It's Cool, We're Just Friends.

Rebecca has a best friends, his name? Austin. Her boyfriend? Cody. Lately Cody has been acting weird. Rebecca also known as Becca, lives in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Austin and Rebecca have been bestfriends since pre-k. Austin's girlfriend, Jessica, has been gone for a month for school. This is the story about two friends, who stick together through everything, and when I say everything, I mean absolutely everything.


5. Fights

Dad: Hey. Let's not make this so public that you two are in love. I'm still her dad Austin.

I smiled at them and nuzzled my head into Austin's chest.

Austin and my dad had a father son relationship, so it must've been a little bit weird for my dad.

My dad walked past us and I looked up at Austin.

Becca: That was so awkward...

Austin: I still got my Becca though.

He squeezed me closer and I smiled at him.

Becca: I love you so much Austin.

Austin: I love you a billion-million times more.

I stood on my tip toes and pressed my lips to his. He pressed back. He lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist.

Austin: I hate school...

Becca: A couple months  then we're done.

Austin: Then I can spend everyday with you..

~ ~ ~

So, today is our last day of school. I'm happy, but sad. This is the last time i'm going to walk these halls... this is the last time i'm going to be a high school student. After summer... Austin's gone. He isn't going to be with me anymore.

My thoughts were interrupted by my locker being closed.

Austin: Last day.. huh?

Becca: Yea.. I hate to say it but i'm gonna miss this place..

Austin: But I get to spend the whole summer with you.

I leaned my back against the locker.

Becca: But then you go off to college and I won't get to see you anymore.

Austin and I have been having issues about stupid college. We don't want to seperate, but college determines our future.

Austin: Baby-

He was interrupted by a girl who was in ninth grade. Her name was Amanda. She was in love with Austin. She's always tried to get him to like her, but he's never really been interested.

Amanda: Hey Austin! It's gonna suck to not see you in the hallways. Or in the janitor's closet..

I raised an eyebrow.

Becca: I'll leave you two to say goodbye.

I started walking over to Dakota, but Austin grabbed my wrist.

Austin: Can I get a kiss?

Becca: I'll catch you later Austin.

I tried to walk away but he didn't let me.

Austin: Let me rephrase this, it wasn't meant to be a question. I need a kiss.

I smiled at him and he pulled me closer ignoring Amanda. our lips connected and I pulled away after a second.

Becca: I'll be walking around with Dakota.

As I started walking away I heard Amanda ask Austin about hanging out this summer. I ignored it and walked away. Then it dawned on me I forgot my English book. I started walking back to my locker and I saw Amanda's arms wrapped around Austin's neck. That little bitch. Then I saw their faces coming closer and closer...


I avoided Austin the rest of the day. We had just about every class together so it was hard. He would try to talk to me, but I just asked to change seats.


Last period of my entire High School years.

Everybody was talking and I just sat in the corner, texting Dakota. Her and Austin were in last period together. I told her what happened and she hadn't replied for awhile.

When the final bell rang, I stood up and walked slowly out of our school. This was goodbye.


 As I stepped outside of the school. I looked at my feet and made my way to the bus. I usually drove with Austin, but I wasn't in the mood after what happened.

As I stepped on the bus,Dakota tapped my shoulder.

Dakota: I'm sorry, drive home with me.

I nodded and walked with her. I looked in the parking lot and Austin was searching the parking lot for me. I walked faster over to Dakota's car. I got in the passenger side and Dakota looked at me and I started to tear up.

Dakota: I know- I already yelled at him.

She gave me a hug and I cried into her shirt.

Becca: It's just that- I finally  let him be mine, and then everything that could go wrong- it does. When we were friends there was never this much trouble. but now everything has to be drama filled.

Dakota: I know, it's-

My phonw buzzed. I looked at the caller ID and it was my friend Riley.

Becca: Hello?

It wasn't his voice though..

Austin: Becca?

Becca: Yes..?

Austin: I did not kiss Amanda, you know I wouldn't, I only want you.

Becca: It's not like somebody told me, I SAW it happen.

Austin: No we didn't- just let me explain in person... please don't ride the bus, I don't like the guys on there.

Becca: I'll let you explain next time I see you. Okay? I can't promise that will be any time soon...

Austin: Becca- I know you're going to hang up, but I swear, I didn't do it.

I didn't say anything..

Austin: I know you're still there, so I just want you to know I love you. I know you don't want to ride with me because you're mad, but please just come over to my car so I can drive you home- you dont have to talk to me.

I still didn't say anything.

Austin: No matter what happens between us, I love you.

I heard his line go dead. I ended the call.

Dakota: Ready?

Becca: Um, i'm gonna ride with Austin.

Dakota: Okay- but if he does anything to be an ass, call me- okay?

Becca: Okay.

I got out of her car and slid my phone in my pocket. I slowly walked over to where Austin's car was parked. He was bent over the back of it. His elbows were leaning on it and his head was in his hands. I tapped his shoulder and he turned around. I looked up at him and his face was red. I didn't say anything. I just hugged him and held my face to his chest and breathed in his scent.

He mumbled something against my hair but I couldn't understand. I finally pulled my head from his chest and looked at him.

Austin: I'm sorry.

I pressed my lips against his and he held me close.

After that we went to the movies because I didn't want to go home.

He took me to see The Conjuring. I'm pretty sure he did it so I would curl up to him.

Well, it worked.

I was basically on his lap the whole time. He didn't mind though.

After the movie let out we went and sat on a bench outside the movie theater.

Becca: that was horrid..

Austin: You'll be fine...

Becca: I'm not going to be able to sleep...

Austin: Yes you will, i'll keep you safe.

I smiled at him and pecked his cheek.

Austin: I love you so much.

Becca: I love you so so much..

He smiled at me and our lips connected. I heard somebody clear their throat and I looked up and saw Cody.

Cody: Becca, i'm sorry about what I did, it was a one time thing-

Becca: You cheated on me, that's not okay...

Cody: And i'm so so so sorry, it meant nothing.

Becca: You didn't even tell me!

Austin: Cody- please just leave.

Cody: Shut the fuck up.

Becca: Cody-

Cody: I know, I was supposed to save my self for you, but I can still make your first time amazing-

Austin: Watch it-

Cody: Shut your fucking mouth.

Becca: Cody, lease before you get in more trouble than you're already in.

Cody: I would get in trouble for you-

Austin: Well you're gonna get in trouble.

Cody: I bet this faggot can't even please you.

Austin: Way better than you can.

Cody: You probably don't even have a dick.

Austin stood up and Cody pushed him.

Becca: Austin, please don't, I only have so much time with you before college, I don't want to waste a second of it-

Cody: I'm going to same college as you Becca, we can spend time together.

He winked at me and Austin's jaw tightened.

Becca: Austin, please.

His hand squeezed mine. He face me and looked in my eyes. He knew I didn't wawnt him to get into a fight.

Becca: Please...

He nodded and I stood on my toes and pressed my lips to his.

Austin would have killed Cody in a fight. Austin's a wrestler and is very into sports- I mean Cody was strong, but Austin had way more expierence.

Austin and I started walking away but Cody pulled my arm torward him. It hurt like a mother. When Cody pulled my arm I fell to the ground.

Austin: Oh hell no.

He walked over to me and looked at me. A tear fell from my eye and he walked over to Cody and punched him square in his face. Cody was shocked but he punched him back. They started fighting and COdy started slamming Austin into the ground.


I pushed Cody away and Austin stood up and Slammed Cody into a wall. Cody was shocked and fell to the ground. I was now crying full out. Austin looked at me and pulled me into a hug.

Austin: I'm okay, i've gotten worse.

I held on to him and cried into his sweatshirt.


WHen we got to his house he sat on the couch. His mom was out with friends so it was just us. She did call us though. Apparently Cody called the cops and wanted Austin arrested, but we had already told his mom what happened and she talked to the cops and told them Cody  started it by harrassing us.

Austin: Are you sure you're okay?

Becca: I'm fine, I just hurt my ass, but you got thrown into the cement, and you didn't even flinch, you got up and just flung him into the wall, how did that not hurt.

Austin: It did a little but, but if I didn't get up then he would've tried to take you and or hurt you. And nobody is allowed to touch you.

Becca: Do you need to go to the hospital? You could have a concusion.

Austin: i'm fine, you're the only nurse I need.

Becca: Well then can I get you anything?

Austin: Just a few kisses, and some love.

I walked over and sat next to him.

Austin: Can we cuddle upstairs?

Becca: Mhmm.

I looked at him.

Becca: You need help getting up the stairs?

Austin: No.

Becca: Austin!

Austin: I don't!

He stood up and walked. He limped a bit. When I walked over to him he picked me up and carried me up.

Becca: Austin this has to hurt you.

Austin: No, I enjoy this.

He laid me on the bed and crawled next to me. He kissed my cheek and I looked at him and pressed my lips to his. His hands traveled down to my butt. He squeezed it and I smiled in the kiss. When he placed his lips on my neck I knew excactly where this was going.

So much for 'Just Friends'

Let me just tell you Cody was wrong- he did have a dick.


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