too.

Austin: baby...

I looked down at my phone. Apparently I forgot to hang up.

Rebecca: I'm sorry - you weren't-

Austin: I know I wasn't supposed to see that, that's why I want you to come and visit me, please, just for the weekend.

Rebecca: I would have to leave tomorrow, I don't think I could get a flight by then.

Austin: I already did, my mom has it, she was supposed to suprise you with it, but I needed to tell you. Go home, pack your things because I want to see you.

I nodded and smiled at hte camera.

Austin: I really do have to go, I love you baby girl.

I smiled at the camera.

Rebecca: I love you, too.


















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