It's Cool, We're Just Friends.

Rebecca has a best friends, his name? Austin. Her boyfriend? Cody. Lately Cody has been acting weird. Rebecca also known as Becca, lives in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Austin and Rebecca have been bestfriends since pre-k. Austin's girlfriend, Jessica, has been gone for a month for school. This is the story about two friends, who stick together through everything, and when I say everything, I mean absolutely everything.


3. No Friends

Austin: Wake up stupid.

Becca: Go to sleep stupid...

Austin: Noo, wake up.

He flipped my body so I was laying on my back. I opened my eyes and he was hovering over me.

Becca: You lay down.

Austin: Okay.

He fell on top of me and I pushed him off.

Becca: I meant off of me you jerk.

Austin: Stahhp yelling at mee

Becca: Get used to ittttt.

Austin: Neverrr....

I looked over at Austin and smiled. He smiled back and pulled me closer.

Austin: Does this bother you too?

Becca: Mmm, not at all.

I smiled at him and bit my lower lip. His eyes focused on my lips. I rested my lips against his. I could still feel the sparks fly. His arms pulled me closer.

AUstin: Best way to walke up.

I smiled and smacked his arm.

Austin: Ouch.

Becca: You need a kiss?

AUstin: Yes please.

Becca: MARISSA! Your son needs a kiss.

Austin: No-

Marissa walked in the bedroom.

Marissa: What was that?

Becca: You're son needs a kiss.

Marissa: I think he'd want one from you more.

She smiled at us and crossed her arms.

Marissa: Let's see this kiss you want Austin.

Austin smirked at  me and I moved my lips to his, his lips pressed back against mine with more force. I didn't want the kiss to be so long since his mom was watching, so I pulled away.

Marissa: Austin didn't want you to stop.

Becca: Sucks for him.

Marissa: Breakfast will be done in five minutes, be ready to eat.

She walked out of the room and Austin gave me the stink eye.

Becca: Whaat?

Austin: I know you didn't wanna stop.

Becca: Then why did I?

Austin: Because of my momm.

Becca: I hate that you know me so well.

Austin: Well, get used to it.

He pulled my face to his. His arms reached around me and landed on my butt. I smiled in the kiss. He squeezed it lightly and I sqealed. He still kept our lips connected, in fact he had pulled me closer. I felt his tongue run across my bottom lip. I slightly opened my mouth and his tongue found it's way around my mouth.

Marissa: AUSTIN, somebody is down here to talk to you.

Austin grunted before breaking our kiss.

Austin: Really? This person has the worst timing.

Becca: Who is it?

Austin: Not a clue... Come on.

He stood up. His reached his hands out for me. I grabbed them and he pulled me off the bed. He pulled my body to his. My hands rested on his chest. I was a lot shorter than him, but he always managed to make me feel taller than I was. He looked down into my eyes and I smiled at him. He leaned down to kiss me.

Marissa: AUSTIN

Austin: COMING.

He smiled at me and I pushed him backwards. He pulled on my arm.

Becca: AUSTIN-

Austin: Oh shit.

He started running down the stairs and I chased after him. He ran into the kitchen and almost ran into the table. I ran after him, except I didn't hit anything.

Austin: I can't breath, sto-

He stopped in the middle of his sentance. I looked over, and saw that there was miss perfection. Jessica was sitting there, her eyes were a bit puffy, and she looked tired.

Jessica: H, hi Austin...

I looked over at Austin and he had no expression on his face.

Marissa: Austin, Jessica wanted to talk to you, alone I think..

Marissa looked at me and I nodded in accceptance. I looked down and Austin's hand was trying to find mine. I moved mine though. Marissa walked by me and I turned around and followed her. I could hear Jessica start talking.

Jessica: Austin? I-I know I always never wanted you to call me princess, but now I miss that, I miss your cuddling, I miss being with you. I miss seeing your smile. We've been together so long... I don't wanna break that-

Austin: Jess.

Great, he would always call her Jess when he was feeling all lovey. I heard a squeal, I knew that I had lost Austin. When it came to Jessica, she was his weakness.

Marissa: We can probably go back now, are you hungry?

Becca: Not really, I might just go home... take a shower, relax a bit. I'll call later though.

Marissa: Aren't you gonna say bye to Austin? I mean, you two are bestfriends, and dating..

Becca: Yea, I'm gonna get my stuff first though.

Marissa: Okay sweetheart.

I walked up to Austin's room and got my bag and put the strap on my shoulder. I grabbed my keys and held them in my left hand. I walked back dowstairs. I walked into the kitchen. Jessica and Austin's lips were locked. I shouldn't have been suprised, i mean, I knew it was coming. Instead of interrupting them, I just left. No tears. That was, until I got home. Nobody was home, so it was fine. I walked into my shower and cried. It was actually really sad that I knew it was coming. I got dressed and I sat on the couch. Deciding what to do next. I mean, obviously we weren't dating, that was his way of breaking up with me. Weather he knew it or not.


I looked at my phone and I got a text from Austin.

From: Austin(:

Baby, where'd you go? Mom said you left. Why?

To Austin(:

I'm just your friend okaii? Because I need to get away from everything. Okay Austin? Goodbye.

From Austin(:

We are nothing near friends anymore. When I kiss you sparks fly. When I kiss you I feel invincable. You can't just run away from everything. I'm coming to give you a hug, and make you realize everything about us.

To Austin(:

You and Jess are dating. When I saw you kissing her in the kitchen, that is how you broke up with me okaii? We promised this wouldn't effect our friendship, so i'm not going to let it? Just stay with Jessica. I know everything about us. That includes knowing that we are too good of friends to date. I'm just a friend.

From Austin(:

No. We are not dating. I'm with you. And you're the only person I want to be with. It was a in-the-moment kiss. I swear, it means nothing.

I wasn't going to argue with him, but I wasn;t going to have him make me fall for him either, so I left in my car. To where?

My old tree house.

It was pretty big, so I was going to stay the night there. I packed a sleeping bag, a pillow, and other supplies. Food, water, etc.


When I arrived, I climbed up to the top. There were a bunch of pictures of Austin and I when we were little. Well, this is OUR tree house. It had a deck, and a bunch of other stuff. (Like in HSM :$) I looked over to the right. I saw pictures of me. A lot of them. They had sticky notes next to them. They were all written in Austin's hand writing. They were all about how much he loved me, and how amazing I was. I smiled down at the ground and laid out my sleeping bag.

I heard leaves crunching from below. Probably just a person wandering around the forest at night. Now climbing. Shit. I covered my face and stayed hidden. The person walked right over to my pictures.

Person: Why can;t I just find her. Why can't she love me. Why doesn't she believe I love her... why does she think I love somebody else... Why does she ignore me.

The voice broke. They started crying. I knew that voice. I stood up without hesitation and walked over to him. I sat next to him and wrapped my arms around him. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me on to his lap. He held me in a hug for about 10 minutes.

Austin: I only love you.

Becca: Lets just.. sleep.

I pulled him over to the sleeping bag and opened it. He crawled in and pulled me in too.

Becca: Tight fit.

Austin: I don't mind.

I laid my head against his chest and drifted to sleep.


Austin came to my house the next day.

Austin: Becca, I- Swear, I only love you.

I looked up at him and shook my head.

Becca: Austin, I don't think you know who you love.

Austin: Yes I do, and it's you.

Becca: Austin, we're just friends.

As I ended that sentance, he cupped my face and connected our lips. Sparks, just like before. I didn't want to pull away. I had to though. I pulled away.

Austin: That wasn't just a friend kiss. You know it too.

His voice was weak.

Becca: Yes we are.

Austin: No-

Becca: Yes we are Austin, this is why I never wanted to even try dating you. I knew I would end up hurt. I knew you would go back to Jessica, but I tried it for you. But look now. Now it's going to hurt our friendship. I just- I knew it. We're never going to be the same. We're just friends. That's a promise. I love you Austin. But It'll turn out badly.

Austin stood there with an expressionless face.

Great. Now I'll have no friends.










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