It was just a dare... (One direction horror story)

One direction are playing spin the bottle when Louis dares the boys to go into the forest. Little did he know that himself, there girlfriends and the boys were about to be a part in there very own horror movie.. Except it was all in real life...
AN I promise this story is better than this description!


1. Chapter one

AN hey fancied doing another story doing horror in English so I though why not do a fanfic :) Just let you know I actually think I'm a cat whisper!?!! Weird...?..Okay ONWARDS

Louis pov


Me and my best mates are sitting around a Beer bottle. SPIN THE BOTTLE MY PEASANTS IS THE BEST GAME IN THE HISTORY OF GAMES. Eleanor is leaning against me her head on my shoulder. Harry has charlotte laying down across his lap whilst occasionally kissing her. Niall has nixie sitting besides him holding hands, zayn has Perrie sitting on his shoulders...and people thought I was the weird one! Finally Liam has phoebe laying against him since him and Danielle broke up a few moths ago.

"Hello and welcome to SPPPINN THHEE BOTTLLEE With your host Louis the Tommo tomlinson who would like to step up to this very nice beer bottle and spin the bottle of doom MWA HAHAHAHAAA but bear in mind this game is just for picking who has truth and who has dare so YOUNG HARRY WHY DONT YOU PICK AND STOP SNOGGING YOUR GIRLFRIEND" I let out a big sigh as that was quite hard to say in one breath. Charlotte turned crimson red as Harry cursed under his breath.

"excuse me young styles did I just hear you curse!?" I said whilst wiggling my eyebrows up and down.

harry shook his head and spun the bottle. Passed Liam.passed phoebe,passed charlotte,passed zayn,passed Perrie ooh it's slowing down past nixie,passed Niall ooh nearly stopped! Passed Eleanor.. BAM IT LANDED ON ME! Time to put my brilliant plan into action.

i smiled weirdly and turned to face a worried Harry. 

"The Tommo asks truth or dare" Harry gulped and stuttered...

" Errm
























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