School Survival

A story about an girl and her troubles throughout secondary school!


1. First Day

It was the 1st September 2011! I started my new school then. I was SO excited. I was really nervous though. I was stressing out!! But I was happy to be leaving my old school. Why? Because I thought I could lose the assumptions about me. I could start fresh.  A clean slate. Make new friends. I thought that I would have one or two amazing friends and that we would be best of friends until the end of our school career and we would be in floods of tears and promise to keep in touch. I even hoped that we would move in together and go to parties and be the typical perfect Teenager departing their school. It makes me laugh now. How naive I was. How happy I was.

I woke up trembling with anticipation for the day ahead. I gobbled up my usual breakfast, two slices of toast and a bowl of cereal. I carried my uniform upstairs to my room. I looked at admiringly.  How grown up it was! I never had worn a blazer before! I was so happy that I was finally growing up ! I pulled on my tights and dark knee-length skirt. I put my arms in the white shirt and attempted to do up the complicated buttons. The buttons you had to push, not inside a slit in the fabric like usually, but actually inside the fabric so the buttons don't go out the other end!! It was confusing! Then I pulled on my favourite garment a black blazer with grown-up looking pockets on the inside and the Golden logo of the school on the front.

When I looked at the pupils in the school at the induction day, they were so intimidating! Who ever knew that so recently I would be laughing at how I looked and felt in the position! I went downstairs, mentally preparing myself to the dramatic reaction that my mum would have to my school uniform. Her baby growing up! A gasp like sound escaped from my mum, she beamed with pride. I was going to the poshest state school around, my elder sisters went to a different school, so I didn't even have them to help me out. Not that they would have anyway! 

"Elizabeth! You look so grown up" My mum said enthusiastically. I blushed with pride. I liked having attention from my mum. That this not only meant something to me but to her as well. "You look wonderful honey, Stand by that wall, I want a photo!" My Mum said commandingly. 


I couldn't really say no but I hated photos, I always looked ridiculous and ugly. But I didn't resist, i stood obligingly by the wall and smiled as she took the photo for what seemed hours. I scooped up my bag with a notepad and pencil case. I had everything on the list. The usual stationary items. 

As I stepped into the cold September morning air, Anxiousness swept over me, nearly making me fall over. I didn't want to go. I started sweating and I felt as if I was about to cry. I took deep breaths and relaxed myself. Then, I sat in the car and we drove to my new school. When it got into sight I was in fits of excitement and nervousness at the same time. But at that point I didn't realise that this school will be the beginning of my destruction. The beginning of a problem that will need all of my strength to solve and even then it might not be enough. It might never be enough. But I didn't know that. Not then. Not the innocence of a 11 year old girl. Blissfully unaware of the horrific things that resulted in my getting into the school, I walked with a spring in my step, through the school gates.   


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